Lonely Souls (Book 10)

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This guy Smokey was cute. Tall, thin, dark hair and hazel eyes. He just seemed like the type who got around a lot. It made me want to wash my hands just from talking to him, but right now, I was too busy watching Church storm off as the other guys followed.

"What the hell is his problem?" I asked.

"He and Jake ain't got a good history, is all." He shrugged.

"Is that why he's been up my ass since I got here?" I snorted.

"Nah," He huffed a laugh, "He just doesn't take to well to strangers."

"Mmmm." I nodded, watching him round the corner like her was going to kick someone's ass, "I can tell."

"So, you comin' tonight?" He wagged his eyebrows at me.

"No," I shook my head, "This place needs a lot of work if I'm even going to sleep in it."

"You can sleep at my place." I swear, he was laying it on thick.

"Nice try," I laughed as I stepped inside, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do."

"You need some help?" The smile never left this guy's face did it?

"Nah, run along and find Bandit." I laughed.

"Funny." He chuckled as I closed the door.


"You knew who she was. Didn't you?" I marched right up to Sparks, pointing my finger as I accused him. If I didn't respect the man, I'd punch him in the fucking face.

"Of course I did." He smiled, giving me a nod, "She turned out prettier than her momma. Them redheads are fierce. They remind me more of a cat than Ali does."

"You sent me over there, knowing damn well that I didn't want to deal with that family!" I shouted.

"She's too young, she doesn't know what happened." Sparks shook his head.

"Dad?" Ali gaped at me.

"It's Church in front of the family, Ali-Cat." Sparks reminded her coolly.

"Go to your room, Cat." I told her.

"I'm nineteen now, I don't need to-!"

"GO!" I shouted and watched as she left the house. She couldn't go anywhere, her bike was blocked, so she'd take a walk and cool down, then come home.

"You need to calm your ass down." Sparks glared at me, "You are the president now, these fuckers feed off of you."

"Her cousin put my ass in jail and you sent me over there to deliver a fucking pizza!" I started pacing my fucking living room as everyone watched.

"Actually, it was her mom, trying to clear Jake." Sparks reminded me, "The girl was only fourteen at the time."

"I still went to jail for it!" I pointed to my chest, "My wife, your daughter, was dead and I was rotting in jail, not knowing what the fuck was going on with my fucking daughter!"

"Livvie didn't know who you were, she thought you were to blame and was trying to clear Jake before the shit went public." He glared at me, "As soon as I talked to her, she got your ass cleared too, didn't she?"

"Three fucking years later!" My voice rang through my apartment.

"She needed to open the case and figure shit out. Once she did, she had the evidence she needed and cleared your ass too. If not, you'd still be rotting in jail." He glared at me, "No one knows exactly what happened that night, but your DNA was on that fucking bike. Whether you did it or not, they had no other option then to believe you did!"

"I told you," I yelled, going over it again, "I didn't even fucking see her that night!"

"And I believe you, but the courts needed evidence that you didn't have."

"The kid she was carrying wasn't enough evidence?!" I was gonna fucking break shit.

"It was enough to fucking condemn you!" He ground out, getting in my face, showing the fearless leader he on e was, "She was my daughter, and the two of yous were toxic together! Leave it as is!"


The next day I woke up around eleven and decided that I needed to clean the brush along my driveway before I touched up the paint in my bedroom. The paint smell was killing every brain cell I'd ever had.

I popped on some headphones and went to work, weeding and clearing. I actually found the remnants of an old flowerbed and actually got excited. It would look so pretty when I was done.

I could picture it now, flowers all around the house... Then again, that would be a lot of upkeep, so maybe I'd just settle for shrubs... Those were less work, right?

I was vauguely aware that the cops kept driving by, but when a young woman flagged me down with a big smile and a shy wave around a big wicker basket, I pulled my headphones off.

"Hi," I smiled, wiping my brow, "Sorry, I was listening to music."

"Chloe?" Her smile faded as she gaped at me.

Something about this girl seemed so familiar. Stringy blonde hair, big brown eyes and a little button nose... Long and thin...

"Ali?" I gaped back, remembering the little girl from my Grams' funeral.

She was older now, she had to be around nineteen, and she was so pretty.

"Yeah," She began to nod, "Well, they call me Cat now, short for Ali-Cat, but yeah."

"Oh my god!" I stood and began to take off the gloves I'd found in the shed, "I want to hug you, but I'm all messy!"

"Fuck that!" She snorted and wrapped me in her arms as we hugged each other.

"I brought you a housewarming gift, but I didn't know it was you." She gaped as she pulled away.

"You didn't have to." My eyebrows shot up in shock as I looked between her and the basket she carried.

"It sounded like my dad was a real dick to you," She rolled her eyes, "I wanted to apologize for him."

"Wait..." I froze, "You're Church's daughter?"

"Yeah..." She scrunched her face.

"Wow." I gaped at her.

"I don't know what my dad said to you, but I'm sorry. Please don't take it personally, he's not mean," She took a deep breath, "Look, I brought you banana bread, apple cookies and and bunch of other baked goods."

I looked from the basket to her again.

"It's poisoned isn't it?" I joked but her eyes went wide.

"No," She shook her head, "I swear! I made them all from scratch!"

"I'm kidding, Ali!" I laughed, "Come on inside, let's catch up."

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