Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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"Morning, princess." I grinned down at her.

Three weeks of waking up with my lady in my arms was pure fucking bliss.

I was glad I decided to get this couch we'd slept on last night, although, I'd expected to be sleeping here alone after she kicked me out of the room for snoring or some shit, but there was still time for that though.

"Why do you call me Princess?" Her little brows went together, but she didn't open her eyes.

"'Cause, you remind me of one of those Disney princesses, with them big round eyes and that little nose." I shrugged.

"So, you don't do it to tease me?"

"Nah, I can find other reasons to tease you." I kissed the top of her head.

We heard the bikes pulling into the driveway and I sighed.

"And so can they." I said dryly, "What fucking time is it anyway?"

She sat up and strained her neck while I fully stretched.

"Eleven-twenty-eight." She sighed.

"Fucker," I hissed as they knocked on the door, "Cover yourself."

I helped her pull the comforter over her tits as I called out.

"We don't wanna be bothered today!" Then I mumbled, "Obviously."

"We haven't left in three days." She sighed, "They're probably getting antsy."

"You still tired?" I craned my neck to give my girl a kiss.

"Exhausted." She yawned.

"Hey! She grounded yet, or you still workin' on that shit?" Bear's gruff voice sounded through the bay window and I looked up to see his hand framing his face as he looked in.

"You need curtains on this shit, Chloe." I huffed.

"We need curtains," She sighed and nuzzled into me, "I'll order them right after the muzzles for your riders."

"Church, we need to know these things!" Smokey growled, "Cause if you can't get the job done, I can!"

"I think we need ball gags." I groaned.

"Should we just hold the pregnancy test up to the window?" She asked.

"Nah, the fuckers can't read." I scoffed and she laughed.

"Stop laughing and tell us already!" Ivy's voice sounded.

"She's definitely grounded!" I shouted, "Now go the fuck away and let her sleep!"


I didn't want to think about the consiquences of our daily unprotected sex and my impeding grounding. I was content and happy in this man's arms and that was what mattered.

"You okay today?" He came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me as I made a pot of coffee.

"I'm a little tired still," I sighed, turning around to kiss him.

"It'll take a little time for your body to adjust." He groaned as his lips moved to my neck, "I ever tell you how beautiful you are in the morning?"

"Did I tell you how my stomach is a little tipsy too?" I giggled as his whiskers tickled my neck.

"I got an injection that can help with that." He moaned as it sent chills down my spine.

"Your injection caused this, and I need coffee." I pushed him back with my hips, "You kept me up all night."

"You kept me up all night too." He growled, grinding his hips into me, "Hell, I'm still up. One cup though, Princess."

There was a knock at the door and I rolled my eyes as we both looked over to see who the hell was bothering us.

My eyes first locked onto the red hair, then moved to the man standing behind her.

"Shit!" I hissed, "It's my parents! They seriously have horrible timing!"

"You're telling me." He snorted.

"Shut up." I slapped his arm as my father turned around and my mother gaped at us through the door.

"I have to get the door." I pushed him back with a lazy grin and laughed, as he tucked his sheet around his waist like a towel.

"Hi, Mom." I gave a little wave when I opened the door.

"Hi, honey," She gaped at me, "Are we interrupting something?"

"She put clothes on yet?" Dad asked tightly.

"Body positivity, honey." Mom let herself in the house.

"Well, it's different when she's with a guy." He cleared his throat,"Makes it a little awkward for her old man."

"Church," My mother let herself in and walked right up to him, "Remember who's vote you needed to secure your place as president. You hurt my baby and I hurt your leadership of the club."

Her voice was full of a coldness that I'd never heard from her before and it shocked me.

"Mama!" I gasped, but Church didn't skip a beat.

"Says the woman that let her daughter ride a fucking deathtrap." He scoffed, pouring a cup of coffee and handing it to me with a grin, "Here ya' go, Princess."

"Thank you." I smiled and took it as Dad finally came in the house, not looking at either of us, but looking around the house.

It still needed some touching up, but for the most part, it was complete, and I was proud of it.

"She bought it after my mother passed," Mom gaped at him, "I didn't have the heart to tell her no. Not so soon after-."

"Well I had the heart, because I care about her and I didn't want to find her ass on the side of my roads." He ground out as he sipped his coffee, "It's a little too early in the morning for an interrogation, Livvie. We just woke up."

"It's one-thirty!" Mom gaped at him.

"I love what you did to the place, Chloe." Dad grinned from the fireplace, "It looks amazing in here."

"Thanks." I went to talk to my dad, about the work we'd done on the house, since Mom and Church were obviously going toe to toe.


"You seem awful cozy here," Liv gave me a once over, "Did you claim her?"

"Of course I did." I scoffed, "The first fucking week she was here."

"You didn't even know her." She gaped at me.

"Oh, I knew her," I sipped my coffee, "She reamed me one her first ten minutes here. She also hit me with a fucking shovel, and gave some of my crew a titty show. I knew her well."

"You claimed her to keep the other guys away from her." She snorted.

"Damn straight," I gave her a nod around my mug, "But I didn't know about the fucking bike until after."

"Did she stop riding it?" Mom asked him.

"You could say that." I leaned against the counter with a grin, knowing how the fact that I'd knocked her daughter up was going to piss Livvie off.

The woman used to babysit me before she became an upity lawyer bitch. She'd also bailed my ass outta' jail when I was accused of my girl's death.

They thought they'd had me cause I'd worked on the bike, but that wasn't what did her in, and I wasn't going to seal Chloe to the same fate. She wasn't ever riding that damn bike again.

"What did you do?" Olivia hissed.

"Well, numerous things," I furrowed my eyebrows, mocking her, "I think the final one will work though."

"I am going to ask you one more time, Church," She whispered tightly, "What did you do to my daughter?"

"Oh," I smiled leasurely, "I'm sure you can guess."

"What did you do?!" She shouted.

"I followed the protocol and you know that I had to do what was necessary to keep her ass on the ground." I bit my words out.

"You son-of-a-bitch." Her jaw hit the fucking floor and I revelled in it.

"I only followed the rules that your mother set." I shrugged and continued to drink my coffee.

"Which rules? For what?" Her husband, I think his name was Nick, came over, but Liv looked out the kitchen window.

"It's nothing, Dad." Chloe gaped between her mother and me.

"Chloe, did he have to warn you not to go out on your bike? Even after Jake did?" I could tell from her voice that she was on the verge of crying.

"Y-yes." She whispered nervously, knowing where her mother was going with this.

I stood and watched as tears streamed down Livvie's face. Chloe and Nick couldn't see it from where they stood, but I could.

"Did you do it anyway?" She was trying to keep her shit together. I could hear it in her voice.

"Yes." Chloe sighed and closed her eyes.

"Did he punish you?" At her question, Nick ran his hands through his hair looking around. Maybe the old man knew our protocol.

"Yes." Chloe's cute little face scrunched and her dad sighed.

"Tell me you didn't do it again." Her father gaped, looking to Liv as he began to pace.

"Dad-." She began to plead with him, but he cut her off.

"This is serious, Chloe!" He glared at his daughter and I straightened. She may be his daughter, but she was my ole lady now. No one yelled at my woman.

"Yes, but Noah and Gina were here and we were together, I didn't go alone that time." She tried to defend herself as she looked between both of her parents.

"But you did other times, after I punished you," I looked solely at her. She couldn't lie, not now, "Times that I wasn't aware of until I caught your ass the last time."

"I-I did." She gave a sad nod.

"Did he ground you?" She bit out and Nick glared at me.

"Yes." Chloe cleared her throat, staring at the floor.

Nick bent forward and leaned on his knees. I watched him, ready for him to flip his shit, but when he came back up he rubbed his hands over his face.

"You didn't follow the rules of the club you live in and he followed the protocol," Livvie sighed, "According to my mother's rule, he had every right to ground you."

Nick bent forward again, but this time he fell on his ass.

"When did it happen?" Liv looked between us.

"Few weeks back." I smiled around my mug, as her father glared up at me, "The test is on the table.

"So she's-..." Nick nodded from the floor, then looked up at his daughter and scrunched his face, "Can you guys put clothes on or something please?"

"Why are you so calm?" She glared at her father.

"Do I look calm?" He glared at her, "You didn't follow orders Chloe, even with all the warnings. I just hope you know what the fuck you've gotten your skinny little ass into."

"Why are you even here?!" She screeched.

"Noah." Her mom nodded, and turned to her with tight lips.

"I knew something was up with him," She gave a nod and I could tell that she was holding her breath, "He left her again, didn't he?"

"No," Mom shook her head, "She left him."

"What?!" Chloe gasped, "Why? What happened?"

Livvie let out a heavy sigh, "A nineteen year old girl came into the theatre, claiming Noah was the father of her baby."

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