Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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I peeled into that driveway and hit my breaks so hard that I skidded to a stop. My tail wheel even kicked to the side

She'd just closed the garage door and froze in front of it as quickly I killed my bike.

When I threw the kick and jumped off as she started to run.

"What the fuck was that shit?!" I shouted as I chased her around the house and onto the porch.

"I don't know what you mean!" She shouted as she swung her front door open and tried to slam it closed, but I caught that shit with my hand and forced my way in, slamming it as I cheated her to the staircase.

She still had her helmet in her hand as she hit the steps unzipping her gear.

"Freeze!" I shouted and she did as ordered, three steps up, "Don't fucking lie to me! What the fuck were you doing on that speedbike?!"

When she turned to face me her chest was heaving just as hard as mine.

"How do you know it was me?" Her eyes were saucers, but I was too pissed and there was no calming me down from this shit, no matter how cute she was.

I pulled the helmet out of her hand and pointed to the sticker on the right temple.

"The chick that passed us goin' 2 in a 65, had had two red hearts on the temple of her black helmet." I ripped her helmet out if her grip and pointed to the sticker, then threw it across the room. She cringed when it landed and slid across the floor.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I shouted at her, "You got a fucking death wish?!"

"I went for a ride!" She argued, "There's nothing wrong with that!"

"Pairs or more, and no speeders on my road!" I shouted, "Those are our rules! I told you! I warned you! You could have fucking killed yourself, Chloe!"

"I know what I'm doing!" She screeched.

"No you fucking don't!" I shouted, "Those bikes are dangerous!"

"Not if you know how to ride 'em!" She countered.

"Give me the keys!" I put my hand out

"Not a fucking chance!" She snorted and gave me a once over.

"Snort again and I'll whoop your fucking ass!" I pointed a finger in her face, still trying hard to control myself.

"You can't touch me," She scoffed and turned to move up the stairs, "I'm a lawyer, I know my rights!"

"What speed did you hit on my fucking roads?!" I shouted as she hit the steps.

"Two-eighty!" She scoffed, "Go fuck yourself! You don't own the fu-!"

Two fucking eighty?! What the fuck was wrong with her?! What was she running from?!

I went into fucking warrior mode in that instant and wrapped an arm around her waiste, pulling her off the steps all together.

"Put me down!" She kicked and flailed.

"You were warned!" I shouted, "No fucking speedbikes! You're fucking getting it!"

"Put me the fuck down!" She fought dirty, reeling her foot back and kicking me so close to the nuts that I hit the ground, but she wasn't fucking getting away! I grabbed her booted feet before she could take off for the steps again and pulled her down to the ground.

"You want to risk your fucking life doing stupid shit, you're going to get punished for it!" I rolled on top of her and pinned her down with my weight, like one of the cops on our team would have done with a perp.

"Get off of me!" She cried out.

I did, but only after I had her arms in a death grip.

I pulled her over to the couch and sat down. She continued to struggle as I as I pulled her across my lap.

"For every mile over eighty, I'm whoppin' you!" My words were breathy from our struggles.

"Let me go!" She screeched.

"No, because someone should have whooped your ass a long fucking time ago, Princess!"

I tugged her pants over her ass and heard the zipper rip.


When we pulled up to the house, Dad's bike was escew and there were sever skidmarks in the driveway, but he was nowhere in site.

Once we killed the bikes, we heard it though. A distinct smacking sound as Chloe cried out.

I had seen my father deal out punishments to the guys, I had even watched him kick a few of their asses for stepping out of line, but this was different. This was a woman.

The punishments for women were doled out by their men. Since my father had never had a claim on a woman, I had never seen or heard him punish one, but hearing it now just felt wrong.

"Sounds like someone is getting punished." Smokey grinned around the group at everyone, his two new front teeth shiny and bright.

"This is barbaric!" I groaned.

"It's the way," Gramps gave me a pointed look, "She overstepped and broke our laws. She risked her safety and our's."

"But this?!" I motioned to the window when she started crying.

"At high speeds that coulda killed her instantly. You of all people know how important it is ta him, Cat." Bear whispered, "She has potential to be his First Lady, but she needs to submit to the rules. It's the way."

"The way sucks!"

"'Cause it's your dad, or 'cause she's your friend?" Jay, who I had nicknamed Blue, grinned at me.

He was a prospect, but he should be a full fledged brother now. The only issue was that dad didn't like the way he flirted with me.

"You're a cop!" I hissed, "You're just gonna let it happen?!"

"Sometimes a woman needs a good spanking." He grinned as he spoke lazily, "No bruises, no breaking of skin, she'll be fine. Maybe she'll even act out less."

"Cringe." I glared at him.

"You like it." He puckered his lips in an air kiss.

"Enough, kids." Gramps held a hand up to silence us as the spanking continued, but her cries had become muffled.

"Did he just gag her?" Smokey, Dad's best friend, chuckled.

"Ew!" I cringed.

In our club, women had as much say as the men, they would ride next to their men in some cases. They were worshipped and respected. So, the fact that my father was spanking Chloe right now shocked me. I knew that by our laws, he was following protocol, but it just didn't seem right.

"I think he did." Spokes began clapping and cheering.

"Git 'er, Bro!" Smokey shouted into the night.

"Sickos!" I hissed and threw my stand, running into our apartment, where I couldn't hear what was going on.
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