How To Tame A Beast- An MC Romance

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Emma is a waitress working at a pizzeria when her world gets turned upside down by a biker who's dead set on making her his old lady. Beast is a biker with the Hellhounds who is ready to settle down. One look at Emma and he is ready to do whatever it takes to win her mind body and soul. This is a fast-paced MC romance that is sure to be cliché, steamy, and giggle-inducing. Join Emma and Beast on their whirlwind romance.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"Order up!" Luis shouts from the kitchen window of the small pizzeria. I quickly head over and grab the pizzas and deliver them to the table of hyper kids and their worn-out parents. " Here you go guy, enjoy!" I give them the best warm, friendly smile I can muster after a long day and trudge back to the kitchen.

Popping my head into the kitchen I yell to Luis, " I'm taking my ten-minute break." "Sounds good, after can you call Missy and ask if she is still sick? I'd hate to ask for you to work another double but I might need you to doll." "Yeah, no problem Luis, if she can't come in I'll work her shift. Lord knows I need the money." " I know, I just don't want you to get burnt out. You're the only other waitress that works hard and doesn't give me attitude."

I let a little giggle slip. He's not lying. Two out of the three other girls here are bitches and I don't know how they even get tips. Let alone why Luis hasn't fired them. " Luis you know I could never leave you! I'd miss your handsome face too much." " Aye, don't tease me doll. If I wasn't old enough to be your father, I'd have a chance with a beauty like you!" "You mean grandfather," I say with a laugh. "Plus you're married. Don't make me tell Rosie you're misbehaving." I scold him teasingly. Luis just shakes his head laughing as I slip out of the kitchen and into the bathroom.

After finishing my business, I wash my hands and look into the mirror. Damn, I look tired. I splash some cold water on my face and stare at myself. Dark brown eyes surrounded by long dark lashes, a small button nose, full dark pink pouty lips, and a hint of a tan on my skin staring back at me. I take a minute to adjust my long dark almost black hair into a tighter ponytail. I let out a breath, " That'll have to do."

I check on my table, refill their drinks and pull out my phone to call Missy. She is the only waitress beside me who is friendly and good at her job. She has been here since the pizzeria opened. Many of the customers that come in lovingly refer to her as Mama Missy. She has that motherly vibe to her. Unfortunately, her health issues have started to show her age as of late. I have a feeling she may be forced to retire a lot sooner than she will like.

"Hello?" A tired voice answers after a few rings. " Hey Missy, you feeling better today?" " Oh, no sweet girl I'm still down for the count. I'm sorry honey." "No worries, you just get to feeling better and call when you feel up to taking a shift, even if it's only a half shift." Alright dear, I will. Whose working my shift?" "I am, the bimbo Barbie's can't be bothered to pick up their phones or an extra shift." I roll my eyes but smile as I hear Missy laugh. "Yeah, sounds about right. Listen, sometimes the rowdy crowd likes to come in. You know who I'm talking about right?" "Ugh, you mean the frat boys?" "Yes them, but also some bikers."

This caught my attention. For the six months I've been working here, I haven't seen any bikers in here. "Should I be worried, Missy?" I can't help but ask as I feel my anxiety level rise a bit. " Oh, sweet girl there is nothing to worry about. You just need to tell the bikers that just because mama Missy isn't there there is no excuse to be wild and that I expect them to behave." Missy starts laughing but it's interrupted by a coughing fit, making me frown. It takes her a few minutes to finally get over the fit and I can hear her almost gasping for breaths. I open my mouth to ask if she is alright when she speaks up. " You'll be just fine sweet girl, I promise. I'm sure they are gonna love seeing a pretty, curvy little thing like you instead of my old ass anyways." I bark out a laugh as she begins to laugh. "Missy you get some rest and I'll call and check on you tomorrow. Call if you need anything." "I will sweet girl. Talk to you tomorrow." "Bye."

The dinner rush went by in a flash. Around nine a group of ten frat boys came in. I could tell they were going to be trouble and straight-up assholes when they whistled and pointed at the table to get my attention. I roll my eyes and have to bite the inside of my cheek to hold off from saying ' Really dude? Do you not see me grabbing menus and a pitcher of water so I can wait on you?'. I swallow down the attitude that is on the surface and make my way over to them. I pass out the menus and as I was filling their glasses, the bell above the door rang. I glanced up and saw six huge bikers walk in. "I'll be with you guys in a minute, take a seat anywhere," I called out with a small smile gracing my lips.

I turn my attention back to the frat boys. " You guys want anything else to drink or is water all you'd like?" " Two pitchers of Bud Light baby girl." I look up from my notepad and see an average height, all-American, blond hair blue-eyed boy smiling. I lift a brow which causes him to send a wink my way. I huff a breath out and roll my eyes. "I'll get your beer after I see all your IDs, and I'm not your baby girl," pointing to my name tag," My name is Emma and that's what you can address me as."

His smile fell from his face as snickers could be heard from his friends and the bikers who sat at a table behind me. They all pulled their IDs out and they were all twenty-one, so I went to get their beer. The faster I could serve them the faster they could be on their merry little way. Bringing their beer back to them, I notice the scowl on Blondie's face as his friends kept teasing him. I was laughing my ass off in my head and I had to try too hard to keep from smiling and laughing out loud.

"Here's your beer, do you all know what you want, or do you need a few more minutes?" "Two large meat lovers pizzas and two large supreme pizzas please." I look at the guy who ordered for the table. He is tall and lanky with dark hair, green eyes, and glasses. "Sure thing, I'll get your order put in, holler if you need anything else." I give him a warm smile and he blushes, giving me a lopsided boyish grin in return before he looked down. I chuckled as I walked away hearing his friends giving him encouraging comments and pats on the back. "Luis, ticket in the window!" "On it doll!" I glanced up at the table of bikers to see eight instead of six and one looking right at me. God that's a huge man, I thought to myself. I quickly grabbed eight menus and filled a pitcher of water and made my way over to their table.

As I filled their glasses I apologized. "I'm so sorry about that guys. I'm the only waitress here today." "That's alright, you new here? Missy usually works this shift." A bald man with a red beard asked. I looked at his leather vest and saw it said President, looking back up to his eyes I swallowed a nervous lump down. I could feel eyes on me with such intensity it made me shiver slightly. "Missy is under the weather today, so I'm picking up her shift. Usually, I work the lunch shift. I've been here for the past six months." " Well Miss Emma, it's nice to meet you. I'm Red, this is Blade, Gunner, Wrench, Axel, Ink, Pyro, and Beast." As he pointed each one out they gave either a friendly wave, smile, or nod. All but the last one that he said was named Beast. He was smirking with a look in his eye that was like a predator that found his next prey.

I couldn't help the shiver that involuntarily ran down my spine. What should have been fear, was somehow a warmth that I've never felt before in my life. The only thing that I could think to compare it to was a mixture of lust and longing. Damn, when was the last time I gave myself that good self-loving? A look shouldn't have me feeling so hot and bothered. Note to self, pick up batteries on the way home.

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