Still Holding On

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Chapter Six

"Tell me." Amelia whispers lifting her head locking those blue eyes that makes me weak at the knees with mine. "I shouldn't." I shake my head. "Because you're still technically married?" She asks biting that damn lip.
"Yes, and your Wills cousin." I say lifting my free hand to free her lip. "You really need to stop doing that." I say lowly. "Why? Does it turn you on?" She smirks. "Yes." I tell her making the smirk drop of her face.
"Like the way I look at you?" She whispers. "Yes." I whisper back.
"I don't believe you." She shakes her head taking a step back but I tug on her hand pulling her body against mine knowing full well she can feel my hardness against her.
"You should." I whisper her light eyes darken with lust. "What else?" She whispers. I rest my forehead against hers holding in my groan. I think she wants to kill me.
You can die from being so horny right?
"I've pictured you. The things you do to me." She says bringing her free hand up my cheek and running it down my face to my lips then my neck.
"At dinner you had no idea how badly I wanted you to grab my leg and tease me under the table." Her lips just brush against mine and I let out a small moan. "You could've had me in the barn." She adds and my self control is practically gone.
"Amelia." I say breathlessly knowing if she doesn't stop I'm going to have no control. "You don't want to fuck me do you?" She asks not moving. "I want too. I want to so fucking bad." I groan moving my hips the slightest so she knows exactly what she's doing to me.
"But your still married." She says her hand moving down my chest. "The second I'm divorced I will." I promise. "What about Will?" She asks biting her lip for a second before releasing it.
"Who cares." I grunt wrapping my hand around the back of her neck and stroking her soft cheek with my thumb. He can deal with it.
"Let's just hope your wife answers your questions soon." She sighs letting go of my hand and stepping back. "Are you just using me for my body?" I tease stepping around her to go back to the living room where my beer is waiting for me.
"Don't be ridiculous." She snorts coming to sit down in front of her beer. "I'm using you for your body and horses." She smirks making me laugh.
"You can have Marco." I offer skulling back half of my beer. "Throw in Sid and you have a deal." She counters taking a small sip. "I don't think we should be friends if you're just trying to steal Sid from me." I joke as she folds her legs underneath her.
"You want me to change the bed so you can sleep?" I ask when I notice shes stifling a yawn. "You sleep in it. I'll sleep on the sofa." She says.
"This is a two seater." I reply raising my eyebrows. "I'll curl up like a cat." She half smiles. "I'll go make the bed." I state standing up and going over to grab a clean set of sheets.
"You don't have to change the sheets." Amelia says getting up and climbing straight under the messy blanket. "As long as there isn't cum all through the bed." She says looking at me with widened eyes. "You're good." I laugh chucking the sheets back.

I'm woken up by a shaking on my shoulder and someone calling my name. "Luke, please wake up." For a moment I think it's my momma but it's Amelia voice whispering. I open my eyes to see her outline crouching next to me. "What's wrong?" I ask, my voice thick with sleep. "Someone's here." She whispers sounding scared. "I'll check it out." I tell her standing up and stretching out my body, sleeping sitting up fucking sucks.
I hear foot steps walking around on my porch making me frown. It's three thirty in the morning, who the hell is here.
I walk towards the front door but Amelia grabs my hand and pushes herself against my arm. "I'm scared." She whispers just as the front door handle jiggles. "Tag! Amelia!" Wills voice calls through the door making her shoulders relax.
"Did you steal my shirt?" I ask looking down at her realising she's no longer wearing her jeans and top but a white shirt that looks like it's three times to big for her.
"Maybe." She whispers avoiding my eyes. "You really are trying to kill me aren't you?" I ask heading to the door and unlocking it before opening it.
"You never lock your door." Will says narrowing his eyes at me. "I asked him too." Amelia says immediately.
"Have I ever told you how much I hate your wife?" He asks flopping down onto the sofa. "She yelled at me for a hour. A hour Tag. Then she wouldn't shut up about you signing the papers and everytime I said tell you what you wants to know she'd yell some more." He sighs running his hand down his face.
"She only just left coz someone rang her." He adds yawning. "I dunno how Missy slept through that." He mutters curling up onto the sofa and closing his eyes.
"Guess he's tired." Amelia says looking down at him. "I would be too. That women is tiring." I sigh grabbing a spare blanket and chucking it over Will.
"You can share the bed if you want." She whispers climbing back under the covers. "I don't think that's a good idea." I sigh as I grab another blanket from the cupboard and walk over to the side of the bed. "But I would like my pillow." I smile down at her.
"This pillow?" She asks pointing to the one under her head. "That'll be the one." I nod. "I like this one." She pouts cuddling into it. "You can use for tonight only then." I roll my eyes playfully and grab the spare pillow that I absolutely hate and chuck it on the ground with the blanket.
"Are you sleeping on the floor?" She asks rolling into her stomach and looking at me. "Well I ain't gonna spoon Will on the sofa." I say making her giggle.
"Have you ever been fishing?" She asks out of the blue. "Of course." I answer furrowing my eyebrows together. "I've never been." She whispers rolling into her back.
"I can take you." I say without thinking. "Really?" She asks, her head appearing on the edge of the bed again. "If you want." I nod. "I'd love that." She smiles. "Why hasn't Will taken you?" I find myself asking.
"He said I'd talk to much and scare all the fish away." That sounds like Will. When it comes to fishin' he's very serious and likes the quiteness, which is probably why we would always end up going together leaving Bugs and James behind.
The next time I wake up its from my alarm going at off at five. As much as I want to go back to sleep I know I can't. Animals gotta be feed.
Amelia is sound asleep in my bed still, on her stomach, leg thrown up and clutching my pillow. I get a small glimpse of her red panties showing off her butt, but advert my eyes not wanting to be a creep. Will is in the exact same position he fell asleep in and I know he's going to be hurting when he gets up.
I quietly get dressed and leave out the front door making sure to lock the sleeping two in.
I drive down the road to Granny's and breath a sigh of relief when the only car there is hers.
I get straight to morning jobs, feeding the chickens, the cows and letting the horses out into the field before heading into Granny's kitchen.
"Mornin' baby." She says as I walk in. "Mornin' Granny." I answer going over to the stool she's sitting on and kissing her cheek. "You wanna talk about it?" She asks. "No." I answer sitting next to her.
"I'm always here for when you do." She says patting my hand. I grab hold of her hand and hold it tightly. I'm so thankful for her. If it wasn't for her who knows where the hell I'd be.
"Granny." I whisper before suddenly I'm sobbing. I haven't cried since the day Susie left and I have no idea why now I've started now.
"Come here baby." Granny says pulling me into her arms and stroking the back of my hair. "I loved her." I choke out. "I know you did baby." She whispers. "I thought I was a good husband."
"You still are. I mean after all these years you still won't even glance at another women."
"That's not quite true any more." I mutter making her pull back and grab me by the shoulders. "Amelia?" She asks sounding almost hopeful. I sigh and wipe my eyes on the back of my hand before nodding slightly.
"I'm probably just horny though." I shrug before realising what I just said. "Sorry." I say immediately and granny screws her face up. "You talk to one of the boys about that." She says squeezing my shoulder.
"I'm going to call Tanners lawyer friend and sign the papers." I say clearing my throat. "What happened to wanting to know?" She asks tears appearing in her eyes.
"I'm done holding on. I ain't nothin' like my momma or dad and I gotta remember that." I say making the tears fall onto Granny's cheeks. "You're just like your grandpappy." She smiles grabbing my cheeks and kissing me on both sides of my face.

Two weeks later I'm heading into town for the first time. I haven't seen anyone besides Granny. Amelia didn't show up to go riding in the weekend, granny said she didn't hear a word from her either. Will rang me in the middle of the night last Friday telling me Susie showed up to the bar demanding to know where I am because she went over to Granny's and I haven't been there whenever she's gone over.
Thank fuck.
I pull into the bar parking lot and knock on the door. It doesn't open for half a hour but James is doing me a favour.
He appears at the door and unlocks it for me letting me slip in before locking it again. "Thanks for this." I say holding the papers in my hand. "No problem. Scanners in the office." He says leading the way. I'm scanning the divorce papers for Juddson to look over. I tried sending a photo of each page but he rang me back and said the quality was so shit and just scan them to him.
"How do you do this?" I ask hitting random buttons. "No, this button." James shakes his head and hits another button but the printer spits out a blank piece of paper.
"How do you not know how to use your own scanner?" I ask as he starts hitting random buttons too. "I ain't ever scanned nothin' in my life. You do it." He grunts. "I ain't either." I say pressing the green button twice but it spits out blank paper again.
"I think it's broke." James huffs throwing his hands in the air. "What are you two doing?" An amused voice asks from the doorway.
"Damn Amelia you bout gave me a heart attack." He says rubbing his chest. "She's always sneakin' up on me." He tells me as I look at Amelia.
She's wearing Daisy Duke shorts showing off her perfectly toned and tanned legs and a white tight t shirt with Helios printed across her boobs. Her hairs tyed up in a high pony tail and the best part, she has an amused smile on her face.
"Tag broke the damn printer." James says turning back around and hitting a red button making the thing beep. "Want some help?" She asks coming into the small room. "You can try but I'm tellin' ya it's broke." He says holding his hands up.
"You turned it off." She says pushing the red button again. "Okay, do you want it to go to the computer or an email address?" She asks tapping a few buttons. "Email. Please." I say grabbing my phone out of my chest pocket to pull up Juddsons email.
She copies it quickly and takes the papers from my hand and piles them into the top of the printer before tapping the green button.
"All done." She smiles as the papers get spit out down the bottom one by one. "I think you might be the devil." James says in awe. "Thank you." I smile down at her.
"I think you oughta take her for a coffee and thank her properly." James says grabbing the papers and shoving them into my hands.
"Come back once he's thanked you proper." He tells her tapping her shoulder as he leaves. "New phone?" Amelia asks nodding towards my chest. "Yeah, Granny picked it up last week." I say tapping my pocket making sure it's still there.
"Coffee?" I ask scratching the back of my neck. The last time I seen her we both were admitting we wanted to sleep with each.
"And a cupcake?" She asks narrowing her eyes slightly. "And a cupcake." I confirm. "Come on then. I don't have all day." She smiles walking out of the office.
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