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"where the fuck have you been? Denovan says in a calm but, yet a deadly tone. Am shocked and confused at the same time. First of all. Why is he in my room and most of all why is he even asking me where I was? He made it clear that he doesn't care about me. I then........ "I ASKED YOU A FUCKING QUESTION" he yells at me cutting me out of my thoughts. I can see how angry he is. The vain which is visible on his neck can prove it. I can't deny that am afraid of him, but he still doesn't deserve to know where I was. "I..I..it's n.non of your business," I said it with a hint of anger though I stuttered. Well, who wouldn't when you have an angry Denovan in front of you. In a flash. Denovan has got me against the wall with his hands pinning my arms against the wall. " It's my fucking business because you are FUCKING MINE" ____________________________________ Mia Collins *Sweet *Kind *Generous * And innocent Denovan De Luca *Ruthless *Heartless * And a mafia leader Follow these two different souls as fate brings them together or will they both ignore it 🧾You can also find my book on wattpad 🧾 Username: @tumpalle 🚧All rights reserved 🚧 Your not allowed to copy my book 🚧 Your not allowed to translate it in a different language. 🚨 Not edited 🚨 🚨Mature content 🚨

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

The alarm rang making Mia groan in annoyance. She was still tired all because of the double shifts she had to work yesterday. Her eyes were begging to be left closed but, she knew she had to get up no matter how tired she was. Groaning again in annoyance, she gathered the little strength she had and got out of bed.

She walked into the bathroom while trying to keep her eyes open which was very hard than it seemed.

After doing her business and then taking a shower. She came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.
She went straight to her small worn out closet as fast as she could.
She always had to hurry when it came to dressing herself, due to how cold it was.
Her apartment was always cold and not only because She had no heater but also because of the broken Windows which her landlord always refused to fix every time she asked.
She opened her closet while goosebumps filled her entire body. Her closet barely had any clothes therefore it never really took her much time to pick out an outfit for the day.

Not wanting to freeze to death. She grabbed a white buggy oversized Blu t-shirt and her worn-out blue jeans which hardly fit due to her loss of weight.
She immediately got dressed and wore her black converse which were no longer at the stage of being called shoes. They were so worn out that it was easy for things to prick her feet every time she walked to work. They were the only shoes she had and she knew she wasn't getting a new pair anytime soon.
A new pair of shoes was a waste of money. She had a lot of financial issues therefore buying herself a pair of shoes was just like adding more problems to her already messed up life.

As usual, her long caramel hair was tied into a messy bun. It was her way
of trying to avoid combing it. She was sometimes embarrassed by how it looked. It was full of notes and sometimes it had dirt and dust. Her hair needed cleaning, but she didn't have the money for hair condition or shampoo, therefore she chose to just leave it in a messy bun.

As soon as she was done. Mia fixed her bed and then grabbed her worn-out yellow beach bag. She made sure her room was clean and then walked out of the room.

Walking into the kitchen. Mia grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down quickly. She didn't even bother looking for food in the cabinets, because there was non. She didn't have a refrigerator so she never kept food in the kitchen. Besides, she had no money and the only time she got a chance to eat was either some of the leftovers at work or if she had some loose change to buy some cheap street food on her way back home from work.

Yes, life was that hard on her. She struggled for survival like an animal in the wild. She had no family or friends to rely on except for her sick mother who was in the hospital.

She had no one to help her, no shoulder to cry on and no one to assure her that everything was going to be okay.

Her mother was in a hospital diagnosed with a serious heart condition that needed surgery. The cost of the surgery was enough to make Mia cry every single day, wondering where or how she was going to find such kind of money.
She had six jobs so far, trying to earn money for the surgery.
She had been saving up but the amount she had did not even reach a quarter of the amount needed for the surgery.

She cried every single night as she prayed for some sort of miracle to happen. She was very desperate and in need of help.
She had six jobs but she knew time was running out.
Finding such kind of money would take her six to eight years or maybe even more.
But she never lost hope or stopped trying. Her mother was the only blood relative she had and she was not going to let anyone and not even death take her away.


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