Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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We went to our normal hang out. It was a chill afternoon, except I hated how one of the prospects kept eyeing Ali. Every fucking time he was around her too.

"If looks could kill..." Smokey chuckled.

"I don't like him lookin at my kid like that." My voice was cold, mostly because I was shocked with Chloe and it pissed me off.

Did I count this as strike two, or did I count it as three strikes, since she was breaking so many of our laws with that speedbike?

"He's a cop, Church," He snorted, "He's one of the good ones like me."

"Don't care." I shook my head, "Warn him to keep his eyes to himself."

"Yessir." He gave a nod and sauntered over to the prospects.

"You're in a sour mood," Ali sipped her soda, "You okay?"

"Where'd she go?" I asked my daughter.

"I don't know." She shrugged, "She'll be home later, ask her."

"There is no need for a bike that does those speeds." I pointed around my Whisky.

"I know." She teared up, "It ain't safe."

"Not at all." I swallowed hard.

We sat in silence for a minute before she grinned at me through her tears.

"You want her as your pillion, don't you?" She teased.

"I never said that." I swigged my drink.

"She would look pretty in her leather, clutched onto you." She sighed romantically, "Her legs around your's... Her chest pressed against-."

"Damn, you writin' a novel over there?" I eyed her over my glass.

"I like her, Dad." She whispered, "I've always felt drawn to her, since I met her. She's one of those souls that's hard to find. She's genuine and I don't think anyone's ever noticed it, not in the crowd she hangs with."

"You think she has what it takes to be my pillion?" I cocked a brow at my daughter.

"I think she does." She gave me a warm, loving smile, "And I think you have more than earned another pillion."

She was telling me it was time to move on from my past. To move on from all the shit I did as a stupid kid. All the shit I did to her mom.

"I love you, Alice." I sighed, looking into my glass as I set it on the table, "I honestly don't know where my life would have turned out without you, kid."

"I love you too, Daddy." She kissed my cheek.

"Now, round up the boys, we're headed out." I ordered.


I had made a playlist specifically for these drives. All amped up rock and metal. Music that didn't have my cousins behind it in any way, shape or form.

Right now, I was listening to Brand New Numb, by Motionless in White. Next up would be Hypocrites, by Korn. I knew my playlist by heart.

These drives were so freeing and releasing that I had never actually thought of the words in the songs, but they all related to what my cousins were doing, in comparison to myself.

They all lived in these fairytale world's, but my world was very real. It was a normal, rational reality. I dealt with their consiquences on a daily basis. This was my release and I was fully able to see that now, after having my distance for the past week and a half.

I lived for the freedom a bike gave me, but overall, the racers helped free me from the stress. Especially when the roads were clear, like they'd been today, until I saw a grouping of bikes ahead.

I checked my speed, 210, and slowed my bike to 110. It was safe for passing and I could slow down more from there if needed. Once I got beside them and the coast was clear, I could speed back up.


A loud engine sounded from behind us and I looked in my side view to see a pretty little red racer coming up. She was moving too fucking fast!

I looked to Sparks who gaped at me, turning his head back as she zoomed up to pass us.

It was a clear shot, but I ground my teeth as she moved into the opposing lane and sped up. She could kill her ass, I didnt care how experienced she was.

I gave her the two fingers down wave, telling her to keep her ass safe and her wheels on the ground, as she came up. Her head tipped in awknowledgement and she sped up more as she passed me. She had to be going at least 200.

"Fuck!" I shouted, "What the fuck is she doing?!"

I signalled for Smokey to lead and sped my bike up.

My Harley wasn't nearly as fast, but I maxed it out to get to her ass.

She was gonna kill herself! What the fuck was going through her head?!


Shit! I hope he didn't know it was me. He didn't look happy though, so chances were, Sparks had told him.

I could tell from the looks on Sparks' face that he knew. Maybe he had told Church and that was the look I got when I passed.

I was still under the hopes that I just got that look from my speed and not because it was me.

I mean, there were similar bikes out there. Right?

I had to admit though, it felt good when he gave the safety signal, but the look on his face had been deadly. It took all of my control not to break my bike.

Now I knew why Ali was such a good kid, one nasty look from that man and anyone would bow.

I pulled my bike into my garage and checked her over. I was finally calm enough to leave her when I heard it, the distinct sounds of a Harley pushing it to top level.

I had to get this garage door closed, in the fucking house and changed before he caught me. Something told me that, if he did catch me, it wouldn't be good.
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