Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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I made my way downstairs with the biggest fucking blueballs I'd ever had, and a fucking wet sleeve as I rolled my henley up.

"Did you talk to her?" Ali asked me.

"You could say that." I shrugged as I picked my drink up off the coffee table.

"And?" She asked.

"And what?" I took a swig, "Problem fucking solved."

"So she's not grounded?" Oh, my kid sounded so hopeful.

"Not yet." I grinned around my glass, using the hand that had been inside my princess. The silkiness left behind from her explosion felt amazing.

"We've already established that you can't." Ali pointed the spatula at me.

"We did no such thing. There was an obstacle and I eliminated it." I took another swig, "Problem solved."

Ali's face twisted as she glared at me, trying to figure it out. One look at my wet sleeve and she threw the spatula across the house at me.

"You nasty pig!" She hissed.


He couldn't be serious! We didn't even know each other that well.

He'd already taken my keys and my virginity. What more did he want from me? I couldn't take my bike out now if my life depended on it.

I watched him as we ate dinner and it didn't escape me that he kept finding reasons to bring his fingers to his mouth and nose. Had he even washed his hands? Something told me that the answer to that was a no, and I couldn't lie, it was a huge turn on.

"You guys come to sight see, party, or just visit my Princess here?" I watched him as he asked my cousins.

"We came to find Chloe." Noah shrugged,"It's not like her to take off."

"She's been here for almost four months and you came now?" Ali looked at me with tears in her eyes. I could tell she was worried I would leave with them.

"We were told she quit," Noah snorted, "But I need her help with something."

"And there it is..." My brow furrowed in anger. I knew they didn't care about me.

"What do you want from me?" I gaped at them both, "Spill, because I already knew that you couldn't have just come to check on me!"

"What is wrong with you?" Gina whispered across the table, looking to Chruch and Ali who just sat there watching my outburst, "You aren't normally like this."

"She don't normally stick up for herself?" Church examined me in shock, "Does it here all the damn time."

"Dad, stay out of it." Ali hissed and he gaped innocently at her.

"Noah, I'm going to ask you first," I put my fork down and glared at him, "What the fuck did you do or not do this time?"

"Why me first?!" He gaped at me like a petulant child.

"Because your entire life has, "I fucked up again" written all over it," I pointed as I shouted, "From the cheating, to the secret marriage, to the biking accident," I put up my hand at Church when his eyes widened at me. I could tell he was about to say something, but he stopped, "To the divorce, to you forcing yourself back in Arlee's life! You didn't even see your own kid for months!"

"I told you them bikes are dangerous." Church gaped at me.

"Noah got run over by an SUV because he was speeding through New York like a moron, because he thought his wife was fucking his cousin!" I turned and shouted at Chruch, "He wasn't on a secluded back road! I know better!"

"What the fuck, Chloe?!" Noah went tight lipped, "Air my fucking laundry why don't you."

"Watch your shit, boy!" Church shouted at him.

"Don't you all get it?" I screamed across the table at the both of them, "I am done with your shit! I quit months ago when I came here!"

"But you kept Ian?! Chloe, we're-!" Gina began to protest, but I couldn't take it anymore.

"No!" I screamed, feeling the burn in my throat, "We are nothing! I knew as soon as I saw you on my porch that there was more to it than just you coming to check on me!"

"Chloe, we're family!" Gina gaped at me, but it was so fucking fake! I knew because her eyes roamed to Church again and I'd had it.

"We aren't real family, Gina!" I shouted at her, "You made that obvious! You use me! All of you!"

I was vauguely aware that a few of the club members had come in to make sure everything was good and that Church was grinning ear to ear as he motioned for them to back down.

"I wasn't using you!" She flipped her bleached blonde hair over her shoulder and glared at me, "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

"You have ended up with every guy I've ever shown the littlest bit of interest in." I pointed out.

"Name one!" Gina gaped at me.

"I can name several," I glared, "But, let's start with the latest. Nate! You knew he was into me, you walked in on us, and the next thing I knew, he was fucking you when you were on tour!" Church's eyes narrowed and I decided to change the subject, "You tease me for not exercising and eating what I want and you only come around me when you want something!"

"Are you trying to get your boyfriend to feel bad for you? Is that what this is about?" She looked at Church and he began to chuckle as he downed his whisky.

"Stop looking at my man!" I shouted, "He doesn't want your ass!"

"When did you become such a bitch?" Noah scoffed, "You weren't like this back home."

"She is home." I heard Gears at my front door as a few of the guys stepped foward, "And around here, no one disrespects her."

"Damn straight." Church nodded, "And you heard her boys. I'm her man, it's a double declaration."

"Did you hit your fucking head?!" Gina leaned forward to hiss, "Have you forgotten that we share a condo in New York?!"

"We don't share a condo, Gina," I scoffed, "You crash at my place until the next dick comes along!"

"Chloe, what the fuck is going on here?" Noah gaped as more men entered my house and stood in the doorway, all in their riding gear.

"They're just checking on me." I rolledy eyes.

"We heard you yelling and didn't know Church was here." Smokey grinned, but it wasn't pleasant, his sights were set on Noah, "But now we're staying to make sure our man don't get locked up for kickin' someone's ass."

"They came to check on my girl." Church grinned between Noah and Gina, but it was ominous.

"I am not your errand girl, your go to lawyer, your toss around cousin or your bitch!" I snapped, slamming my hand on the table, "I quit!"

"Chloe, you can't quit on family." Gina rolled her eyes.

"That's just the thing!" I continued to shout, "I'm never treated like family am I? You don't even treat me like a friend anymore, Gina!"

"You come to every holiday, you come to birthdays and shit, that's family!" Noah argued.

"No, Noah! That's not family!" I scoffed, "Look around you! This is family! Hell, they heard me yelling just and they came running to check on me, to make sure that I was safe!"

I should have left it at that, but I didn't.

"I didn't even have to call them! Where we're you when I needed you?! You ignored me! You ignored my calls and my grandma was dead on my kitchen floor!" My tears began to fall as I finally got it off my chest, "My best friend died and our parents were on tour! Where were you guys when I needed you?! When I needed you more than anything?! Nowhere to be found, per usual! Ian was the only one that answered! Ian came to sit with me while they took her! I didn't even see either of you until the funeral!"

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