Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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Chloe Osbourne is the daughter of Nick Osbourne, keys for the famous band Black Heart and Olivia Osbourne, one of the lawyers and the sole PR rep for the bands Black Heart and Fallen Angels. Chloe has worked hard to follow in her mother's footsteps, but after her grandmother's passing, she's fallen into a downward spiral and her life seems meaningless. What happens when her parents give her the old family home in Colorado, to help her find herself? Church happens. The MC president that owns the tattoo shop next door.

Romance / Erotica
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Birthdays suck! Especially when you're turning twenty-six and still spending them with your damn parents.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my parents to the moon and back and this was my favorite way to spend my birthday now, since I had no real friends of my own.

The cousins didn't count as friends to me. In the past ten years, I had been distancing myself from them for good reason. I needed to, after all the crap they had me pulling for them.

Gina always needed something. A place to crash, a cover-up for a fucked up hotel room or an errand girl, and Noah... Well, he was currently at the top of my shitlist, where he had been for years.

Arlee had invited me over this year, but I still wasn't happy with Noah and his bullshit, and the fact that Arlee had agreed to take him back with that phony premarital agreement- that he had ME type up- irked me in the worst way. I only drew that agreement up, because I was on the payroll. Sometimes my job really sucked.

The only ones who hadn't asked me for a single thing were Ian, Morgan and Brianna, but Brianna was a lawyer herself and I knew she'd take care of Morgan if she needed anything.

I understood that I had no musical talent, that's why I had gone the law route, but running to get Gina's coffee and making phoney law agreements wasn't part of my job description. I wasn't an errand girl, I was a lawyer and they treated me like I was just there to clean up their messes.

I sighed as I made my way up the walk. Mom and Dad always made the quiet birthdays so much better. I'd hang out with them and Jake, my real cousin, while we ate junk food, drank beer smoked a little, and watched some movies.

I loved this low key hang out. I always had, but no one else had even called me, which shocked me. No one had bothered to say a single thing to me in over a week actually. I should be happy, right? At least it meant that they didn't need a lawyer, right?

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!" I called as I opened the door to my parent's house.

"Happy Birthday, baby." Mom cheered and came running to hug me. Her red hair cascading down her back in her little black sheath dress.

Why couldn't I have gotten her hair or at least her eyes? She was so pretty. Why did I have to have brown eyes and chocolate colored hair like my dad?

At least I got her body though. I was thin and somewhat endowed at a D cup... The best part was that I could eat anything and not gain a pound, which came in handy for nights like tonight. Food was my thing. I loved it and it loved me.

"Hey, kiddo!" Dad gave me a hug next, enveloping me in his huge frame.

"Hey, Dad." I couldn't help but smile, "What's for dinner?"

"Lamb." Mom grinned and looked to my dad.

"And some Chinese," Jake called from the kichen, "And pizza, and ribs, french fries, that bourbon burger... Oh, and some of those pastries you like."

I walked into the kitchen with a grin, sure enough, takeout boxes from all of my favorite restaurants here in Cali, along with my cousin Jake, holding my favorite Bourbon.

"Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite cousin?" I laughed, at his man bun.

"I'm your only real cousin." He chuckled.

Jake hadn't aged very well. He looked tired and sad. I felt bad for him, but loved him all the same. He'd never missed a birthday yet.

We were seated in the living room, with takeout boxes everywhere, watching Ferris Bueller, when Jake broke the silence.

"When are you guys gonna give her the gifts?" Jake rubbed his hands together.

"Gifts?" I scoffed over my burrito, "We don't do gifts. Birthdays are about being together, dumbass."

"This year, we did." Dad grinned around his huge cloud of weed.

"What?" I gaped at him, trying to swallow the chick of chicken in my throat, "But we-."

"This is a special gift." Dad snorted, "Just smile and nod."

"But we stopped doing gifts." I whined, "We promised. Just us being together was enough."

It was my request when Grams died, and Mom and Dad obliged.

Her death made me realize how the moments were more important than items and trinkets. Because, in the end, nothing was left but those memories.

"Just be open-minded." Mom jumped up and kissed my cheek before she ran into the kitchen.

She came back with a huge gift bag and a shit eating grin on her face, although that could have been from the weed she'd smoked.

"What's this?" I looked at the three who just smiled at me.

"Open that shit and find out, Kid." Jake grinned.

I opened the bag and looked in. It looked like a bunch of papers and key ring.

I pulled out the papers and looked through them in shock.

It was the deed to a house.

"Wait..." I thought for a minute, "Colorado? Is this-?"

"It is." Mom grinned tearfully as she handed me a photo.

It was of my Grams, Gramps and their friends, all dressed in their leathers, ready to ride.

They'd been bikers, he'd dabbled in band stuff, but for the most part, this was his crew, her crew. Their crew.

I recognized a few of the faces from her funeral, but focused on the man with red hair like my mother's and the woman with the dark hair and huge blue eyes as they hugged each other and smiled at the camera.

"Grams..." I began to cry and dropped the picture.

Mom sat next to me on the floor and enveloped me in a hug.

"She would have wanted you to have the house." She kissed the top of my head, "You two were so close."

"This house is rundown, but you did some awesome shit with that condo you have in New York," Jake tried to lighten the mood, I knew he missed Grams too, "I want to see what you can do with this bitch. It's gonna need a shitload of work."

"How do you know?" I sniffled.

"Aunt Liv let me stay there for a bit when I needed to lay low." Jake shrugged. What he wasn't saying was that he stayed there when shit went down with Declan and Kade and him.

Long story short, Jake was sleeping with Declan, then Declan was sleeping with Kade, then Kade thought Declan was still sleeping Jake. Huge mess.

"I'm not talented like you, so it would have been costly for me to hire someone to do the work. It's an old house that ain't been occupied in forever."

"She could make it beautiful again." Mom grinned at me.

"Claire would have wanted you to have this house, Chloe." Dad told me, "But, I bought the car."

"What car?" I snorted and flipped through the papers.

My jaw dropped when I found the title for a 2001 Mustang. Color: Red. Miles: 19,657

"No shit!" I grinned at my dad now, "Where did you find that gem?! Do you know how fast that shit goes?!"

"Tell me you aren't about the speed?" Jake gaped at me, "I wouldn'ta sold it to him if I knew that was what you were up to."

When Grams died, I started riding speedsters. It was the only time I felt happy. Noah and Ian picked them up shortly after, but they didn't know the modifications that could be made on the engines to make them move a little quicker. I did though. I did...

"Too late, it's already mine. My MTT 480RR has been tested to hit 280 at max." I grinned at him, "Can't test it in New York, but hell if I haven't tried."

"Oh, lord." Mom gaped at me, "Chloe, no! I hate those bikes!"

"Sorry?" I gave her a look that said she should have expected it.

"Chloe, those speeds-" Jake started, but Dad cut him off.

"I should have gotten you a Harley. A nice slow rider," He looked between Mom and Jake, then added, "Now, don't get too excited about the car though. It needs some work, it's been sitting in that garage since Jake was staying there. I checked it over and it needs a lot of work to get it up and going."

I stood and ran over to my father, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you so much, Daddy." I squealed, "I love you!"

"Hey, I sold it to his ass!" Jake gaped at me

"You're the best cousin ever, Jake!" I gave him a kiss next, "Especially since I've never had to bail you out of jail."

"I have," Mom snorted as she cocked an eyebrow at Jake, "Four times."

"I was a kid." He shrugged, but looked very sullen, "In Colorado. Which reminds me," He turned to me, "Grams and Gramps old crew is there, they're good people, but they have rules and laws of their own. So stick with the car. No speedbikes, no racing and no riding solo. Sparks'll be looking out for your ass."

"I know Sparks." I nodded, "I met him at Grams' funeral."

"Just, no speedbikes," He searched my eyes, "Please, Chloe. They aren't safe. Noah was almost killed on one last year and good men have been killed on bikes like that."

"Wait, how can I go?" I gaped at my parents, "I have to be available for the cousins."

"That's already taken care of," She told me sternly, "I think it's about time they get put in their places, just like their parents had to be."

"But I won't get paid." I whined.

"Number one; you are not here to do their bidding anymore. You need to do this for you, Chloe." Mom smiled, but it was sad, "Dad and I have been talking and we've seen some changes in you since my mother passed. We want our girl back and I think this is the way. Go back to our roots and find yourself. Love who you are again.

"Mom-." I was about to argue, but she cut me off.

"Number two; Between what my mother left you and what your father and I put into you trust fund every month, you have more than enough to repair the house, the garage and to live off of without ever having to work again."

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