Still Holding On

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Chapter Eleven

I've decided I like working at the diner more than the bar. The tips are better, people are nicer, I only have to work with Young Mary once a week.
Lucy and I have just finished up with the dinner rush and James has come into hang out since Lucy is going home.
"Hey Amelia?" James asks spinning on the stool. "Hey James." I answer wiping down the spilled drinks off the bar. "I'm hungry." He whined reminding me of a child.
"Go tell Pat." I shrug. Pat is the chef at the diner and makes the best food I've eaten, well other than Missy's. "You're so mean to me." He pouts getting up.
I continue cleaning until a women around my age walks in with a baby on her hip and two young girls. She looks around before deciding to sit at the largest table in the middle of the room.
"Hi there, can I get you anything to drink?" I ask smiling down at the two girls. They look so simallar with their curly dark hair and green eyes. The older one smiles back at me showing off her missing two teeth.
"You're pretty." She says looking around before she leans closer to me. "Way prettier than the bitch Young Mary." She whispers loudly. "Rosie!" The lady snaps. "I'm sorry, she has the worst potty mouth." She says to me shaking her head slightly.
"I'm sorry momma." Rosie pouts hanging her head. "Are you new to town?" The lady asks cocking her head to the side as she looks at me. Unlike with Billy I don't feel creeped or grossed out. She gives of a sweet, wholesome vibe.
"I am. Moved her a few months ago." I smile. "I'm Savannah. I grew up here, just visiting my Granny." She smiles showing off perfect teeth. "I'm Amelia." I smile back. Her brown eyes go wide before her smile turns into an almost smirk.
"I've heard about you. Nice to finally meet you." She smiles as the baby in her arms grabs a handful of her curls and pulls. "You want a high chair?" I ask and she nods gratefully.
I quickly grab one and set it up next to her before asking if she wants anything to drink. "I'd kill for a sweet tea please." She smiles as she places the baby into the high chair.
I grab the fresh pitcher of tea and head back to their table. "Everyone want one?" I ask and she nods. As I'm pouring the drinks I feel eyes on me. I look up to see Luke and Missy standing in the doorway. He gives me a smile before looking at the family at the table, his smile growing even wider as he says something to Missy.
"Uncle Tag!" The smallest girl squeals as she climbs out of her seat and runs full speed into his arms.
Uncle Tag. Holy fucking shit! This must be his cousin Sissy!
"Let me know if you need anything else." I smile before rushing back to the counter. "Amelia, sweetheart." Missy stops me before I can get the full way there.
"Hi Missy." I smile as she opens her arms out for a hug. "Come meet my granddaughter and grandbabies." She says tugging my arm gently. "I just did. They seem lovely." I tell her hoping she just lets me go back to pretending to work.
"You'll come round dinner tomorrow night won't you?" She asks with a slight frown. "Oh no, you enjoy your family time." I decline. "Nonsene. You're comin'. Tell Will he is too." She states before going off to the table where she is instantly covered by the small girls. Luke is holding the baby on his knee while he talks to Savannah.
"What the fuck?" James voice gasps from behind me making me jump a little. "Sissy? What the hell are you doing here?" He asks rushing over to their table and pulling her into a hug.
I watch as they all interact together smiling non stop and laughing. Luke looks so genuinely happy I can't help the smile that creeps up on my face.
I'm also jealous. I never had a real family like them. Sure I had my parents but they were never around. Always working and never had enough time for me.
I decide I'm being creepy watching them so I turn around and start refilling the sauce bottles when I feel a little tap on my leg.
I look down and see the younger girl looking up at me with a wide smile. "I's tell you a secret?" She whispers. I crouch down so we're eye level. "My Uncle Tag says you look beau-beautiful." She whispers very seriously. "Did he just?" I whisper back and her heads so fast a curl pops out from her ponytail.
"But Yous can't tell momma ors granny ors Rosie." She says holding up her pinky. "I won't." I wink linking my pinky with hers.
"He also asks you walk me back but I's not mean to tell you." She blurts out covering her mouth. "It's okay. I won't tell him." I smile standing up. She grabs ahold of my hand and gives me another big smile before she starts skipping back around the counter and towards the table.
"Look who I found." I say. "Minnie, I thought Tag was taking you to the bathroom!" Savannah gasps turning to the side and seeing Luke still sitting next to her with a blank face.
"Anything could've happened." She growls smacking his arm.
"You're getting a bit fat there Sissy." Luke smirks poking her in the side and I have to hold back my gasp. "Sure it's not twins." He adds laughing as she swats at his hands.
Oh. She's pregnant. He's not a complete asshole.
"Yes I'm sure." She grumbles. "Are you guys ready to order?" I ask smiling down at the girl still holding my hand tightly. "Minnie come sit with me." Rosie says patting the empty chair next to her.
"I's want to stay with the pretty girl." She pouts wrapping her arms around my leg. "You can sit by her tomorrow night." Missy tells her and Luke sends me a questioning look.
"I invited Amelia and Will around for dinner tomorrow night." She tells him as Minnie looks up at me. "Where was my invite?" James pouts. "You can come and do the dishes." She answers without missing a beat. "Naw, I have to work any way." He sighs. "Speaking of which. I best go do some." He adds getting up and says good bye to everyone.
After taking everyone's order I go give it to Pat and keep filling the sauce bottles trying to keep myself busy.
After delivering their food I have literally nothing else to do. I sigh to myself and face the wall with a cloth in my hand wiping the same spot over and over again.
"I think that's clean." Luke's amsued voice says from behind me, scaring the crap out of me. "You nearly gave me a heart attack." I scowl throwing the cloth down. He's leaning casually on the counter.
"Did Minnie give you my message?" He smiles. "Yes, she told me you said I look ugly." I try say seriously but can't help but smile. "Sure she did." He rolls his eyes. "She told me you wanted me to walk her back but I can't tell you that." I add leaning to the side a bit.
"I thought she was the one that could keep a secret." He mutters. "What time do you finish?" He asks clearing his throat. "As soon as you guys leave and I've cleaned up." I tell him.
"Wanna come stay the night?" He asks sounding a little nervous. "You'd have to wait for me." I say biting my lip. "I don't mind." He shrugs like it's no big deal. If I was even one minute past the time Josh wanted to leave, or late, he'd yell and throw things at me. I'd be called every name and have every insult under the sun thrown at me.
"If you're sure?" I ask. "Of course I am." He says before standing up right making me do the same. "I'm here to pay the bill anyway." He winks handing over his credit card.
"I was going to bring it over." I say grabbing the receipt book and giving it to him.
"Saved you the trip." He winks scribbling on the tip section. "And maybe I wanted to talk to you." He adds as I swipe his card and notice he's given me a twenty percent tip. I open my mouth to tell him it's to much but he's already back at the table.
Luke walks his family outside as I clear their plates and take them to the kitchen and start the sterilizer. When I get back to the main floor he's back and wiping the table down.
"I can do that." I say quickly reaching for the cloth. "To bad, already done." He smiles standing up straight. "What else do you have to do?" He asks looking around. "Just mop and put the dishes away." I say biting my lip again. "James is in the office if you want to talk to him while you wait." I suggest picking up a chair and turning it upside down on the table.
"I'm sick of him." He says screwing his face up as he picks up a chair.
"You really don't have to do that." I say. "I want too. Besides the faster you finish the faster we get to go home." He waggles his eyebrows suggestively at me. "Now you're meant to thank me." He jokes as we move onto the next table.
As he goes to lift a chair I put my hand on his arm stopping him. "Amelia, I said I wanted to help." He groans. I stand up on my tippy toes and place a gentle kiss on the side of his mouth. "Thank you." I whisper. "You're welcome." He whispers back stealing a quick kiss. I blush and look out the window to see if anyone seen.
Having two sets of hands makes closing up go so much faster. We got everything done within ten minutes. "I'll just go tell James your taking me home." I say running through the back and into his office.
"Hey James, Tags taking me home." I tell him before turning away to leave. "Amelia?" He calls me back. "Can you tell Will? He'll probably tell at me if I do." He says shyly. "Sure." I laugh and send him a text as I grab my stuff and go back to where Luke is waiting.
"You ready?" He asks holding his hand out. I slip my hand into his and let him lead me out to his truck. "Can I drive?" I ask as he opens the passanger door. "Absolutely not." He shakes his head. "Please? I've driven it once already." I try bargain. "Nope. Now get that fine ass into the truck before I put it in there." He states.
"Fine." I sigh dropping my shoulders in defeat and climb in. Once the door is closed I slide over to the driver's side just as he opens the door. "Nope. Move over." He shakes his head but has an amsued smile on his perfect face.
"I'll make it worth your while." I sing song waggling my eyebrows. He looks at me for a moment before sighing and muttering a fine before going around and climbing into the passanger seat.
"I'm so excited." I squeal grabbing the keys and starting it up. "Just don't crash it. Coz if you do I'll be seriously rethinking our relationship." He says pointedly making me bite back my smile.
After our talk last night and I asked if he was my man I honestly thought he was going to say no, call me a crazy bitch and never want to see me again.
Although I don't know if that was us becoming official or just exclusive friends with benefits, but hearing him say our relationship gives me confidence.

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