Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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Two days went by and I didn't see her. Ali even said that she wouldn't see company.

She'd paid for Smokey to get a couple of implants, since one tooth had come out and the other was damaged beyond repair, but she didn't want to see any of us. She must have thought I was monster.

Who was I kidding? I was a monster. I let my emotion control me and it was unacceptable. I'd hurt her and my best friend in the process. Hell, even Smokey hadn't been around for a few days.

"We goin' riding tonight?" Ali asked, whining as she glazed out the shop window.

"Yeah." I packed up my smokes and headed out back, "Call the gang up."

"Will do." She sighed.

I went outback to smoke and heard piano music coming from her house. I knew I shouldn'tve, but I went over anyway.

Looking in the open door, I saw her sitting there, playing piano. She played beautifully, as her tiny fingers hit all the keys.

I didn't know anything about instruments, but I admired people who did. Especially when they were elegant, like that piano was.

I let myself in and sat down on her couch, listening for a moment before she stopped.

"What do you want?" She asked quietly.

"I didn't know you could play piano."

"My father taught me," She whispered, "Black Heart's songs are all started with him."

"He's like the backbone of the band." I fully understood how that felt, "So you understand where I was coming from, with what I did to Smokey... And you, in front of the crew."

"I understand," She gave a nod and closed up her piano, "I also understand that we're better as neighbors, nothing more."

"What?" I gaped at her, "Why's that?"

"I'm not like you," She sniffled, not looking at me, "I don't play by your rules and I don't agree with your methods."

She left me sitting there as she went up stairs. All I was left to do was sit there and stare after her in the deafoning silence that was her house.

I'd hurt her by my reactions. I understood, but still hated it.

To someone coming in from the outside, our ways weren't perfect, but they were set this way for a reason. There was an order that bad to be maintained to keep the bad out. It was her grandparents that set the rules we lived by.


The first thing I did, before the movers left, was check the milage on my bike, I knew they wouldn't be able to resist riding her, but at least they'd kept it under twenty miles.

Then Church had stopped by when I was checking my piano, which shocked me, since her hadn't been around since the incident.

He'd shocked me, but what Smokey had said to me was even more shocking.

"I outed you in front of club members," He'd said while we sat in the waiting room, "I wasn't thinkin' so he gave me something to think about."

"What do they care?"

"It's like a house made of cards, and Church is at the bottom, as a key support," He explained, "If that support falls, they crumble one by one."

"So you're saying-?"

"If you, the girl who he told everyone he wants, lies to him and gets away with it, who's to stop the others from doing the same thing?"

It all gave me so much to think about. So much to worry about.

I needed to clear my mind and there was no better way to do it than to slip on my leathers. I was going for a long overdue ride.

I was going to get over this frustration that Church had put me in, this depression and this wondering of where my life was going.

"How much did that gem cost?" Sparks was gaping at my bike when I came out of my house.

I'd pulled her out after the gang took off.

"Three-hundred." I grinned as I climbed on her, "Why didn't you go with everyone?"

"Not everyone has left yet," He shrugged, "Church is still in his shop."

"Oh," I looked around, "I didn't see his bike."

"These speedsters aren't safe Chloe," His brow furrowed, "Did you have one when your Grams was around?"

"No." I shook my head, "She wouldn't allow it."

"Church won't either," He cleared his throat, "We have rules against these bikes and riding alone."

"He won't catch me. No one can keep up with Dorothy." My grin turned to a smirk when I started her engine and she roared to life, vibrating under me.

My heart revved over the jet sounds she was projecting.

"You need to be careful out there, sweetheart." He told me as I flipped my hair out of my face.

"What's the fun in that?" I smirked and slid my helmet on and fastening it before taking off.


"What the fuck is that sound?" I looked to Ali in question. I'd been closing up the shop for the day, counting the bills, and she'd been waiting for me.

"A bike, I guess." She shrugged, "Maybe someone passing through."

I gaped at her, but then I saw it at the light in front of my shop, at the only light we had in this fucking town.

It was a fucking racing bike. A cherry red, turbo powered MTT. That thing could hit 200 in a matter of only seconds.

When I saw the woman behind the throttle, wearing tight leathers, I threw the cash on the table and ran outside.

The light was green and she hadn't seen me as she sped off, hitting eighty before she even got through the light.

"It's Chloe." I glared.

"How do you know?" Ali asked.

I didn't want to tell her that I'd know those curves anywhere, but it was true. They were ingrained in my memory.

"I have to admit, she looks like her Grams in those leathers." Sparks rose an eyebrow at me as he came around the corner, "Cat got your tongue?"

"What the fuck was that?!"

"That was little Chloe, going for a ride." He eyed me.

"She's gonna kill herself on that fuckin bike!' I gaped after her, "I have rules against that shit for a reason! How could you let her go?!"

"She doesn't understand how things work around here." He shook his head, "Not yet."

"She-!" I gaped, "What the fuck?!"

"She's like her Grams. Can't keep her contained." He lit his smoke.

"She's an adrenaline junkie!" I shouted, "What the fuck happened to that kid?!"

Something had to have happened, in order for her want that kind of adrenaline.

"Numberous things can cause the want for the rush," Sparks turbed to me in all seriousness, "Death, lot of stress, lack of sex or dominance. Anything."

I nodded, but didn't say a fucking thing. If she needed dominance, she was about to get it.

"I remember this one time," He snorted, "Claire got pissed at Bruiser, I mean shit-pissed. She took his racer and hit 160. Bruiser put her in her place when he finally got home. He knocked her ass up with little Livvie."

"Is that thing even street legal?" I crossed my arms and asked.

"It is." He nodded, "She's a lawyer, she wouldn't ride it if it wasn't."

"But she obviously breaks the speeding laws!" I cocked a brow at him, "Not to meantion my rules and the rules of our club. Rules that her Grams fucking made after her Gramps died racing one!"

Rules that I once allowed to be broken.

"I don't think she knows, Church," He sighed, "And it ain't our place to tell her."

"If I catch her-." I ground out.

"You'll punish her," Sparks told me, "But you won't tell her."

"She needs to fucking know!" I glared at him.

"It ain't our place," He cleared his throat, "The girl is fragile, or they would have told her. She's broken, something broke her and the speed is her way of gaining control."

For the first time in over ten years I wanted to fuck, I wanted to fight and I wanted to dominate. Worst part was, I wanted to do it all with Chloe.

I'd bet that she was cute in a fight too. I'd gotten hints of it when she was pissed at me, but in a full blown fight, I bet she'd be fierce.

But first, I wanted to make sure she was safe.

What the fuck was that chick up to? There was no need for a bike that that. Did she have a death wish?

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