Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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I was checking out my client when the prospect I had watching Chloe today came into the shop, his eyes wide.

He waited for me to finish, then attacked as soon as my customer was out the door.

"You ain't gonna like this, Church." He gaped at me.

"Out with it." I chuckled counting the cash in my hand, "What'd she burn or break now?"

"She has company."

I stopped and looked at him, "What kind of company?"

"A dude and a chick," He told me, "Same kinda expensive speedbikes, ones a blonde the other has black hair. I think they're her cousins."

"I didn't hear the bikes pull in." I looked between him and Ali.

"They aren't as nice as her's." Ali's eyebrows drew together, "I watched 'em go by about twenty minutes ago. I didn't think anything of it, because they coulda' been passing through."

"And you came back why?!" I shouted at the prospect and grabbed my vest.

"She sent me away." He shrugged, then I heard it. The distinct sounds that only her speeder made.

"Use your brain, prospect!" I shouted as I ran out the door, "Don't leave the First Lady unattended! She's like a fucking kid! She needs to be watched all the time!"

"Church!" Ali reminded me and I glared at her through the storefront as I stormed out the door.

I didn't even get to the sidewalk before they were at the light. All I could do was stand there and glare.

Her head turned toward me and I couldn't see her eyes, but when she saw me there, her body stiffened. My hands went into fists, because all I could do was stand there, watching like a fucking idiot while my girl peeled out on the green.

"What are you gonna do, Dad?" Ali asked.

"I'm going to plant myself at her place and wait for her ass to get home." I ground out.

"She has company, you can't spank her again!" She hissed.

"I ain't gonna spank her this time, Ali." I looked my daughter in the eye and saw the fear sink in as she took in my anger, "I'm gonna ground her ass."

"You can't!" Her eyes went wide, "She isn't like us! She won't understand! You've barely spent time with her!"

"That bike is fucking dangerous!" I pointed at the road where the bike went, "You want her to kill herself?!"


I beat them to my house and garaged my bike, waiting for them to finally pull in.

When they did, I was resting against Dorothy leasurely and checking my nails.

"Took you long enough." I said dryly.

"You fucking jackknifed and changed direction," Noah scoffed, "What the fuck was that about? It's dangerous at that speed, Chloe and you know it."

"Eh," I shrugged it off, "I knew what I was doing."

They both glared at me as they killed their engines and Gina noticed the Harleys.

"Who's bikes are those?" She asked curiously, "They're nice, easy riders."

"My..." I thought about it for a second, "Neighbor's. I let them use my garage."

Church... my heart clutched in my chest.

I'd seen him at the light, although the look he gave me scared the fuck out of me, it broke my heart all at the same time. Him leaving me was all I could think about on my drive.

"Oh, you have a cook?" Gina gave me a pointed a look as we walked along the driveway, "No more fast food?"

"No," I swallowed hard, I'd probably lose Ali too, "It's Ali, my friend who uses my garage. She lives next door and the smell comes over this way sometimes. She's been giving me lessons though, and I've stopped ordering out as much."

"Well, at least you won't get fat when you're old now." She laughed and it grated on me. What was her damage? When the hell did she become such a bitch?

When we climbed the porch I paused. My lights were on and music played through my house. I could see Ali dancing in the kitchen, but it was the boots on my coffee table that had stopped my heart.

I would recognize those anywhere, from the day I got my spanking they were engrained in my subconscious.

Black, Steeletoed biker boots with a large silver cross on each toe...


"Looks like she came over to cook." Gina grinned, not noticing the booted, leather clad Viking on my couch.

"Probably because she saw I had company." I said as I opened the door and we filed in, "They don't trust me not to poison people."

My eyes met the man on the couch who was leisurely sprawled out with log arms spread across the back of my couch. He didn't look at me as he examined the whisky glass in his hand.

"Did you have a fun ride, Princess?" He asked, seemingly calm, but I saw it in his eyes when they met mine. He was pissed.

"Hey, Church." The sooner I got over introductions, the sooner he would leave and I could try regain whatever would be left of me.

I would be saying goodbye to the hunky biker that just looked at me and made my knees weak, but as long as I didn't have to hear them having sex, I could eventually get over it. Right?

"These are my cousins," I pointed to them as I spoke, "Noah and Gina."

"Nice to meet y'all," I waited as he took them in, but then he turned back to me and grinned all too calmly, "Hope you've been keepin my princess outta' trouble."

"Dinner should be ready soon." Ali sounded from the kitchen, before anyone could respond, "I made chicken, rice with kale and garlic mixed in and green beans."

"That's Ali," I smiled sadly at my friend, "I told you, she likes to cook."

"Absolutely," She grinned at us from my kitchen, "Dad doesn't like her eating fast food all the time."

"I keep telling her, she'll eventually get fat, but she doesn't listen to me." Gina snorted, but no one found it funny.

"We don't worry about that." Church's eyes scoped my outfit. Noah must have caught it because he huffed a laugh.

I knew why. Noah was a dominant and he was most likely putting two and two together, but where Noah was boarderline abusive, Church was dominant for a reason. He had a lot of people who relied on him to take charge.

"When'd you get new pants, princess?" Church asked curiously as he focused on my legs.

"Uhm," I tucked my hair behind my ear and nodded, "After the last pair ripped in that traumatizing experience, I had time to order more."

"I thought you were taking a break from biking?" His eyes moved back to mine and they were tight, "Months ago..."

I could tell that Noah wasn't the only one puting two and two together.

"I-uhm-..." I swallowed hard.

"So, did you guys have a good ride tonight?" He asked Noah and Gina, but didn't take his eyes off of me, "Did you show them some of the sites, Princess?"

"Nah, she left us in her dust," Noah glared at me, "We got a good ways down the strip then she jackknifed outta nowhere. It was a fucking stupid ass move at her speed."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, willing him to shut up as Gina chimed in.

"Dorothy is a beast, did you see how she manoeuvred that 180? Give her ass some credit." Gina plopped in the armchair, her long legs open wide as she sat her helmet between her feet.

He glanced at her as she spoke, but his eyes moved right back to me.

"Gina, she could've been thrown." Noah glared at her.

"How fast would you say you were going when you pulled that stunt today, Princess?" He looked at his glass again. I could tell he was barely holding on.

"I didn't look." I cleared my throat when he looked back at me, feeling the heat pool in my core from his stare, "I think I'm going to go help Ali set the table."

"Sure thing, Babe." He chuckled, but there was nothing pleasant about it.

"I hope you had a fun ride!" Ali hissed when I went to her side, "You fuckin' stupid or somethin'?!"

"You know I didn't! I was freaked the whole damn time! I saw him as we were taking off and he looked pissed!" I looked into the living room and could see him watching me from the couch as they talked, "He's too fucking calm! What did you do to him? Is he going to lose his shit?"

"Oh, he ain't calm!" She sneered, "You're fucking in for it. Just be thankful he's on his sixth glass of whisky! How stupid are you?! You should have sold that bike!"

"Sixth?" I gaped at her, "That's him after six glasses?!"

"The man's been drinkin' since he was fifteen," She scoffed, "He's nowhere near drunk. What were you thinking?!"

"I needed to get away from them!" I hissed back, "I know they're here because they want something from me! I thought if he saw Gina he'd leave me!"

"He doesn't like blondes!" She stomped her foot, "He likes you and you are the first one since my mom, so he's acting like a baboon!"

"I'm-?" How? He was the president of the club, surely he got women all the time.

"Yes!" She scoffed, "They call him Church for a reason! He's been abstinent since my mom died! Just know, our punishments are different than normal ones and you're fucked!"

"He can't spank me!" I hissed, "My cousins are here! They'll hear it!"

"Oh, he ain't gonna spank you this time, honey!" She gaped at me, "He's grounding your ass!"

"He can't take my bike! I need it! I-!"

"Oh, he ain't takin your bike either," She hissed, "I told you, he's goin' by the old rule. Grounding is a little different by the old way."

"Which is?" I gaped at her.

"He's gonna knock you up so you can't ride on your own," She hissed, "You'll be his pillion and you'll never be left alone, since you'll be his First Lady, carrying his baby, and there's no way out of the club."

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