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Chapter Eight


“Hey, you beautiful bitch!” Maria yelled from across the street, and I squeezed my eyes shut for a couple of seconds, trying to ignore the awkward and disapproving looks people were giving me.

“Herra,” I groaned, walking towards the entrance of the club when she caught up with me.

She had a skip in her step and the biggest grin on her face as she hooked her arm through mine and pulled me faster to the entrance.

At first I had argued with her, feeling like I needed to distance myself from alcohol in general, but of course, she had convinced me to go with those big, beautiful, brown eyes.

“ID?” the meaty bouncer asked, his expression stoic as he checked our age.

I smiled sweetly at him when he let us through, but was almost blown away by the loud music and heat that came from inside.

“How did you find this place?” I questioned over the music, taking Maria’s hand and following her to the bar.

“A friend from work recommended it,” she screamed back, and I shook my head.

We didn’t venture out of town a lot, but since there aren’t any clubs near our home, we had to improvise. Besides, the chances that we would see a familiar face were slim, exactly how I liked it.

“Hmm,” I hummed, deciding to give myself over to a night of fun. It was Saturday and after this week, I could use a distraction. Ok, I say that every week.

“This is fun!” Maria looked at me hopefully, seeing if I shared her enthusiasm, and I couldn’t help but smirk back.

Maybe we could try and find a little distraction for her too.

It took me about an hour to become absolutely wasted. For someone who drank often, you’d imagine her to have a high tolerance, but no.

Though, I had to admit that Maria was very generous with ‘her treat’, so I had consumed a lot of vodka already.

“Herra?” I yelled with a slight slur, looking around the dance floor after I had returned from the bathroom.

She wasn’t in the same place that I left her, and I cursed myself that I hadn’t insisted on her going with me. What if someone was taking advantage of her? Kidnapped her? Oh, god.

“Are you alright?” I heard behind me, and I turned. I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander over her body for a quick second, before I focused on her green eyes.

“I...yes, thank you.” I replied, though I didn’t move.

She didn’t either. Instead, she cocked her head to the side and let her eyes trail down my neck.


Never in my life did I have a one night stand. I was too much of a pussy to actually take someone home, or let someone take me back to theirs.

But, after Gina—whom I just met—pushed me against the wall in a deserted hallway, I was determined to grow a pair and go through with it for once.

I let out a soft moan when her lips moved to my neck, and I brushed my hands over her sides up, taking her breasts in my hands.

Yes, this was a perfect distraction.

We didn’t utter a single word as we devoured each other, the thrill of making out with a complete stranger in public adding to my arousal and excitement.

I gasped when her hands slid under the thin fabric of my shirt, closing my eyes when she dipped her fingers under the bralette I had chosen to wear as a bra, and I swore people could see my hard nipples from twenty miles away. Not that I cared.

My hands moved back up to Gina’s neck, and I held my breath when one of her hands disappeared under my skirt.

This was a first for me. Sure, I knew I liked girls too for a while now, and I had always fantasized what it would be like to have sex with a woman, but now that it was happening, I was super nervous.

“Jesus,” I moaned when one of her fingers moved between my slick folds, finding my clit and rubbing my wetness all over me.

Pleasure shot through me from my core to the tips of my fingers and back when she quickened her movements.

But then, something happened.

With my eyes closed, images flashed through my mind, and suddenly it were Noah’s fingers bringing me to the edge, his lips I felt on my neck.

“Shit,” I exclaimed, pushing Gina off.

She blinked rapidly, her brows raised as she waited for me to explain my little outburst.

“I’m sorry.”

She licked her fingers, keeping her eyes on me. “Getting over an ex?”

I scoffed. God, no.

“Something like that,” I admitted, though I told myself it was an excuse to end this little rendezvous.

“That’s alright.” She gave me a wink and walked off, leaving me aroused and super confused behind.

Did I just cock-block myself? No, Noah did.

This motherfucker didn’t only manage to get under my skin, but in my head too. And at a very unfortunate time.

Frustrated, I straightened out my skirt and made my way to the bathroom. After I had made sure I looked somewhat presentable, I walked back to the crowd.

Quickly shooting back two shots of vodka, I managed to get my hormones under control. I knew what I was doing when I got home though.

I scanned the dance floor, trying to find Maria, but I only found her piece-of-shit ‘boyfriend’.

Of course, he picked a place out of town to cheat, and my blood boiled when I saw his hand on some chick’s face.

The brunette probably had no idea Robert was a huge dick—contrary to what’s in his pants.

I paid for my drinks and went straight for the couple, tapping Robert on the shoulder and pulling back my arm at the same time.


My knuckles hit his nose hard, and blood immediately covered my hand, scaring me slightly.

Robert screamed as he bounced back, his friend only barely able to keep him upright.

“What the—Bellamy.” His face turned as white as a sheet when he saw me, and I rolled my eyes at the use of my full name.

“That was for that comment you made about my boobs the other day,” I said, thinking back to the moment he shamelessly looked at my chest. I’ll admit that I’m proud of them, but Maria was right next to him.


Again, I cut him off with a punch, this time right on his cheek, making my fingers burn.

“Fucking hell, that hurts,” I mumbled, stepping back.

People around us started to stare, but my intoxicated mind didn’t care. I only had eyes for one guy, and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

“What was that for?” he yelled, his face looking like thunder as he stepped into my direction.

“For cheating on my best friend!”

Some people gasped, some breathed oh, shit, and Robert charged at me.

I had definitely hurt his pride, and called him out in front of an entire club he probably visited often, so I could’ve expected some kind of backlash, but when I fell face first to the floor and hit my cheek on something sharp, I shrieked in surprise.

“Ouch,” I cried, rolling onto my back and shielding my face with both hands.

“Enough!” A deep voice boomed through the room as I realized the music had been long gone, and I opened my good eye.

The bulky bouncer from earlier stopped right next to us—in the little mosh pit we’d created—and another man of some sort of security detail prevented Robert from running off.

My ‘guard’ pulled me on my feet in a swift motion, and dragged me outside.

Red and blue lights greeted me, and I groaned. Fuck me.

Two hours later, I was still sitting behind bars at the local precinct, waiting for my damn phone call.

Tonight was full of firsts for me.

Finger fucked by a woman in the back of a club, gave someone a bloody nose, and got arrested.

I could only hope Isaac wouldn’t tell our parents.

“Hello?” I raised my voice, leaning on the bars in front of me as I searched the hall for any sign of life.

An older officer shuffled into the light, yawning as he walked up to me. “Yes?”

I tried not to seem too drunk as I straightened up, painting a sweet and innocent smile on my face.

“Hi. I was wondering if I could make a phone call?”

The officer shuffled off with a nod, and I grinned to myself at how quick the man gave in. Though I doubt it was because of me, but more because he was exhausted and didn’t feel like arguing.

As I dialed my brother’s number, my finger hesitated at the final number. Would he be mad? Was he even in town? Awake? I grew a pair and pressed call.

I waited and waited, but no answer.

Sighing, I shifted my gaze quickly to the policeman, seeing if he was paying attention before I typed in the only other number I knew by heart.

The house phone we never used.

Shit, what if it wasn’t plugged in or something?

I had no choice, so I dialed the number. The phone rang and rang, but no answer.

“Come on, come on,” I whispered, waiting for the beep of the answering machine.

I left a message, mentally slapping myself in the face for not doing the same on Isaac’s phone, and handed the device back to the officer.

I got comfortable on the makeshift bed in the corner, hoping Isaac would listen to my message and come get me.

The smell of urine and sweat combined with the alcohol still in my system made me nauseous, but I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes.

As to be expected, I couldn’t sleep.

Instead, I traced the carvings in the wall with my fingers, wondering with what sharp object they were created and how the fuck people had managed to smuggle it in here.

My misery was short lived though, because about half an hour later, I heard my name.

“Bellamy Powell? One second.” The officer at the front desk walked up to me and opened up my cell.

“I’m free?” I beamed, and he rolled his eyes, mockingly holding the door open for me.

I didn’t care though, because I was going to my soft, amazing bed.

Walking around the corner, I was ready to leap into Isaac’s arms, hugging the shit out of him, but it wasn’t my brother that was waiting for me.

No, it was Noah.

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