Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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I knew he could hear us, but did I care? Not one fucking bit. She was my girl now. He'd blew his fucking chance and he needed to know it.

As soon as I heard her arguing with "Nate" I'd excused myself to come and help her out.

Would I have changed the conversation with my lady? Nope. It was our normal banter. Was I loving the fact that he'd overheard exactly what I'd wanted him to hear? From her own mouth? Better fucking believe that shit. This was his warning to back off my girl.

"Church," She turned to me with annoyed eyes, "Meet Nate. Nate, this is Church, my boyfriend."

"More than that," I shrugged and looked at her stomach, "But boyfriend will do for now, 'cause I refuse to be called the baby-daddy."

When I grinned up at his shocked face I immediately heardy girl trying not to laugh.

"Well, I guess we'll have to keep that in mind." She snorted.

"You're pregnant?" He gaped between us, "With his kid? Him?!"

She was lucky we'd had that conversation and I knew that they'd been together for a year and he'd only gotten a taste before Gina stepped in.

"Well, don't make it sound like that!" She gaped at him.

His hands went to his blonde hair and he walked away.

"What the fuck was that about?" I asked her, knowing exactly what it was about.

He'd lost out. She was mine now.

"I have no idea." She rolled her eyes and pointed to her cousin, "I have to make that one a cup of coffee anyway, for after his shower."

"Hey!" I called her back before she left the bathroom. When she turned back to face me, I gave my order with a smile, "No coffee for you, you already had your cup."

"My juice is still in the car." She gaped at me.

"And you're telling me you can't get any from Mr Mixer's fridge?" I pointed a thumb to her cousin.

"If not, I'm having coffee!" She smiled and kicked her heal up as she walked away.

God she was sexy in that little pant suit.


"What the fuck, Chloe?!" Nate hissed at me, following me to the mini bar where a coffee maker was set up, "What are you doing?!"

"Making coffee for Noah." I shrugged, filling the cup to load the pot, "I need to sober him up and question him."

"Not that!" He continued, flinging his arm toward the bathroom, "Him!"

When I stopped what I was doing and looked at him, he was gaping at me like I'd done something wrong.

"Church. His name is Church." I turned the tap off and continued my business.

"Whatever the fuck he calls himself!" His hiss was almost frantic with his drunkenness, "He's that biker guy that Noah was talking about! Do you even know his real name?!"

"I do." I grinned, thinking about it aloud, "But he doesn't look like a Victor, he looks like a Church."

"Doesn't he have a kid already?! Isn't he old?!"

"He's 34," I sighed, it was none of his business, "Yes, he has a daughter, Nate. She's at the spa with Mom, which is where I should be on my way to, but no. I'm here, sobering up my cousin because you got him wasted."

"He was already tipsy when I got here." Nate rolled his eyes, "What are you doing with a guy like that?!"

"A guy like what?" I gave him a once over, "That's looks like a Viking? That's a biker? Or that knows how to respect a woman?"

"You know what I mean!" Oh, he was losing his shit... Okay, let's play.

"No, I don't have any idea what you mean," I shook my head, continuing to make the coffee, "Because you have no right to judge me."

"When did you learn to make coffee?" He snorted.

"Ali showed me," I shrugged, "I had the guys coming in and out to help me with my house. I had to feed them something and I don't know how to cook, so she taught me how to work a kitchen, mildly. Bear eats like a horse, so I normally have sandwich stuff arou d for him."

"Do you even hear yourself?" He gaped at me, "This isn't you, Chloe."

"It wasn't me, for a long time," I turned the pot on then turned to face him, "But it's who I was a long time ago, and I'm happy. Why can't you be happy for me?"

"Because you're pregnant with his kid!" He pointed as he hissed, "Someone who you couldn't have known more than a few fucking months. You and I were together for a fucking year and I didn't get in!"

"You cheated on me with my cousin." I glared now, "You slept with Gina and you expected me to give you my virginity? We had something good and you didn't want me, you wanted her."

"I didn't-" He sighed, shaking his head, "We weren't together, Chloe. It was an accident on tour with her, but it wasn't what I wanted."

"How stupid do you think I am? It wasn't just on tour, you moron!" I hissed, "I was in the next room!"

"What?!" His eyes went wide.

"Oh, when you two got back from tour, I was there and you came right into my apartment. You fucked her right in my guest room. Loud too, I might add."

"You weren't home." He shook his head, "She said you went to Cali to be with your parents."

"I was home, doing damage control for Noah's ass after he had a fit on stage in Ohio!" I hissed, pointing to the bathroom where the shower was still running.

"Chloe-." His face softened.

"How long were you fucking her behind my back, Nate?" I stepped away from him, swiping at my angered tears, "No. You know, it doesn't matter anymore. I loved you, but something was always in my subconscious, telling me not to take that next step. I'm glad I listened to the bitch."

"I fucked up." He closed his eyes and sighed heavily, "But this Chloe... Really?"

"I'm happy, Nate." I didn't turn to look at him, "Church treats me like his queen. He makes sure I'm happy and safe. He laughs at my stupid shit and makes me feel like I'm important. He's fixing me."

"What the hell do you mean by that?" He scoffed.

"You made me feel ugly, unwanted and like a waste of space." I hissed at him, "Every single one of you did until you needed a lawyer."

"You didn't even give me a chance to explain." I started to walk away, toward Church and the bathroom, but he followed me.

"I don't need an explanation." I snorted.

"Don't you get it?" Church came out of the bathroom and wrapped me in his arms. He gripped my head to his chest and kissed the top before continuing, "You had your shot and you blew it."

"You don't know her like we do," Nate countered, "We all grew up with her. I was in love with her."

"No you weren't," Church's voice was cold now, "Because if you were, you wouldn't have been sleeping with her cousin. She's my girl now and the baby she's carryin' is proof of that."

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