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Cinema's Boy

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A short love story at school break.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

School recess was the most amazing thing that was once created by human beings.

It was like New Year’s Eve.

Anything was possible, and the sky was the limit.

You could do almost anything because school is a word that didn’t exist at this time of year.

I loved it because in such a chaotic and terrifying world, this little moment is synonymous with freedom. At least, which means freedom when you are a minor and within the limits of capitalism. So, despite these misadventures, I loved school recess with all my heart and always had this crazy need to go screaming around the world that I was a child freed from the clutches of knowledge — Not that I didn’t like to know, I loved it, but even when there’s love we have to spend some time alone.

In the penultimate year before high school ends, I decided to have the happiest time of my life before I started worrying about college. I wanted to have fun and laugh at silly things, and I didn’t want to worry about my school life for a brief second. I wanted to be a normal teenager enjoying life — I wanted to feel infinite.

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