Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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When Ivy came out of the house and climbed on her bike, she leaned into me.

"She's comin'," She told me over the roar of the Harleys, "Just finishin' up."

I gave a nod. It'd been fifteen years since I'd had anyone but Ali riding pillion and I had to admit, my nerves were getting the best out of my ass.

She knew how to ride, so that wasn't
the issue, the issue was that this was my lady. I'd already told the guys that she was mine, but me sayin' it and me actin on it were two different things.

She was still gonna get grounded. That was a garuantee, the only questions were when, and how would she feel about it?

When she came out of the house, I knew all eyes were on me, including Alice's tear filled eyes. What shocked me though, was when I saw Sparky's eyes glaze over as he nodded slowly.

When she climbed on the back of my bike I cleared my throat and turned to her.

"No helmet?" I cocked a brow.

"You're not wearing one." She grinned.

"Hold on tight then." I revved my bike as she wrapped her arms around me. God, she felt good.


He gave the signal for double file and we took off down the road, avoiding the light.

It was different riding pillion versus riding my speeder, but one plus was that I didn't need a helmet. Ivy had just helped me tie my hair so it wouldn't be messy when we got to the bar.

It was freeing actually, to not have to worry about debri along my path and it didn't hurt that I was latched onto Church. Especially when he reached down and rubbed my leg. His face in the sideview said it all too, he was grinning. But what shocked me was when I looked at Ali. I could tell she had noticed and was grinning too.

Forty-five minutes later, we landed at the bar, but I didn't want to pull myself away from the man as he killed the bike and threw the kick.

"You gonna let go, Princess?" He chuckled low.

"Nope." I giggled.

"If you wanna drink, you're gonna have to." Dammit! He was right.

An hour later, the guys were sitting around while the women were dancing and drinking it up.

Meanwhile, I was sitting watching them when Church came and sat next to me.

"Why ain't you dancing?"

"You know I don't dance without you." I smiled.

"Well then, let's go, princess." He laughed and stood, grabbing my arm.

I laughed and followed as he pulled me onto the floor and pushed my back into his chest, his hands on my hips as he began to sway to the music.


I watched Ali-Cat as she watched her daddy dancin on that floor with his girl.

She looked a little disgusted.

"You know, we all like seein' this Ali-Cat." I gave a nod toward the boy, "It's been a long time. He's happy."

"I know." She looked back into her glass of Soda.

"But you wish it was yer mama." I sighed, trying to read my grandbaby.

"Absolutely not," She ringed as she looked up at me, "Those two were toxic together. I'm happy he's happy, I just wish he didn't have to be so public about it."

"It boosts the morale for the guys to see their leader happy."

"Happy and groping her in front of people are two different things, Gramps." She rolled her eyes.

"He ain't-," I glanced over and sure enough, they were making face contact now and his hands were on her ass, "Okay, I'll talk to 'em later."

"I just-," She sighed, "I bet it wasn't always like this. You would have never done that with Grams!"

"My Ole Lady worked at the same berlesque club her Grams did," I chuckled, remembering my wife, "We woulda done a lot more out there."


"What's the real problem, baby?"

"He's gonna ground her Gramps."


"He's always been about the rules of the club and the way we ride by, but some of them rules need to change."

"Like what?"

"The barbaric ones." She whispered.

"They were put in place to keep our women safe."

"Women can protect themselves. This is t the nineteen-fifties anymore."

"No, I suppose it ain't." I gave a nod, "But you also gotta think about how far we come. Back in my day, a woman wouldn't get her own bike ta ride next ta the men."

"But Claire-."

"Claire not only got an ass whoopin, but she also got Charlie, then Livvie for ridin' without bruiser."

"What if I don't want to be a biker's ole lady?" She glared at me.

"I think secretly, your father always hoped you wouldn't be." I tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ponytail, "It's why he made sure you did good in that school."

"I've been looking into colleges." She bit her lip, "You know, not the community types."

"Really?" I gaped at her, "You tell your old man yet?"

"Nah," she shook her head, "They're too expensive."

"Don't you worry 'bout cost, worry 'bout tellin' him first."

I pointed to the dancefloor as we both looked, he now had her ass pinned to the wall.

"Hey!" I called over one of the prospects, "Tell 'em his daughter don't wanna see it."

"Thanks, Gramps." She smiled.

"So, whatchya gonna study?" I asked her.

If there was thing this old man could do before his lungs fully gave out, it would be to help my grandbaby.

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