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Still Holding On

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Tag was quite happy living his life working on his granny's ranch with the goal to take over. Just when he's starting to get feelings for a new girl in town his estranged wife shows up demanding a divorce. **This is an off shoot of My Girl but can be read as a stand alone*

Romance / Erotica
Evelyn Miller
4.9 18 reviews
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Chapter One

**Full book and My Girl available soon Galatea**

Still Holding On is ‘My Girl Book 2’


There’s something about farm work I love. I don’t know if it’s being out with the animals or being in the heat using practically every muscle in my body or the nice cold beer I treat myself to when I get home.

I’m not sure which of the three it is, but it’s probably the beer.

“Tag, are you still out here?” My Granny’s voice calls out through the barn as I brush my favourite horse, Sid. “In here.” I call back.

“What on gods green earth have you been doing all day?” She asks giving Sid a scratch behind his ears. “You didn’t even come in for lunch.” She tuts clicking her tongue at me.

“I went for a ride once I finished.” I shrug. “Well you better go wash up and come eat your dinner.” She orders. “There’s no rush.” I tell her as she tries to take the brush out of my hand.

“I thought you were going out with Bugs and James?” Granny frowns. “Oh shit!” I exclaim remembering that I was meant to met the boys at the bar. “You go inside. I’ll deal with this.” She laughs shooing me off.

“You’re the best. I love you.” I tell her kissing the top of her head before sprinting towards Granny’s house.

My dinner is sitting on the table which I inhale as fast as I can before jumping into the shower.

I change into a clean white t shirt and chuck a red flannel over top with some jeans before running down the stairs back into the kitchen where Granny is putting away some leftovers.

“Do you want me to stay tonight?” I ask. I’ve always lived with her and pappy, but when I got married we moved out to a shitty ass town house and after we split, well she left, I got myself a small one bedroom place just down the road from Granny.

Half the time I end up staying here though. Either because I’m tired and can’t be assed driving home or because Granny is lonely. If pappy was still alive I wouldn’t stay as often.

Actually nothing probably would’ve changed.

“And deal with your drunk behind at some ungodly hour? No thanks.” She teases. “I’ll come pick you up for breakfast then.” I tell her. “Let’s do dinner, I’m going out with the ladies for lunch.” She shakes her head. “Be safe baby.” She smiles and kisses my cheek. “Always am.” I wink before grabbing my truck keys and running outside.

I love my truck. It’s only five years old, black, sleek, shinning. Runs like a fucking dream.

I drive into town and pull up outside James’ bar, Helios, grab my old trusted cowboy hat and head inside.

The bar is packed, as usual for a Friday night. I scan the famillar faces before spotting Bugs and James sitting at the bar.

“Finally! Where the hell have you been?” James exclaims as I slide into the empty stool next to Bugs. “Went for a ride after work.” I shrug looking for Will behind the bar. I see him and Young Mary serving beers as fast as they can.

But what really catches my eye is the new girl standing next Will. She’s a little blonde with a smokin’ body. She’s watching intently at everything Will is doing and looks like she’s listening to whatever shit he’s saying. “Who’s the new girl?” I ask jutting my chin towards her. “Her name’s Amelia. She’s from New York. A real city girl, also off limits.” James tells me pointedly.

I roll my eyes at him, it’s not like I’ve been with a women since Susie left any way, which everyone in this fucking town knows.

“Will!” James yells gaining his attention. He looks over at us and smiles saying something to Amelia before heading towards us.

“Hey man, how’s Sissy?” Will asks as he grabs three beers and handing them to Amelia who struggles to pop the caps off. “She’s great. She’s pregnant again.” I can’t help the smile spread across my face at the thought of my cousin.

“Shit, really? That’s what number four?” Bugs whistles. “Yup. Number four.” I confirm with a big smile. “I miss Sissy.” Will sighs and takes the bottles off the new girl and opens them easily.

“Tell her next time she’s in town I want to finally meet this fiance of hers. I’m starting to think he’s not real.” He laughs grabbing a bottle of whiskey and holding it up.

“Oh he’s real. The things I’d do to that man.” Mary comments walking past with a tray of dirty glasses.

“One or two?” Will asks fake gagging at Mary. “Two.” We all answer at the same time. “These boys are simple, beer and whiskey. Offer either and you’ll be fine.” Will tells Amelia before serving the guy next to us.

“Heard from your wife lately?” Bugs asks as I lift my first shot glass to my lips. “No.” I answer as James punches him in the arm.

“Isn’t it your anniversary today?” He continues. Bugs is a great guy but he’s as thick as pig shit some times. “Thanks for reminding me.” I mutter slamming both my shots back to back, almost tempted to grab his too.

I hadn’t actually forgotten it was mine and Susie’s six year anniversary that’s why I went for a ride and was feeling okay, that we hadn’t seen each other for three years. But of course Bugs has to put his foot in it.

“Will! Another round!” James yells slamming his hand on the bar. “You are not stepping foot out of this bar until you can’t walk straight.” He tells me shaking my shoulders.

“Amelia, stay here. We’re getting our man nice and drunk, he’s not allowed to leave until he can’t stand.” He tells Will and Amelia who looks like a deer in headlights.

“A-are you sure?” She stutters out. “Hell yeah I am!” He answers happily. “Beer?” She asks grabbing three more bottles which she struggles to open yet again.

“I can only have one more. I’ve got work in the morning.” Bugs yells over the music. “Pussy!” James laughs telling Amelia to pour more shots.

Bugs stays for another hour drinking coke before he leaves, two hours after he’s gone I’m drunk as fuck.

“I can’t drink any more.” I groan as Amelia pushes another shot glass and beer towards me. “Can you walk straight?” She asks with a small smile on her lips. “No.” I shake my head. “Can you stand?” She asks leaning her elbows on the bar. “No.” I repeat.

“Walk to the bathroom and back and I’ll be the judge of that.” She challenges straightening up. “Your bossy.” I tell her. “Hey, I’m just following bosses orders.” She replies holding her hands up. “You wouldn’t want me to get fired on my first day would you?” She asks sticking her bottom lip out the slightest amount and for the first time in six years my dick twitches at someone that’s not Susie.

“Fine.” I groan pushing myself up confused why I’d start feeling horny now. I mean the girls hot but I’ve seen plenty of hit women since.

I make my way to the bathroom making sure to make it look like I stumble then I can stop drinking.

After using the toilet I head back to the bar thinking about the last time I was this drunk. It was probably a week before my wedding.

Me and Susie went to some stupid bed and breakfast she wanted to visit but we were both bored out of minds and drunk everything we could find.

I smile at the memory as I sit back on my barstool.

“See. I’m drunk. Can hardly stand.” I smile widely at Amelia who has her eyebrows raised. “You walked back perfectly fine.” She says and I throw my head back.

I was so wrapped up in my memories of Susie I forgot to stumble back.

“Just pretend to sip this beer.” She winks sliding me over an already open beer. I smile thankfully at her making a blush appear on her pale cheeks.

“Shots!” James demands twenty minutes later. “Where were you?” I ask with a smirk knowing exactly where he was. “Just takin’ care of business.” He winks shoving the shot glass in my hand.

“What’s the time?” I groan resting my head on the bar what feels like ten hours later. “Three.” Will answers. “I’ll just finish up and take you lot home.” He says making a girl laugh.

I lift my head slightly and see James in the same position as me, expect he’s sleeping.

“Wake up asshole.” I mutter trying to punch his arm but miss by a mile. “I haven’t seen you this drunk since Bobs funeral.” Will chuckles lifting James head, wiping underneath it and dropping it back down not so gently.

“I don’t think I have been this drunk before.” I mutter pushing my hat back so I can put my forehead on the cool bar. “How’s Missy?” He asks as he continues cleaning up.

“She wants to castrate Tanner.” I laugh lifting my head, almost falling out of my seat in surprise when the blonde from earlier standing in front of me.

Our eyes lock and I notice how beautiful her eyes are. They’re the most beautiful shade of blue, they’re remarkable.

“I’m surprised she hasn’t. That women wants a wedding.” Will answers. “Tanner is Sissys fiance, they keep having babies and postponing their wedding.” He explains standing next to Amelia breaking our eye contact. “Who’s Sissy?” She asks frowning slightly.

“His cousin. Missy is his granny.”

“They don’t live here.” I add before putting my head back down. “Come on. I’ll take you home.” Will says tapping the back of my head. “My truck.” I groan not wanting to have to walk into town in the morning to pick it up.

“Can you drive?” He asks. “I’m fucking wasted of course I can’t.” I frown looking at him only to realise he’s talking to Amelia. “She’ll follow us in your truck and I’ll take her home.” He smirks knowing I don’t let anyone drive my truck and I’ll have to walk in the morning.

“Fine.” I yawn chucking my keys onto the bar and trying to stand but stumble. “Just wait there. I’ll move him first.” Will sighs before yanking James to his feet and wrapping his arm around his neck.

“I can help.” Amelia offers and Will snorts. “I got this.” I tell them both and managing to get to my feet using my hands for balance.

“See.” I give them a toothy grin once I’m on my feet. “Such great skill!” Amelia gasps sarcastically making me burst out laughing.

I manage to stumble out of the bar to my truck without actually falling on my face. “See you at yours.” Will calls out climbing into his truck.

“Which one is yours?” Amelia asks nodding to the multiple trucks and cars left in the lot. “Wait let me guess! The red one?” She smiles pointing at an old shit box.

“Hell no!” I pull a face and point to mine. “Whoa this is nice.” She whispers as we climb in. “Please don’t crash.” I ask her with pleading eyes. “I won’t.” She smiles and revs the engine and I start giving her directions.

I must’ve fallen asleep on the drive because next thing I know Amelia is gently shaking my shoulder. I look around and see we’re pulled over on the side of the road.

“I need to know where to go.” She says nervously biting her lip. I look around and see we’re closer to granny’s house than mine, she must’ve turned left instead of right.

“Keep going straight. It’s the big house just up there.” I yawn blinking a few times trying to wake up properly. “You live here?” She asks in amazement as she pulls up next to Granny’s car.

“It’s Granny’s. I live that way.” I tell her pointing from the direction we just came from. “I w-went the wrong way?” She stutters biting her lip making me audibly groan.

Why the hell am I suddenly so horny? Must be the alcohol.

“Should’ve turned right.” I shrug. “I’m really sorry.” She whispers looking down at her hands. “Not a big deal.” I tell her, neither of us moving.

“Are you going inside?” She asks clearing her throat and lifting her head. Her eyes look wet. “Are you crying?” I ask and automatically put my hand on her cheek making her flinch.

“Sorry.” I mutter dropping my hand. “Granny’s going to kill me if I wake her up.” I groan leaning my head back.

“Are you scared of your Granny?” She asks with smirk. “You obviously haven’t meet my Granny yet.” I laugh. “I can take you home. I don’t mind.” She offers.

“Naw, it’s fine. Come on we’ll ring Will to come here.” I tell her opening the door and practically falling out. “Let me help you.” She laughs coming around and wrapping my arm around her shoulders and her arm around my waist.

I almost laugh at the thought of this tiny women carrying me up the stairs. I have at least a hundred pounds on her, the there’s the height difference. I’m 6′3 she’d be around 5′3. I keep my weight off her as we walk towards the house, letting her think she’s helping and also her arm feels so right around me.

“What key is it?” She asks after we stumble up the porch steps. I look at the keys in her hand for a moment before twisting the handle and the door opens surprising her.

“That’s not safe you know.” She warns as we walk into the dark living room. “Tag, is that you?” Granny’s voice calls out from her downstairs bedroom before the light flicks on.

“Hi Granny.” I smile shyly at her. “What’s going on?” She asks folding her arms and looking at me and Amelia.

“James and Amelia got me drunk.” I tattle pointing at the top of her head. “Very drunk.” Granny nods before looking at Amelia. “Amelia I’m assuming?” She asks making her drop her arms off me and looks scared shitless.

“Yes, I just started at Helios and came to drop off.” She pauses looking at me. “You don’t know my name.” I burst out laughing, clutching my stomach as I fall onto the sofa.

“I’ll go outside and ring Will to pick me up.” She says biting her lip making my laughter instantly stop.

“How’d you get here?” Granny asks as I try kick off my boots making her roll her eyes and pull them off for me.

“I drove, um,”

“Luke.” I offer making Granny freeze. “Luke’s truck. I took a wrong turn and ended up here.” She says, my name sounding so good coming from her mouth.

“He probably told you the wrong way.” Granny snorts. “I’ll ring Will. Do you want a cup of tea while you wait?” She asks making me smile at how awesome my Granny is.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother.”

“She didn’t crash my truck.” I mumble as a blanket falls on top of me. “Hey granny?” I ask opening one eye. “Yes baby?” She answers.

“I love you.” I mumble closing my eyes. “I love you too sweetheart.” She replies kissing my forehead as I drift off to sleep.

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