Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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"So, how do you know my cousin?" The kid glared at me with deep blue eyes.

"I own the shop next door." I smiled at the fucking prick, "Been helpin' my girl fix this place up."

I wasn't pissed at him, not necissarily, but the fact that she'd been out on that fucking death trap again had me pissed, then finding out she'd been riding it all along had me ripping shits.

"Your girl?" The chick asked, leaning against the back of the chair and crossing her legs, "Are you two a thing?"

I knew her type and I wasn't biting. I didn't fall for that shit anymore. Chloe was my Ole Lady and I had learned the hard way to respect my woman.

"Yeah." I snorted, taking a swig if my whisky, "You could say that."

"And that's your daughter?" The guy asked, gaping at Ali who came out with another drink for me.

"Yes," She handed me the full glass and took my empty as she spoke, "And to save you your inquisition, he's only 34 and I'm 19. He was fifteen when I was born, my mom was fourteen. She died when I was six, he raised me."

"Thanks, Alice." I gave her a smile, using her full name and she froze, but in the end, when she pulled away, I got that beautiful Alice smile that only my babygirl could give me.

"You're welcome, Daddy." She blushed and went back to the kitchen.

"So, out of curiosity, what speed did you guys guys today?" I turned to Chloe's guests, watching her face pale as she started to set the table.

"I hit two, but Gina was ahead of me." Noah shrugged.

"I was maxed at 210." The blonde sighed.

"And Chloe was ahead of you?" I asked.

"Her bike is a demon! I know she had to have at least hit 3." Noah shook his head, "She was far ahead of us and when she Jackknifed she had to at least be doing 80 or 90 still. Fucking stupid."

She slipped and a glass fell from the table, shattering near Ali's foot.

"Shit!" Chloe griped, "I'm so sorry! Are you okay, Ali? Dammit, it slipped from my hand."

"I'm fine," Ali laughed, "You didn't hit me. Go get changed and I'll handle this."

"You sure?"

"Go!" Ali shooed her away, "Show your guests to their rooms and you can all get cleaned up. Dinner won't be for another fifteen minutes."

When she emerged from the kitchen she didn't meet my eyes. She went for the stairs as pale as can be.

I could hear her as she showed her cousins to their rooms and I counted as I heard doors closing. One door, another door, then little footsteps and the master closed.

My turn.

I put my glass down and headed to the stairs.

"Where are you going?!" Ali hissed as she ran to the steps.

"Mind your business." I scoffed and continued my path up the steps.

"You can't ground her!" Ali hissed after me, "She's a virgin!"

I froze and looked at my kid. She wasn't lying. Ali didn't lie to me, but she sure as hell was grinning ear to ear.

"How do you know?" I ground out.

"I told her what you had planned and she freaked and told me." Ali shrugged, but a shit eating grin formed on her face.

She thought she had one on me and I couldn't ground Princess now, but there were ways around the virginity rule and my daughter had just doomed her friend. She'd sealed Chloe's fate by making me want to ground her ass even more.

Chloe was mine, and it was time she knew that if she was going to be mine, she'd have to follow the club rules.

I knew which room was her's, because it faced my room, and fuck did I have a turn with that every fucking night.

We had rules about grounding and if she really was a virgin, I couldn't ground her. Not yet, but I was working on my plan as I went to her damn room.

I opened the door and walked in, closing it behind me roughly. She stood in her bra and leather legs, but when her eyes met mine, they were saucers as she stared at me.

"300 is fucking stupid!" I hissed getting in her face.

"I had to beat them." She whispered.

"How many times did you take that bike out since I punished you?" I glared at her.

"In all fairness, it hasn't been nearly as often as I would have in New York." She put her hands out to get distance from me.

"Keys!" I ground out as I held my hand out and she was quick to place the key in my palm.

"Can I get dressed please?" She pointed to the door.

"I ain't stoppin' you." I motioned to her body. God she was fuckin hot as hell! And still a virgin?!

"Alone." She gave me one of those looks that said, "Get the fuck out."

"Oh, you can't be left alone." I snorted, "Nope. You do stupid and reckless shit when you're left alone."

"Is that why the prospects have been helping me when you weren't?" She gaped at me, finally understanding, "They've been my babysitters?"

"Smart." I tapped my temple.

"Why are you so calm?" She stomped her foot.

"Calm?" I huffed as I stepped toward her, "Oh, I ain't calm sweetheart. No. I'm pissed, but I can't yell at you or punish you with your family here."

"Ali said you were going to ground me." She whispered as backed her into the wall.

"I was planning to, but I can't, if what you told her in kitchen is true." I found the zipper to her pants on her hip and slowly slid it down as I brought my lips closer to hers.

"What are you going to do then?" She was watching my lips. I could tell she wanted to pull me in.

"I have fifteen minutes to find out if you were telling her the truth." And I had a plan. One where I could still ground her in the end and fucking enjoy every minute of it.

"How will you do that?" Damn those eyes... They became hooded as I stroked her pantline.

"Easily," I dipped my right hand into her leathers to slide down her abdomen. "Do you want me to kiss you while I finger fuck you?"

"Kiss me." She whispered into my lips, barely having time to finish before my lips met hers.

As my tongue searched her mouth, mixing with hers, tasting it, my hand slid deeper, right to that fucking ring.

When I gave it a firm rub and slid my fingers deeper she arched her back toward me, gripping my neck and my hair.

If this woman was like this after one slip of my hand, what would she be like later tonight when my cock was inside her?

Her breathing hightened as I slid one finger in.

"God, you're fucking tight, princess." I broke away to tell her, then jammed my tongue in her mouth again before she could say anything else.

I slid another finger in and curved them both firmly as I played with her clit with my thumb.

She began to rock against my movements and I was fucking lost to the heat radiating from her body.

My dick was pulsing in my pants, dying to get out, but I couldn't. Not yet.

"Do you understand why I don't want you to hit high speeds?" I asked into her mouth as I stroked her, "You could kill yourself, and I can't have that. You're too important to me."

I pressed my throbbing cock into her hip and the whimper she let out was music to my ears.

"Cum for me, Princess." I whispered into her neck, pressing my thumb into her clit harder, "Cum hard."

"I'm going to fall." She tried to push my hand away and I couldn't allow it. I needed her to come around my hand.

I planted my legs between her's and wrapped my spare arm around her hips. It made my movements harder against those spots that were so deliciously calling me.

When her legs began to shake and her pussy clenched around my hand I felt the hot rush of her juices and I revelled in it. It was a small victory, but it was mine. Solely mine.

"You okay, princess?" My question was breathy, from fucking cock being at full mass.

"Wow." She looked so in shock that I just wanted to kiss the fuck out of her until my dick was buried deep in that tight little pussy.

"How do you feel?" I asked, pulling my hand out of her leathers and holding her hips in place.

"My pants are wet." Her little face twisted, "Should they be this wet?"

"You're a squirter." I ran my lips over her tits in that lacy red bra. God, I wanted her more than ever now, "I should've known..."

Damn this woman was meant for me.

"I'm so sorry." She covered her face in her hands.

"Don't be sorry, It's got me fucking hot as hell right now. It means I did my job right," I bit into her tit and stared at with wide eyes, "You ain't a virgin anymore."

"What do you mean?" She pushed me back and glared at me.

"I finger fucked you until you came," My eyes raked her one last time as she tried to catch her breath, "You ain't a virgin anymore, and now I will ground your ass."

Her mouth fell open as I turned and moved to the door.

"Better hurry, you don't wanna be late for dinner." I grinned as I walked out of her room.
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