Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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"You better move your bike, Ali." I looked up at the clock.

I had a customer coming in any minute, then the crew and me were going riding. It was a good day for it.

I hadn't seen Chloe since she glared at me over her dinner the other night, but Ali had been working with her on cooking and eating healthier, which she referred to as "touch and go."

"I don't think she's playin around." I told my kid as she walked in from the back.

"I'm good for now." She was smilin' like she didn't have a care in the world, "I'll move it soon."

"How'd lunch go?" I snorted.

"She set the smoke alarm off." She laughed.

"No shit." I chuckled, "What was she cookin'?"

"Grilled cheese." Ali laughed. It was that full, hearty laugh that I rarely ever heard.

"Seriously?" I snorted.

"Oh, Dad," Her laugh began to twinkle as she tried to catch her breath, "She killed it!"

"Damn." I shook my head.

"She kept yelling, "Panera delivers!" Over the smoke alarm!" She sat in the chair in my stall and laughed, "Oh, Dad! The look on her face!"

"Did she eat that shit?" I asked her as I put my dip cups out.

"Nah, she fed it to Bear." She laughed, "He-he called it Cajun style to make her feel better. I can't make this shit up!"

I looked at the clock again, "He better move his bike too. You remind him?"

"Dad," She gave me a serious look, "She's fine with us parking there now. It was the way you attacked her when she arrived. We just need to move em when she needs to use the driveway. Hence why she had us back 'em up so she could put in the car port."

"The what?" I stopped my set up to glare at my daughter.

"She's working on a car port, since her bike is going in the garage when it gets here." Ali shrugged, "She told me to put my bike in there too. She even gave me a key."

"What the fuck?!" I scoffed, "What kind of bike does she fucking ride that she needs to put it the garage?!"

"An MTT 420RR," She watched me, knowing I was gonna lose my shit, "She said she's pumped it up to hit 3."

Three hundred mph...

That was it! First I fucking hated her, then I apologized for being a dick and got to know her. I really fucking liked her shit. Fuck, her titty show, left me jacking off for fucking days. Now this? A fucking superbike?!

"Where are you going?" Ali called after me, "You have a client coming in!"

I was gonna go talk to her about this situation.


Bear and I were on the last two holes while Smokey put the poles in the cement mix. When we were finished, we could put the hard top on and we would be done in no time. I could pull my car into it before they even arrived with my bike.

My mother saw to having my stuff shipped, when I told her what I wanted from my condo. I had them delivering just my necessities, things that were too excessive or personal to buy more of. My piano, my bike and a few of my pictures and photos that I thought would look nice in my house.

"What the fuck are you doing with speedster?!" A voice, loud and dominant, sounded behind me and startled me.

I jumped immediately and swung my shovel around. Connecting with Church's face.

"Fuck!" He shouted, grabbing his nose.

"Sorry." I gaped at him as I bounced on my toes. Oh fuck this was bad. He was bleeding!

"I was digging and you scared me! Are you okay?!" I started wagging my free hand around too.

I could hear Bear and Smokey laughing, but I was terried. I'd got him right in the nose.

He crouched and leaned forward. I watched in horror as the blood dripped onto my driveway.

"You got 'em good too." Smokey laughed, "That shit looks like it hurts."

"I really didn't mean mean to hit him!" I shouted at Smokey and turned back to Church who was trying to pinch his nose.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!" It wasn't stopping, "You scared me!"

"Give me the fucking shovel, Chloe." He stuck a hand out to grip it, and I placed my shovel in it.

In the next instant my shovel went sailing across my back yard.

"Hey!" I gaped at where it landed

"You fucking hit me in the face with it!" He shouted, "Be thankful I didn't crack it across your ass! What the fuck are you doing with a speedbike?!"

"He's just jealous he ain't allowed in her garage." Smokey chuckled.

"Because I like it." I gaped at him. Did he just say what I think he just said about my shovel? It was an accident, I didn't mean to hit him!

"Are you hearing a ringing sound?" I asked, "Oh God, should I call 911?"

"She's a dental assistant?" I heard Smokey ask, "Isn't she supposed to know this shit?"

"Your bike isn't-," He gaped up at me from his crouch, "Look, can someone get me a fuckin' napkin or some shit?! I'm kinda bleedin' here!"

"I am so sorry." I ran into the house to get a paper towel and he followed me, sitting at my table while blood dripped onto my floor.

"Here." I tried to tilt his head back but he fought against it.

"I have a fucking client coming in." He groaned.

"Tell them that your neighbor beat you with a shovel." I shrugged and grabbed his hair to pull his head back, holding the paper towel over his nose.

"You got a good swing." He chuckled.

"I played baseball when I was young," I shrugged, "Until I realized how much I hated running."

"I don't allow speedbikes on my roads, Chloe." He said, sounding just a little sullen.

"Is that what this is all about?" I huffed a laugh.

"Hey," He glared, pointing to his nose, "I didn't plan on this shit."

When I removed the paper towel, he had blood and dirt from my shovel in his beard and I laughed.

"Oh, I am so sorry." It was a nervous laugh, one more from worry than anything, "I can't... Here, let me get you cleaned up for your client."

"Beatin' me with shovels and shit." He scoffed as I pulled him to the sink and wet some paper towels, "Least you can defend yourself, I guess."

"I have two cousins in bands," I explained as I dabbed at the blood around his beard and nose, "So, the dads put us through self defense lessons."

"You ever have to use 'em?" His eyes met mine and if I had been wearing panties, they would have been wet from his intensity.

"Aside from against you?" I smiled, "Once, when someone tried to rob me."

"And your other cousins?"

"They're beautiful," I sighed, "A couple are blondes. They're tall and leggy like models, so yeah. All the time."

That was normally when the guy's interest in me waned. I wasn't saying Church was interested in me, I was just saying that any hope I had of getting his attention was now gone.

"Hold on," He shrugged away from me, and stuck his beard and face under the running water in my sink, scrubbing it. Then, he grabbed a wad of paper towels and dried it.

I should have known. Gina has always come between me anyone I'd ever been interested in. Just because she was so beautiful and I was... Well... Me.

"Is it gone?" He cocked a brow at me.

I gave it a once over and nodded.

"I really am sorry," I bit my lip nervously, looking anywhere but at him, "I didn't mean to hurt you. You just scared me. The whole parking thing was because I was mad. You guys are free to use my drive-."

Before I could finish, his hands were on my hips as he pulled me into him, cupping my chin so I had to look at him.

He was so handsome, in a rugged, Viking kind of way.

"Blondes are overrated." I couldn't respond, because as soon as he said it, his lips were on mine, firm and hard.

His beard enveloped my chin as he deepened the kiss and our tongues intertwined.

When I felt his hands slide into the back pockets of my jeans, cupping my ass and pulling me in, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held on for dear life.

I'd made out with guys before, but it never went any further than this right here, and Lord knew, I felt this kiss to my core and wanted so much more.

The whole reason why nothing ever went further was my Grams' influence. She always said, "Be open about your sexuality, but respect your body and give it to others who will do the same."

He backed me into the wall as one hand snaked up to massage my breast and liquid heat moved straight to my core.

Oh hell, what was my body to me? I was hot all over and I just wanted the flame put out.

What would it be like to have sex? To be with this man who obviously knew how to get a woman going?

"Church." Ali came into the house and paused as we jumped away from each other.

"Wow." Ali gaffawed, "She hit you hard, didn't she?"

"We, ah-," His brow furrowed, "She-uh, was helping me get cleaned up."

"Mmmm," She began to nod, trying to hold her grin back, "I can tell."

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