Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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"Did it look like him?" She asked her mom as we raced downstairs fully clothed.

She was full business mode, all seriousness and not timid or clueless at all anymore.

"According to Arlee, the baby had black hair and blue eyes." Her mom gave a nod.

"All babies have blue eyes." She shrugged, "This is the first time anyone has been accused of being a father, Mom."

"I know," Livvie began to pace, "This is heavy. The girl says she'll take her story to the media." She sighed, "She was a minor when she got got pregnant, and her even accusing him could put Noah in hot water, not only with Arlee, but with the State."

"What state?" Chloe asked, reaching for her phone.

"Tennessee." Her mother said dryly.

"Shit." She hissed, rapidly pushing buttons, "Did you call Brianna?"

"First thing I did." Liv nodded, "She's on her way to Maine now."

"Why Maine, if the girl is in New York now?" Chloe paused to look at her mom.
"That's where Arlee is and Noah went to be near her, even though she won't see him" Her mom gave her a rueful look, "Noah's not talking."

"Why the hell not?!" My girl shouted, "We need a paternity test! A testimony from the girl! We need to clear him!"

"Chloe, if it comes back positive, it condemns him," Her mother paused her pacing, "He could do time. Tennessee takes this shit seriously."

"We need the girl's testimony of how it happened then," Chloe gave a nod, "We'll cross reference whitnesses and close it before it even opens."

"That's why I'm here. Noah isn't cooperating with me" Liv shook her head, "He's locked himself in at his parent's. Arlee won't see him, and the only way he gets to see his kids is when her mother and father bring them."

"This may have been Arlee's wake-up call." Chloe scoffed, "Is he drinking again?"

"Yes." Her mom nodded, "Heavily, but he's staying in."

"Heavier than Asher?" Chloe cocked a brow and her mother laughed.

"Oh, yeah." She nodded.

"Shit, Mom!" Chloe began to pace, "Why didn't you get me sooner?!"

"I thought I could squash it," Liv shrugged, "But he won't talk to me."

It was crazy how their minds were working together as they paced in opposite directions.

"That's why he came here. I should have seen it then." Chloe shook her head, "I tried to ask him, but he was less than polite."

"Was it before or after your grounding?" Liv paused again.

"Durring." Chloe snorted.

"So Church was here?" She gaped at her daughter.

"Yeah, he was waiting to ground me." Chloe cleared her throat and glanced at her dad who stiffened.

"Noah came to you, because he wanted you and not Brianna and I." Liv nodded, "I bet he didn't want to talk about it in front of Church either. He trusts you because you two grew up together."

"But he would talk to me around Gina?" She gaped.

"I think Gina had her own motives to come," She looked to her daughter, "Nate broke up with her."

"She told me they were on a break," Chloe rolled her eyes, "I think she wanted my condo."

"I think she needs a friend."

"Well, she ruined our friendship the minute she stole my boyfriend." Chloe scoffed, "I don't want to be part of their break-up."

"He was your boyfriend?" I cut in, "Like actual boyfriend?" My entire body tightened.

"Yes." She rolled her eyes, "And I didn't tell you because it's not a big deal. No one knew we were together except Gina, when she walked in on us while his head was between my thighs."

"You lied to me." I gaped at her.

"I didn't lie," She gaped at me, "You didn't ask and I wasn't sharing in front of his best friend. Noah is his best friend. You know, the one we're working on now? I'll deal with the shit with Gina later."

"Oh, you'll deal with it later, when you explain to me what exactly happened with that Nate guy." I nodded and she rolled her eyes, turning back to her mom and pissing me off even more.

"I know, it's just about finding out what this girl wants from him," She went back to the subject as if nothing happened, "Is it money, time, connections? Did we even get her name?"

"Avril Hall."

"Avril Hall?!" Chloe screeched, "The lead of his Junior fan club? Seriously?! Mom, this is ridiculous! She's obviously obsessed with him."

Nick tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for us to head outside. Once we were on the porch and in the clear, he turned to me.

"Looked like you needed some air," He spoke quietly, "Before you punched the shit out her new walls."

"Who's Nate?" I bit out.

"Some kid their age," He shrugged, pulling out a smoke, "Went to school with 'em, joined Noah's band and apparently liked my girl for a while."

"Yeah." I snorted.

"You know," He examined me, "I once caught this chick I liked fuckin' some guy in an alley." He scoffed around his smoke, "I beat the shit outa the guy and ended up in jail, but I was satisfied that the fucker went to the hospital."

"Well, Chloe is my girl," I sighed, "And she lied to me again."

"She didn't lie." He chuckled, "She didn't tell you, 'cause she knew your ass would overreact."

He had a point. It was before my time, I shouldn't be getting this pissed about it.

I looked back in the house and watched as the two women paced. She was mine. I'd claimed her and I'd grounded her ass. No one could take her from me.

I took a deep breath to calm my ass and turned back to her old man.

"They always that intense?" I asked.

"They're worse when Brianna is helping. You should've seen them all when that guy on Rock Daily called us all trailer trash." He chuckled, "I love my girls, but their minds- together they're scary."

"She gonna need to go back and sort this shit out for her cousin?"

"I think, if Noah trusts anyone to solve this shit for him, it's Chloe." He gave a slow nod, "What will you do if she has to?"

"I grounded her," I cleared my throat, "I go where my Betty and my baby are."

"And your riders?" He cocked a brow at me.

"Smokey, my second, will have to step up while I'm away." He gave a nod.

"This shit could take months." He was expecting me to hesitate.

"Look, you know what I went through after Sarah killed herself on that speeder," I glared at him, "I ain't been with another woman until I met your girl, I ain't givin' her up."

"That's what I wanted to hear." He nodded slowly.

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