Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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I knocked on the door and watched through the glass as she ran to answer. In a little black tank top and those jeans. Did she normally not wear a damn bra when she answered the door?

I sighed deeply and looked to the driveway, reminding myself that she was bootin' my shit off her property, making my kid and I park our Harleys on the street.

When she opened the door, she gaped at me with shock in them big brown eyes and I looked away as I held up the food.

"They delivered it to my place by accident." I spoke through tight lips. She was chilly, with no bra on.

"Uhm," She tried to wipe her hands off on her jeans, but the paint wouldn't come off, "Thanks. I -uh,"

"Move," I nodded toward the kitchen, "I'll put 'em down for you while you wash your hands."

"Thanks." She stepped aside and motioned toward the table as I moved through the living room.

"So they delivered it to your shop, even though it was this address?" She asked, moving to the sink.

"My apartment is above the shop." I looked around her kitchen, it needed a shitload of work in here. How the hell did she plan to do it all by herself?

"This address hasn't been used in years and you can't see it from the street anymore." I shrugged, "Sparks had us make sure that no one touched it. It'd been in the same family for years."

"Sparks, huh?" She huffed a laugh like she was amused, and I looked at her as she dried her hands and moved to the food, "Well, I guess I'd better find the mower," she pulled out a breadstick and began to eat it as she brought her free hand around her torso in thought. She had such a tiny torso for such large tits.

"I won't be able to order food tomorrow if I don't hit that first." She spoke in thought, "I'll finish my bedroom tonight, do that tomorrow morning, then start on my bathroom..."

"Seriously?" I scoffed, "That's your biggest concern? Is that why you ordered so much shit tonight?"

"No," Her brown eyes went circular again when they met mine, "I'm hungry."

"They sell it by the slice at this place," I fingered the box, opening it and chuckled, didn't you see that?"

"I know," She shrugged and looked at the food, "I'm hungry though."

"Wait, what?" My eyebrows shot up as I took in her petite size, "You're gonna eat all this shit? You? In one sitting?"

She was soft, obviously no muscle at all, but she was still so tiny. How could someone so small eat so much?

"Well, I won't be sitting much," She rolled her eyes, "I'll be painting and cleaning my bedroom, but yeah, at once."

"Do you puke it up or some shit?" I gaped at her, "Do you know how unhealthy that is?"

"I do not puke!" She glared back, "I have a high metabolism. We eat a lot in my family."

"And the booze?" I held it up and she grinned at it.

"That's going to help me deal with my douchebag neighbor." She gripped for it like a kid wanting a bottle. The look on her face as her full lips stretched into a grin, revealing perfectly white teeth, was something that I knew I wanted to see more of, but I heard the bikes pull into the drive and handed her the bottle with a grin.

"I gotta go, my crew's here." I told her as I headed to the door.

"Seriously?" She gaped at me as she followed me to the door, "I tell you to move the bikes and you bring more?"

"You gave me 48 hours." I reminded her as I leaned in the doorframe.

"I said get rid of the bikes, not add to them." Her eyes were saucers again, "I need to rent a dumpster and use my car. There's also a moving truck coming at the end of the week and I need to get my bike in there too, we've been over this."

That froze me and my brow furrowed.

"You ride?" I stared at her in confusion, "Like, on your own? Where'd you learn how to do that?"

"My Grams, and I have cousins that ride. I don't ride though," She shook her head and pushed me out onto the porch, "I race."

"Yo, Church!" Smokey shouted as he came running up with a couple of the others. He must have heard the bikes and come down.

"Do I get ta' meet the new neighbor?" I didn't turn away from the little brunette as he clapped me on the back.

"You're an adrenaline junky." I scoffed.

"I wouldn't say that." She just smiled and leaned against the doorframe, "I just like a good bike."

"You like bikes?" Smokey slapped me on the back as he hopped on the porch, not hearing the rest of our conversation as he spoke to her, "We're goin' riding to the bar later tonight. I could let you be my pillion, name's Smokey."

"I haven't been pillion since I was a kid, riding on my dad's bike," She grinned at him, I ride solo."

"Ah, come on," He grinned back, "Could be fun. It'd get you outta this decrepit house."

Decrepit? Where the hell did he learn a word like that?

"This is my family's house." She ran a hand along the doorframe.

"Seriously?" His smile faded as I stared. That meant she was related to Jake.

"My Grams and Gramps got hooked here." She smiled, looking back inside, "My mom was born here."

Livvie. She was Olivia's kid.

"You're Claire and Bruiser's grandkid?" Smokey snorted, "No shit! Well, now you gotta come out."

"I don't think that's a good idea." She snorted, looking at me, but I wasn't seeing her, I was seeing shit that I wanted to forget.

"Church, go back to the house," Smokey snorted, "I wanna work my magic on the new neighbor."

"Magic?" She snorted.

"Your Claire's granddaughter." I mumbled, finally able to form the fucking words.

"That's already been established." She gave a firm nod.

There was a picture of Claire in my shop. Now that I really looked at her, the two were very similar.

"You look like her," Smokey's eyes roamed her body, without a fucking bra on, "She was a berlesque dancer, back when she met Bruiser. He had a band and they started this club together. You dance?"

"Not in the least." She laughed.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm... a..." She looked between the two of us and cleared her throat, "I'm a... Dental assistant."

"So, you're related to Jake?" My jaw went tight.

"He's my cousin." She shrugged.

"Yeah." I sniffled and nodded, looking around the porch as I backed up, "I gotta get back to my place."
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