Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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Ali-Cat had said that someone moved into the old place, but I didn't believe it until I saw the lights on when I pulled in.

My heart was sad as I killed my bike. I had a lotta' good memories in that house.

Claire and Bruiser bought it back when they was first married and I was just a kid in his band. I met my wife Ruby in that house and we'd spent every holiday there, till we lost Bruiser and Gears.

I stood there and just stared at it for a minute, wishing we was all back in the day again. Back on the day when I could hold my baby girl, wrap my arm around my wife and chill with my brothers.

When a shadow passed by the upper window I thought I'd seen a ghost, or a vision from my past, but then a watched it as it fully came into view, clear as day.

Little Livvie's baby girl was all grown up. And she looked just like Claire, bless her heart.

She was painting or some shit, just dancin' and singin' away. So full of life, just like Claire was.


"Who's this chick next door Ali-Cat was textin' 'bout?" Sparks asked as he walked up the steps into my apartment, "You know who she is yet?"

It was one of the reasons I bought this place from him, Ali could be upstairs doing her homework, while I was downstairs tattooing someone.

It took up the whole upper level of my shop, so it was a nice three bedroom, open concept place. I could watch her ass from literally anywhere, until she became a teen and started locking her ass in her room.

I leaned on my pool table and scoffed, "Some over privelalidged Princess with Daddy's money."

"She's cute." The old man looked at me with an odd grin.

He was looking thinner and more worn lately. I understood that he was in his seventies now, but I worried about the old guy. It seemed like since he'd given me the reigns of the club a few years back he'd given up on us entirely. He was spending less time with us, wasn't comin' out on as many rides and he just didn't seem to enjoy it like he once did.

"She's also Ali's age." I scoffed.

"She looked older to me." He chuckled.

"When did you see her?" I gaped at the old man.

"Just now, she's got the windows open and she's playin' some a that music ya' like." He shrugged, "I think she's older than Ali."

The chick knew bikes and she liked hard music? What was up with this chick?

"She's still a fucking kid." I reminded myself as I shook my head, "If she can't get into a bar, she's considered Ali's age and that's too young for my ass."

He shook his head, "You had Ali young."

"Sarah had Ali," I reminded him, "I was just the fool kid who knocked her up. I ain't foolin' around with an uptight princess who is the same age as my daughter."

"You ain't foolin' around with anyone." Smokey announced as he came up the steps.

"Cause I don't need a woman." I glared at him.

"You been sayin' that for years," He went to my fridge and popped a beer, "But the truth is, women don't like your ugly ass."

The doorbell rang. No one from the club ever rang the doorbell. Who the fuck was that?

"Who is it?" I called out as I went down the steps, Smokey on my heels.

"It could be the tiny chick." He chuckled, "Be nice and you might get a piece."

"Shut the fuck up." I glared at him as I opened the door.

"Delivery?" The kid's eyes went wide, "S-sorry, sir," He stuttered, "I have a delivery for a Chloe Osbourne....."

"That must be my new neighbor." I pointed to the house behind my building.

"The old abandoned place?" He looked confused, "I'm sorry, that's why I brought it here. I thought maybe the address was mixed up. No one's lived there my entire life."

"Tell you what?" Smokey grinned, "How'd she pay for it?"

"Card. Tip and all." I noticed the kid was watching Smokey and when I turned to watch too, he was riffling through his wallet, pulling out twenties.

"How much was her bill?" He asked the kid.

"One-hundred-twenty-seven dollars total." The kid cleared his throat.

"What the fuck'd she order?!" I gaped at the kid, "The whole fucking menu?!"

The kid fumbled around and pulled out a receipt about a mile long.

"A large pizza," He read, "Some bread sticks with cheese, motzerella sticks and a bottle of top shelf Bourbon."

"Bourbon, you don't say?" Sparks whistled low from behind us, "Don't she have to give proof of identity for that?"

"Yes, sir," The boy nodded, looking at his reciept, "She turned twenty-six a week ago, so she also got a free desert."

Smokey and Sparks both eyed me as Smokey handed the kid some cash, "Here's two-hundred, we'll deliver it next door."

"I can't do that!" The kid's eyes widened as Smokey took the boxes and the bag of booze, "I have to check identification!"

"Do we look old enough?" He glared at the kid and I couldn't help the laugh that escaped me.

"But, if she doesn't get it-!"

"Then you have more than enough to cover it." Sparks told the kid as he leaned forward and slammed the door in his face.

"Now, let's see what the girl gets on her pizza..." Sparks grabbed the receipt and looked it over tmas he tsked, "She was doing so well until she put spinache on it."

"What are you guys gonna do with that shit?" I scoffed.

"We weren't gonna do anything with it," Smokey shrugged, "You are gonna bring it over to her, tell her they dropped it off at the wrong place and play nice with Miss Chloe."


"She ain't a kid," Sparks said, "We've established that much."

"Don't stop her from being a bitchy little princess."

"Don't stop you from being a fucking ignorant asshole either," Sparks slapped the back of my head, "Bring her the food."

"Why are you guys on my damn case all of a sudden?" I hissed.

"They call you Church for a reason," Smokey scolded me, "It's time to move on, this is life slapping you in the face with a pretty, sophisticated woman. Don't you want an Ole Lady to sit on the back of your bike?"

"No, they bring too much drag and can't lean into the turns." I shrugged.

"Stop thinking so technical." Sparks glared at me, "Not every woman is like Sarah."

"We ain't talking about Sarah." I hissed.

"Why not?" Smokey scoffed, "You're l still alone, fifteen years later, because of her."

"Sarah died because of me." I hissed.

"My baby died because of her own stupidity," Sparks' eyes glazed over as he spoke to me, "She knew she shouldn'ta gone out that night."

"She went out because of me." I swallowed hard, trying to push the memories away again.

"She was already out because she was foolin' around, just like you was," He sighed, "It wasn't meant to be. Y'all were too young. Ya' did it to each other. All I'm saying is be nice to this girl."

"Fine! Give me the fucking pizza," I grabbed it as he grinned, "I'll deliver it and be right back, but that's all you fucking get."

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