Walking Hearttrob (ONGOING)

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"Face it, dove, I've sparked your interest." ___________________✿____________________ Alyssa isn't looking for a fairytale; she has a perfect life in California with nothing more to ask for. But when she gets herself shipped off to England due to a major screw up, she might just come across a guy too unbelievable to be true. Just one problem: she doesn't know who he is and Alyssa won't rest until she finds out. All while navigating through insufferable family members, an unwanted inheritance, college, friends and enemies. and in the midst of it all, a mysterious brooding guy who seems to have it in for her. Or have a thing for her, if she's reading the signs right... Walking Heartthrob by Mary Jane Kristo. © All rights reserved.

Romance / Humor
Mary-Jane Kristo
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So the cover should give you a clue to what this story's about... Or at least where it takes place. This is a young adult romance based in King's College, London. Alyssa Rosales, an American girl gets herself sent to London where she finds herself living a new life in unfamiliar grounds among people who don't give a damn about her background. Things are gonna get hard. Enter a brooding bad boy. Cliche, I know, but I fell in love with the character I created and I hope you will too soon.

This book was inspired by my years of reading Enid Blyton books and having a British culture loving mom. I've also been a major fan of parent trap and wild child (like watching a rerun every year sometimes more than once) and drew a lot of inspiration from them. I also got inspired by a very beloved Disney character for my bad boy and it will be a consistent theme throughout the story.

So enjoy the read, I can't wait for your supportive feedback because a reader's thoughts is the author's cake. So do review ★, like and comment 💬, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. Get ready for a spot of regular Brit humor, witty quips and romancing.

Toodle-oo loves, and see you soon! 😘

NOTE: this book is ongoing and will be updated soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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