Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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When I no longer felt his warmth between my legs, I looked up to see that his shirt was already gone, revealing a very muscular, very taught, tatted body.

One hand wiped his beard while the other was wrapped around...

"Oh God!" I cried out and tried to back up on the bed, "That is not going to fit!"

"Oh, it'll fit if it takes me all god-damned night." He grabbed my leg and held me in place while he climbed over me and kissed me as he stroked himself.

I wanted him so bad, but how was this going to work? I mean, there was no way. No way at all.

"Grab my dick," He broke our kiss to mumble into my mouth, "Grab my dick and stroke it, Princess."

I did as requested and the skin was so smooth and flexible over the hard shaft as it throbbed in my hand.

"Oh fuck, Chloe," He leaned on his elbows "Fucker, I'm tryin to take it slow."

I knew what he meant. If he didn't, it would hurt, but wasn't it going to hurt anyway?

I slid up on the bed, just enough to fit his tip at my entrance.

"I wouldn't do that, babe." He warned me.

"It's going to hurt anyway, right?" I huffed.


"Please? Let's try."

"Oh, fuck." He sat up, just enough to rip my bra off then he fell back on top of me and kissed me so deeply that I melted under him.

"Church, please!" I cried out, "Just do it already!"

"Are you begging me to ground you?" He chuckled.

I had don't the research, at this point in my cycle, there was a twenty percent chance it would actually happen. Even if it did, something told me that I'd never be rid of this man.

"Yes." I whined.

"Guide me there, princess," He smiled down at me, "Guide my cock."

I reached between us and grabbed his hard length, guiding it to my opening and the pressure he immediately implied already stretched me.

His lips met mine again, in another all encompassing kiss, before I felt him plunge deep and hard.

I couldn't help the cry that escaped me when he stretched me, but the tears surprised me.

"I'm sorry, princess." He swiped at my tears as he began to move in slight, slow motions, pulling in and out in the slightest, "It gets better, I promise."

"Kiss me." I cried as he kissed me and moved deeper.

He didn't change his speed, he just went deeper with each thrust until he was fully sheethed, then he stopped.

"I won't last long," He wiped my tears again, "I am so fucking sorry."

I just nodded as the tears fell from my eyes. I wanted this and I knew from what others had said that it does get better, but this hurt like hell. It was like a white fire going through my core.

He kissed me again as his fingers found my bud and swirled around my ring.

Suddenly, that white fire turned to something else. It turned to heat and he began to move again, this time fully sliding back until I felt the ridges of his tip pop out, before it slid back in all the way to the hilt.

I let out a cry, but this one wasn't full of pain, although there was a good amount left, this one was laced with pleasure and encouraged him to do it again.

"You're wet again." He grinned wildly, looking down at me as he slid out and back in a little quicker this time, his fingers still doing their thing.

"It feels good." I grabbed his hand, applying more pressure to my ring as I rocked my hips and he continued his movements.

"I'm gonna come quick if you keep doing that." He whispered into my neck.

"I'm going to cum too." I tried to control myself as his movements picked up. I wanted to finish too.

"Tell me something, princess..." He mused as his movements became rougher and he applied more pressure, "When you're on that speeder and you lean forward just right, do you get off?"

"Every time." I huffed and shocked at my honesty.

"Good to know." He removed his hand, grabbing the bedpost and using it as leverage to drag his body up mine, rubbing my clit just right with his pelvis as he sunk in deep.

My head fell back in ecstacy as my legs wrapped around his.

"Oh fuck, Chloe." He groaned as I began to peak, feeling everything in me pooling to that area as my walls began to pulsate andy legs jerked uncontrollably.

Suddenly that rush came and then he gave ane last hard thrust before I felt the hot burn of his seamen flow around my walls and deep out.

"Now, I know you didn't finish like this on your bike." He kissed me, but still hadn't pulled out.

"No." I shook my head, "Nothing like that."

"Well, towels will be a necessity." He chuckled.

"I'm sorry." I covered my face.

"Don't be sorry, Princess," He pulled my hands away, "Don't ever be sorry. I fucking love it."

He began to rock his hips again in that juicy movement.

"Aren't we finished?" My brow furrowed up at him.

"Hell no," He snorted, "I told you, I'm grounding you. We gotta go at least four more times to make sure it happens."

"You did the math?!" I gaped at him.

"Nah," He shrugged, "Other brothers did in the past. It's part of the rule, to garuantee grounding a woman."

"You guys are pigs!" I snapped.

"Mmmm," He moved slow and deep and when my breath caught he paused to grin, "But we're good at what we do."

"Church, this bed is soaking wet!" I huffed.

"It's about to get a whole lot wetter." When he bent down to kiss me again, I didn't care about rules, punishments, wet spots, or even being grounded. No, I cared about one thing. How this man felt moving inside of me.

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