Still Holding On

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Chapter Fourteen

"Wakey wakey." A voice says into my ear before soft kisses are placed on my neck. "Five more minutes." I groan burying my head further into Luke's pillow. "You said that twenty minutes ago." He chuckles from behind me. "But I'm so cozy." I whine. "Mhm. But we have things to do today." He says tapping my hip a couple of times.
"We do?" I ask rolling onto my back so I can look up at him. "We've got over to Sunnyridge." He nods as I frown. "That's like two towns over isn't it?" I ask wondering why the hell we have to go there.
"Yup. We're gonna get fireworks." He smiles before placing a quick kiss on my lips before rolling out of bed. "Do you want breakfast now or get brunch there?" He asks as I get up and start rumaging through the small pile of clothes I've brought over.
"Brunch will be good." I say finding a pair of panties and summer dress. "Can I drive?" I ask pulling off his tshirt that I wore to bed. "Nope." He answers looking at my bare chest. "Are you sure?" I ask dropping my panties. "Yes. Now chop chop, or we'll run out of time." His voice comes out slightly strained.
"Fine." I sigh pulling on my clean underwear and dress. "You're going to kill me ya know?" Luke's voice says huskily from behind me. His hands grip my hips as he pulls me back into his body so I can feel his hardness.
"Maybe that was plan." I joke as he starts kissing my neck and shoulder. "Come on." He says pulling back and slapping my ass.
Luke drives the two hours to Sunnyridge, the whole time we talk about random little things and laughing.
After we ate brunch at a small cafe Luke pulls up next to an old Cadillac on a dirt road. "Is this legal?" I ask as I look at the sketchy looking guy sitting on the trunk."Not entirely." He winks at me before jumping out.
I stay frozen in my seat as I watch Luke's mouth move and the guy nod before opening the trunk revealing a shit load of fireworks. He points at a few different ones before handing the man a wad of cash.
They both start grabbing boxes and loading them in the back of the truck. As Luke is loading the last box up the sketchy man stops by my window and looks through.
My heart begins pounding and a slight swear forms on my forehead. He pulls up his lips showing off discoloured but straight teeth before leaning in closer. He raises his hand and puts his thumb nail between two of his teeth before running his tongue along them then repeating with his lower teeth.
"He doesn't know you're there." Luke chuckles climbing back in. "He can't see me?" I ask tearing my eyes away. "Tinted windows." He smiles before starting to wind my window down
"Thanks again!" Luke calls out past me, when the man see me his face turns a bright shade of red. "Yeah no problem." He mutters before rushing back to his own car.
"I can't believe you took me to do illegal activities." I muse as he starts driving back the way we came. "It wasn't illegal." He chuckles casually slinging his arm over my thigh.
"I'm sure it was." I say not believing him. "Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't." He smirks.

"Are you sure I look okay?" I ask Luke for the third time in the space of five minutes making him roll his eyes. "You look great." He says throwing his body back on the bed he's currently sitting on.
"Are you sure? I could change my top?" I say biting my lip doing a spin in the mirror. I'm currently wearing a small American flag top, denim shorts and some boots Luke found in storage.
"I would tell you if you looked bad." He sighs leaning up on his elbows. He's wearing an American flag tank top, shorts and flip flops. "I know what I need!" I exclaim rushing over to the door.
I grab his hat and stick it on my head, it's two sizes to big and falls down past my eyes. "Now I'm a real cowgirl." I giggle as he leans up on his elbows. "It looks ridiculous on you." He laughs shaking his head and I pout.
"Fine." I sigh hanging it back up. "Are you ready now?" He asks sitting all the way up. "Yup. I was just waiting for you." I tease spinning on my heel and opening the front door.
"I'm driving!" I call out running towards the truck. "No way!" He yells after me. I hear his foot steps running behind me, but I'm hoping since he's in flip flops he won't be able to catch me.
Of course I was wrong.
His strong arms wrap around my waist and spins me around a couple of times before he places me back on my feet, not letting go.
"I promise I won't crash." I laugh trying to get my vision to focus. "You're to dizzy. Come on cowgirl." He says against my neck before letting me go and slapping my ass.
"You will let me drive again, I know it." I smirk climbing into the passanger seat. "I think not." He smiles starting the engine. "Is Missy hanging out with us today?" I ask as he starts the short drive.
"Naw. All the old ladies do some fancy luncheon every year." He replies before telling me about the time he and Sissy were eleven and were forced to go and they were bored out of their minds they ended up letting off smoke crackers in the middle of the room and the whole place had to be evacuated.
"Oh my god, remind me to never let you get bored." I laugh as he pulls up to Missy's house, where Will, James and Lucy's car are already.
"I'll try." He gives me a goofy smile before suddenly turning serious. "Am I allowed to kiss you today?" He ask quietly. "Why wouldn't you be allowed?" I ask frowning slightly. "Will, James, Bugs, Lucy." He lists. "Well I don't have a problem with it. Do you?" I ask nervously.
"Of course not." He answers quickly. "I don't care who knows we're together." He adds looking into my eyes. "Me either." I whisper making a large smile spread across his face. "Good." He says before kissing me.
"Oi!" Wills voice yells and there's a bang on Luke's window. "Stop kissin' and start drinkin'!" He yells still banging on the window.
Luke sighs and rolls his eyes before pushing his door open sending Will stumbling a little. "Bout time." He snickers as I climb out. "Oh hey Amelia. Haven't seen you in sooo long how are you?" He asks sarcastically. "Oh my god Will is that you?" I gasp sarcastically. "Come on, James is cookin'." He rolls his eyes and heads off towards the backyard.
There's a long outside table and chairs set up where Lucy and Savannah is sitting waving at me frantically. "Hey." I smile sliding into the seat next to her. "You look gorgeous! But you're missing something." She smiles widely. "A hat?" I ask and she shakes her head. "Rosie!" She calls out too her daughter who instantly comes running over with Minnie.
"Amelia is missing something." She smiles waggling her eyebrows. "I got it." Rosie smiles grabbing a hold of my arm. "What am I missing?" I ask as she inspects my arm. "A tattoo!" She exclaims as she starts looking at small square papers in front of her.
"Minnie, you want to do Uncle Tags just like yours?" Savannah asks pointing the girls cheeks. She has a small flags on each of her cheeks. "Stay still Mealy, it only hurts for a second." Rosie says making me smile at the little nickname while Minnie runs off. "Ooh ouch." I feign hurt as Rosie puts a wet cloth against my skin.
"You're being so brave." She coos. "All done!" She annouces taking away the cloth and paper revealing the statue of liberty on my arm. "Why thank you, I love it." I smile.
"Look we match." Savannah laughs showing me her arm. "I just got a boring flag." Lucy pouts holding up her arm. "You reckon Tag is gonna get it on his face?" She giggles.
I look over to where all the boys, but Bugs are standing by the barbecue, Minnie is talking to Luke who is crouched down in front of her.
Tanner comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his arms, pinning them to his sides. Luke tries to escape but Minnie has already slapped a tattoo onto his left cheek. "Looks like it." I laugh.
"Oh he would've done it anyways. That boy loves those kids." Savannah brushes off. "Have you tried Granny's sweet tea yet?" She asks holding up a pitcher. "No but I've heard it's the best." I shake my head. "Is it what!" Lucy exclaims as Savannah pours three glasses. "Y'all want vodka in yours?" She asks grabbing the bottle off the table and pouring it into two of the cups before we even get a chance to reply.
I slowly take a sip of my drink and holy shit, everyone is right. It is the best damn sweet tea I've ever had.
"When pappy died we got so drunk off those." Savannah giggles looking over at the boys who are all holding a beer and looking at a chunk of meat on the grill.
"So Amelia." Lucy says giving me a little smirk. "What's goin' on with you and Tag?" She smirks. "Um, we're um." I begin as I start to blush. "They're together." Savannah finishes for me. "Ha. I fuckin' knew it! James reckoned nothin' was going on." She smiles. "He seems like the old Tag again." She adds looking over her shoulder at him.
"He does, doesn't he?" Savannah smiles sending me a quick wink. "Old Tag?" I ask cocking my head to the side slightly. "Happy, carefree, he actually leaves the house, doesn't have a giant stick up his ass." Lucy snorts.
"Doesn't smoke as often." Savannah adds. "I've only seen him smoke once." I comment. "He usually only smokes when he's stressed, nervous or mad." She explains and I nod in understanding.
"Where's Bobby?" I ask looking around for the little boy. "He's just gone down for a nap." She says pointing to the baby mointer on the table I hadn't noticed.
The three of us sit around talking and laughing hysterically, mainly about the first time I found Tanner bawling his eyes out, when James yells out the food is ready. "I'm going to get the girls cleaned up." Savannah says as she stands up. Lucy and I head to the grill and help bring multiple plates of food over to the table.
"Cute tattoos." I smile up at Luke and I walk side by side, carrying the last two trays of food. "They better wash off." He grumbles but has a smile on his face. "Tag!" James calls out as we get closer to the table. "You heard from Bugs lately?" He asks making Tag shake his head.
"Neither." He frowns. "I seen him in the grocery store last week." Will offers. "Said he was busy with work." He snorts rolling his eyes. "I'll check on him tomorrow." Luke says pulling a chair out for me before slipping into the one next to me.
After we eat lunch, we all walk down to a small lake very similar to the pond Luke I went too. "Is Sissy getting you drunk?" Luke asks as I strip down to my bikini. "Maybe." I smile. "I've always wondered what drunk Amelia is like." He smirks pulling off his singlet.
"She gets very, very horny." I wink taking in his spectacular body. "I think I'm might like her then." He winks back before running off into the water.
"He's so fine." Lucy sighs from next to me. She has a daydream look in her as she stares at the water. "Lu-Tag?" I ask pushing down my jealously. "What? Ew no." Her nose scrunches in disgust. "Will." She clarifies and I scrucnh my nose up.
"I don't see it." I chuckle. "I'd be worried if you did." She laughs linking her arm with mine leading us to the water's edge. "Mealy! Watch this!" Rosie yells before dunking her head under the water, disappearing. She pops up six feet from where she was. "Oh my god you're like a mermaid!" I gasp making her squeal with excitement.
Once the sun begins getting low in the sky we all head back to Missy's house and get out of our wet swimsuits. As I walk down the porch steps I see Luke crouching down next to Rosie and Minnie holding two sparklers in his hand. When he lights them both their adorable little faces light up and instantly snatch one each and begin running.
"You ready to see your illegal fireworks?" Luke smirks at me as I walk up to his side. "So they are illegal." I gasp. "You think Missy would allow illegal shit on her property?" Will laughs joining us with a blushing Lucy in tow.
"True." I nod thankful they aren't actually illegal. "I'll go set 'em up. Lucy wanna come help?" He says, a slight tinge appearing on his cheeks.
"They totally made out." Luke chuckles watching their retreating figures. I smile to myself as I watch his small smile as he watches friend.
His smile widens as he turns his head to look at me. "What?" He asks. "Nothing." I answer as I slip my fingers through his and wrap my free arm around his. "I love fireworks." I say looking up at the dark sky.
"Lucky we got lots then." He says moving his body so he's standing behind me, his arms wrap around my waist, pulling my body against his.
"Are you ready?" He murmurs in my ear right before the sky starts lighting up red and white and blue. I jump slightly when I hear the loud boom ring through the air making him pull me closer and place his lips on top of my head.
As I'm wrapped in Luke's arms a feeling I haven't truly felt in a very long time overcomes me.
I think I'm in love.
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