Still Holding On

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Chapter Twelve

I never knew until now how much I loved waking up next to someone. I love the way she presses her body against mine and wriggles closer each time I move.
With Susie I never felt like this. If I woke up and she was touching me I'd feel frustrated and just want her off me, unless I was horny.
I gently push away a strand of hair that's fallen in Amelia's face taking in how beautiful she really is. I swear each time I see her she gets more and more beautiful.
"Are you staring at me?" She mumbles turning her head down to snuggle into my chest. "I am." I whisper running my fingers along her bare arm, making goosebumps appear.
"That's creepy." She says rolling completely onto her stomach and looks at me through sleepy eyes. "Why aren't you working?" She asks falling back down. "Granny got Joel to come in for a week." I explain kissing the top of her head.
"Who?" She asks as she starts stretching her body, my white t shirt riding up exposing those little pink lace panties she's wearing. "Ranch hand. He helps out whenever we need him too." I mutter moving my hand off her arm to the top of her thighs.
"I don't want to get up." She groans. "We don't have too." I tell her rolling over so I'm hovering above her, her back to me. "Don't you have to spend time with your family?" She asks as I lift the shirt up a little higher up her back. "Later." I say leaning down and start placing small kisses on her back sending a shiver through her body.
I slowly kiss my way down her back until I reach the top of her panties.
"Luke." She moans as I skip past her ass and start kissing the back of her thighs. "Amelia." I say against her skin. "Do we have time?" She asks sounding breathless all ready.
"I have all the time in the world for you baby." I tell her as I get to the under side of her ass. I hook my fingers in her panties and slowly pull them down her legs.
I run both my hands of her bare skin for a moment before slipping a finger inside of her wet pussy, pumping a few times before adding another finger making her moan.
"Get on your knees." I tell her moving my free hand to her ass. Amelia slowly rises to knees and I slip my fingers out before readjusting myself so I'm laying on my back, I move myself up so my face is right in front of her.
"What are you doi-oh fuck." She moans as I run my tongue down her. I grip her hips holding her in place as I alternate between licking and sucking her clit.
She sits up onto just her knees, gripping the bottom of the tshirt and starts rolling her hips on my face. When she looks down at me I swear I nearly fucking cum, she looks like a fucking goddess.
"I'm going to cum." She breathes out before her legs clamp the side of my face and her body spasms as she falls back down to her elbows. I continue licking her as she rides out her orgasam and once I'm sure she's finished I pull back slightly before running my tongue over her sensitive area a couple more times making her body to twitch again.
"Sit up." She orders and I happily oblige. "Take these off." She says running her finger tip along my hard on through my boxers and once again I do as I'm told.
"You're so fucking sexy." She sighs running her hand along my chest and stomach before reaching my cock. Her small hand wraps around me, my eyes closing and head leaning back, a moan coming from the back of my throat.
I open my eyes to see Amelia looking at me biting her lip before her head dips down.
She swirls her tongue softly and slowly around my tip before she slowly takes me in her mouth.
She takes her time building up her speed and my hands wrap around her hair. She looks up at me through hooded eyes making me moan.
"Baby." I pant as her hand comes around and starts playing with my balls. "I'm going to cum." I warn. She hums against my cock and I try to pull away but she grabs my thighs digging her nails into my skin as I cum in her mouth.
My heart is pounding so hard in my chest as I try catch my breath. "Holy shit." I breathe out opening my eyes to see her looking at me with wide eyes and slightly swollen lips.
"Come here." I say still trying to calm my heart rate down. I open my arms and she quickly crawls onto my lap. I don't know if it's the post orgasam high or if it's truly how I feel but I have the urge to tell Amelia I love her.
But that would be crazy. We've been together less than a month. I open my mouth, the words about to tumble out. Not wanting to freak her out I just push my lips against hers.
At first her body tenses and she doesn't kiss me back but soon enough she relaxes into me and returns the kiss.

"So Amelia huh?" Sissy smirks at me as we sit on the porch at Granny's house, watching her kids run around on the grass. "What about her?" I ask narrowing my eyes at her.
"Granny told me everything." She giggles making me groan. "How'd the sex talk go?" She asks bursting into laughter. "It was fucking awkward." I grumble my cheeks starting to feel warm.
"Well I'm glad you're over that other bitch." She spits out. "She showed up here on Monday." I tell Sissy. "I heard. She doesn't sound like the Susie I knew." Her lips purse. "Tell me more about Amelia!" She asks with a wide smile.
"She's nice." I shrug earning me a slap on the shoulder. "What was that for?" I frown rubbing where she hit me like it hurt but really it didn't. "Tell me all about her, what's your favourite thing about her? What do you miss when she not here?"
"Those are some pretty deep questions." I chuckle grabbing my pack of cigarettes and walking to the other end of the porch not to blow smoke near her the kids.
"Where's she from?" Sissy sighs. "New York."
"Did she go to college?"
"I dunno."
"I dunno."
"Parents?" She asks making me shrug and her groan. "Do you do any talking?" She huffs as I stub my cigarette out and come back to sit next to her.
"Did Granny buy you condoms?" She giggles. "When's Tanner getting here?" I ask changing the subject. "He's about a hour away." She smiles her hand rubbing her belly. "Y'all gonna stop having babies and finally get married?" I ask nodding to her stomach.
"I think I'm done after this one, but he's always wanted a big family so who knows." She shrugs. "Granny really wants to throw a wedding." I comment watching as little Bobby falls over in the grass, he laughs and stands back up and starts chasing his sister's again.
"I thought your wedding would have held her off." She laughs and Rosie and Minnie run straight into each other. "Naw, I got married at the courthouse. Didn't tell anyone until after." I shake my head.
"What?" She gasps looking at me with her mouth hanging open. "Spur of the moment." I shrug. "You're an idiot." She tell me. "I'm going to go pee. Watch the kids." She orders sounding like Granny.
"Yes ma'am." I smirk earning me another whack. Once she's gone inside I'm instantly bored. I get up and start chasing the kids.
I pick Rosie up and spin her around so I'm holding her by her ankles as she cackles. "No uncle Tag." She laughs trying to wriggle free. "NO!" Minnie squeals grabbing hold of my leg.
"Oh you want a turn?" I say putting Rosie back on her feet and grab Minnie before doing the same to her. Bobby starts yelling in his baby talk as he runs over, stopping in front me.
Oh shit he looks like he's going to cry. I quickly put Minnie down before scooping up Bobby and tickling him under his chin and ribs sending him into a fit of giggles.

"So you're Tanner?" Will asks looking him up and down. "I am." He nods from the sofa next to me. "Huh. Not what I expected." He says sitting in the free spot next to me.
"Tanner?" Amelia asks scrunching her nose up as she looks at him. "Amelia Grace?" Tanner gasps before standing up and pulling her into his arms, a feeling of jealousy building up in my chest.
"What are you doing here?" She asks hugging him back. "Savannahs my fiance." He says pulling back. "That's your Savannah?" She asks raising her eyebrows.
"Sure is." He smiles proudly sitting back down next to me, Amelia sitting in the arm chair on Wills left. "You finally got her." She smiles flicking her eyes to me for a second.
"How'd you manage that?" She asks looking back at Tanner. "I went back home after college, turns out we had a kid together. She had a boyfriend though." He sighs and I grunt. "Then some shit happened with him, she moved in with me and the rest is history." He sums up purposly skipping over what the son of bitch Pete did to her.
"Y'all know each other?" Will asks frowning looking between them. "We went to college together. I found his ass crying in the hallway many of times." Amelia smirks.
"You were crying?" I snicker and he elbows me in the stomach. "Yup. Pretty much every weekend of first year." Amelia confirms.
"Alright let's not talk about this." He grunts when Sissy walks in and sits down in the other arm chair. "No, no. I think I want to hear this." I smirk.
"Why was he cryin'?" I ask looking over at Amelia who's already watching me.
"Over Savannah." She smiles nodding towards her. "He was always going about how much he loved her and she didn't like him and he just wants to be with her." She explains with a small smile and soft eyes.
"Aw, you cried about me." Sissy coos and they share a secret smile, that looks a little to intimate for my liking.
"When do you go to college?" Will asks screwing his face up. "I only went for a year." She mumbles looking down at her hands. "Because of Josh?" He asks and I see her body tense up. "Yes." She whispers still not looking up.
"Josh was like Pete." He explains to the other two, now my body tenses up. "You should shut up." I tell him. Sissy stands up and walks over towards him and for a moment I think she's about to slap him in the face. Instead she holds her hand out to Amelia who takes it and they head upstairs together.
"Did I say the wrong thing?" Will asks cluelessly. "You're a fuckin' idiot." I grunt standing up and heading towards the stairs. "Let's grab a beer." Tanner states gripping my shoulder. "They'll be fine." He shakes his head when I glance back up the stairs.
"What are you two doin'?" Granny asks as we walk into the kitchen where her and Rosie are wearing matching aprons. "Wills a fuckin' idiot." I repeat. "What'd he do now?" She sighs. "He just announced Amelia had a boyfriend like Pete." Tanner says quietly to her. Granny's body tenses up. "I'll talk to him." He reassures her.
Tanner grabs three beers from the fridge before walking back into the living room. "Are you angry?" Rosie asks when I don't follow.
"I'm good." I smile down at her. "Your eyebrows are angry." She tells me pointing to my face. "I'm angry coz you haven't given me any cuddles or kisses since your daddy got here." I say making an over dramatic angry face making her giggle.
"Don't worry Uncle Tag, I still love you." She says holding her arms up. I pick her up and she starts putting sloppy kisses all over my face. "Now kiss me." She demands pushing her cheek into my mouth.
I return her sloppy kisses making her giggle. I put her down and ruffle her hair before going to the living room which is now empty.
I go out to the porch where Tanner and Will are sitting, Will looking guilty. "I fucked up." He groans as I sit next to them. "Yeah you did." I agree as he hands me my beer.
"So Tag, I heard you and Granny had an interesting conversation the other night." Tanner smirks. "Not you too." I groan. "Savannah told me." He chuckles.
"Told you what?" Will asks perking up a little. "Granny had the sex talk with him. Even offered to buy him condoms." Tanner laughs and Will choke.
"You're not, are you?" He asks looking at me skeptically. "Sleeping with Ame-"
"Wills her cousin." I cut him off and he pushes his lips together looking like he's holding back a laugh.
"Oh god you are ain't you?" Will groans. "James rang me and said he was sure he seen you kiss her last night then let her drive your truck." He says throwing his head back.
"I thought I had until your divorce was final before I had to worry about that." He adds shaking his head. "Whoops." Tanner laughs as the front door opens and Minnie sticks her head out.
"Granny said the dirty boys has to come in and clean your hands."
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