Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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Yeah, it'd been years since I'd been with a woman.

I'd sworn not to, since all that shit went down with Sarah. I just focused on the gang and raising Ali the right way. But Chloe... She was so fucking adorable that I just wanted to get dirty with her.

It was all I could think about as I tatted this woman. So much, that I didn't even bother with small talk, although Ali attempted it.

"So you can park in the driveway now, I'm assuming?" She leaned on the counter of my stall.

"Yeah." I snorted.

"Mmmm," She wanted more deets on what she'd just walked in on, I knew she did, "How about parking in her garage?"

"That's none of your business, kid." I stopped and glared at her.

"You like her." Ali grinned, "Face it."

"Ali." I sighed and dipped into my well.

"We're all adults here, Church." She shrugged, "The girl got you to dance, which you never do and you e made out with her twice."

"Once," I corrected her, "The club was just a kiss."

"Not with the way you two were dancing." She snickered, but stopped when I glared at her.

"Okay, fine, I'll leave it, but she's the first chick I've ever seen you show interest in."

Yeah, and the blonde seated on my table seemed sullen at the idea. She didn't have a chance, not ever. Especially now.

Damn, one taste of Chloe and I wanted it all.


When my head was done reeling from making out with Church, I made my way outside to finish helping the guys with the carport. We were almost finished when the host came on the radio.

"Now, everyone knows that Dylan Arvan is no longer with Rock Daily, after his announcement that he felt the McGhees and their entire family were trailer trash," The femanine voice announced, "The family lawyers, Brianna Chandler, Olivia Osbourne and Chloe Osbourne all saw to his termination with the company, stating that they were-" I paused and looked up at the guys as they gaped at me.

"A fucking dental assistant, huh?" Smokey eyed me. No doubt, he was going to tell Church.

"Shut up!" I hissed as the voice continued, "I want to hear what she says!"

" ... Ian McGhee has a different approach on the matter and appears to be having fun with it in his newest song that debuted yesterday. The video is hilarious, but the song says it all. Here is the song, "White Trash," by Ian McGhee, but I encourage you to watch the video. It's hilarious."

I didn't even bother listening to the song. I ran into the house to grab my phone. I needed to see the video.

Ian was my favorite cousin, aside from Jake. He was the one that I never had to bail out of jail, and the only trouble he'd ever really gotten into was because he was covering for Noah's shit.

I found my phone still on the counter where I'd left it and pulled the video up on YouTube.

The video started with Ian and his band, dressed like rednecks, with their equipment set up in some kind of barn with chickens around them.

"Oh, my God!" I huffed a laugh.

His mohawk was slicked back and he was wearing a stained looking wifebeater and a nasty looking pair of jeans.

He looked nothing like his typical, man of the year, self and I couldn't help but laugh as it went on.

In the video, Ian was working on an old, rusted out Mustang, with a rolled cigarette hanging out of his mouth. At one point he was even teaching his son how to roll one.

"Oh!" I was in hysterics, especially when the video showed a busted up house, not too far off of my house, with everyone drinking and smoking on the porch, while his very pregnant and barefoot wife chewed bubble gum and twirled her red hair in her fingers.

"I can't!" I laughed, "Oh my god!!!"

The beat was good, the song was amazing and I was in hysterics as I replayed the video five times, then dialed his number.

"Chloe!" He sighed, "Shit! You okay? Where are you?"

"We'll get to that in sec!" I laughed, "I just saw the video, Ian! How the hell did you get Jude to agree to that?!"

He snorted, "Diaper changes the first 3 months. You okay?"

"I'm fine." I told him, "I'm repairing Grams' house."

"Jude and I have been worried sick about you, when we found out you quit-"

"I didn't quit," I said in confusion, "I'm taking time off."

"You're mom said you quit."

"I might drop Noah and Gina, but never you."

"'Cause I'm the cool one." I heard the pride in his voice.

"I love this Ian. The song is amazing."

"I've been working on it for a few months, Aunt Liv didn't think it was a good idea, but I had to do it."

"It'll be a number one." I grinned, "I know it will."

"Shit, Chloe," He sighed, "I'd come out and visit you, if Jude wasn't pregnant."

"I know." I smiled warmly into my phone.

"I missed after Birthday drinks too," He told me, "Aunt Liv picked up when I dialed your number and said you took off. Every time I tried you my calls and texts got redirected. I tried like crazy too."

"I don't doubt it." I huffed a laugh. I'd forgotten, Ian actually cared.

"You know, now we have to get double sloshed, once for the Birthday and once for the video."

It was a ritual, every new release, we'd drink.

"We'll have more to celebrate too, don't forget the next little McGhee." I laughed.

"You know, I like being a dad," I could hear the smile in his voice, "It's so much fun. I get to mess around at the park and shit."

"Until Jude yells at you." I laughed.

"That makes it more fun." He chuckled.


Ali was checking my client out while a few of the brothers and me were shooting the shit.

We were going riding in a couple hours and they hadn't seen my ass since a few days ago at the club, but of course they'd heard about the nude show the other morning and they wanted the deets.

"She's a fucking lawyer!" Smokey came in the shop shouting, his phone in hand as he stuck it in my face.

He jammed the phone in my face as he showed me a picture of Chloe in a suit, walking behind a tall blonde. Then he continued to flip through and there was picture after picture of her walking behind different singers and other people in fancy little pant suits.

"How the hell did you find that shit out?" I glared at the phone.

Had it been just me to find out that she'd lied to me, we could have fixed it on our own, but now some of the crew knew and I was pissed. She'd not only lied to them, but to me too.

"Someone mentioned her on the radio and I looked her ass up. She ain't a Dental Assistant she's a fucking lawyer for the rich and famous like her ma."

"She lied." I nodded as my hands tightened into fists. This fucker could have waited until we were in private to bring this shit up.

"It's all here Church, it says she quit two weeks ago, leaving her clients to her mother." He told me, "She's considered one of the fucking famous McGhee Clan and she's missing from the scene."

She'd lied to me... Chloe, the first woman I was into in twelve years and she'd fucking lied to me, and Smokey had brought it to my attention in front of some of my crew. Something he knew damn well not to do.

Before I could think twice, my fist came up and punched him square in the mouth.

"Fuck, Church!" He leaned forward to check his mouth and started spitting shit out.

"You're mouth hurt, brother?" I leaned over his ass.

"Fucker!" He shouted, "You broke my tooth! What the fuck, Church?!"

"Perfect!" I shouted as I grabbed his shirt and pulled his ass out of my shop, and dragged it right next door.

"Run your fucking mouth in front of the crew some more." I hissed in his ear as I dragged him.

I barged into Chloe's house and tossed Smokey on the floor at her feet as she gaped at me in shock, her phone to her ear.

"Fix his tooth!" I ordered her as I pointed at Smokey.

"Mama, I-I'm sorry. I have to go." She stared at me in shock as she hung up and tossed the phone.

It began to ring immediately, but she didn't even look back at it.

"What did you do to him?!" She asked, looking between Smokey, all blood on the floor, and me.

"He broke a tooth," I pointed at him, trying to control the anger that was boiling, "You're a dental assistant, fix the fucking thing!"

"Church," She gaped at me, "Did you hit him?!"

"Fix his fucking tooth, Chloe!" I shouted, still pointing at the fucking fool I called my best friend.

"I'm not a fucking dentist!" She screeched, "God, why is he bleeding so much?!"

"Don't you ever fucking lie to me!" I shouted, pointing to the ground at my feet, “You’re a lawyer, just like your ma! Protecting your own!”

"I lied about my job to Smokey, not to you!" Her eyes were wide as she bent to check on him, "Did you do this to him?!"

"You're a lawyer!" I shouted, "Fucking sue me!"

"I'm not proud of what I did for my family!" She shouted now, "But they were and are my family, Church! I'm not going to go around bragging about it! I didn't think it was a big deal!"

"Oh, it's a big fucking deal, princess!" I pointed at her as I shouted and watched as her eyes filled with tears, "You get three strikes with me, so if you've lied about or done anything else, you better fucking fess up now!"

"Or what?!" She screamed as the tears streamed down her face, "What Church?! You'll do to me what you did to him?!"

I would never hit a woman. My guys knew that and respected me for it. With Sarah, no matter how many times she provoked me, I did nothing.

"Either you fix him or get his ass fixed! Your dime for lying to me!"

I left her ass gaping after me.

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