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Unexpected Love Story

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(This is a fan-fiction from Harry Potter) Luna Junior is a muggle born wizard hiding her love for Cedric. She is very good friends with Harry, Hermione, Ginny and more but her really best friend is Leah who is dating her brother Matthew. Then you have Caden Starling who is pureblood from a death eater family who is just trying to get through the school. What happens when they make deal to help each other out? What happens when a Hufflepuff and Slytherin start to talk? Read to find out.

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Chapter 1

“Mother, I have everything!” Luna, a very patient girl, nicely annocened to her mom who was making them late for the train.

The train leaves exactly on time; not a minute late, not a minute early. On September 1st at exactly 11’0 clock the Hogwarts express leaves to go to Hogwarts. It was already 10:30 am and they are just now arriving at the station. Luna, Luna’s brother, and her best friend all rushed past the muggle invested station. This caused them to have to maneuver through the crowd pushing their carts trying not to hurt any of them.

Luna looked back to make sure Mattew and Leah were both keeping up with her fast short legs. They have been doing this routine for the past 5 years and this will be their 6th. Every September 1st, Leah would come down the street from her house to Luna’s and they would head off to Platform 9 ¾. The fall wind has already started to chill the area at the time.

In the beginning when Mattew first got his letter, their parents didn’t know what to expect; they are Muggles after all. The power of wands, seeing a flying car, and knowing all of their childhood stories were all real took a couple years to adjust. Leah’s parents are pure blood wizards so they help with knowing where to go. Diagon Alley is the place where all witches and wizards get their school gear, books, wands, and etc, and without Leah’s parents they would be lost puppies in this world.

A rush, a cold wind pushed through making hair fly everywhere. Luna looked back with a smirk on her face already excited for what’s about to happen. “You two ready?” She asked right before she ran through the wall to make it to Platform 9 ¾.

Mattew and Leah came right behind her, all laughing ready for all the new adventures in this crazy world. Wizards filled the place all sending their love to their kids who were all rushing to find a good seat on the train.

Luna handed off her cart to the head of the train and followed by the other hundred students.

“Luna, you are in such a rush this year,” giggled Leah, her best friend of 16 years.

Leah was a petite girl, standing only 5’3 which was just an inch taller than her. Blonde hair rested on her shoulders with loose curls as her light brown eyes turned golden in the sunlight. She knows this girl in and out, probably better than Leah knows herself. She was a nice, humble girl but the mouth of a slytherin always telling her opinion to anyone at any time. A fun fact about her best friend was she was dating her brother, Mattew. They have been dating for just about a year, and Luna being her kind self didn’t mind as long as it doesn’t ruin any of her friendships.

Taking a seat in the only open cart, Luna plopped herself down as Mattew and Leah sat in front of her. Sometimes she felt like a third wheel, but she never let it show. Luna is always a nice girl, known as too nice for her own good. She was a small girl only standing about 5’2 with long light brown hair along with faint green eyes. Last year during Quidditch when Leah got assigned as seeker, she dyed her tips yellow and has been keeping it up ever since. Nothing was special, to her, about herself. She felt as if she was just a normal witch that has an older brother and muggle parents.

Around early evening, they made it to Hogwarts. First years all boarded off, first heading to Hagrid who will take them the lake way as the older students take the carriages. Leah engulfed her hand into Luna’s as they walked hand in hand to the carriages off to Hogwarts.

Luna tucked a strand of hair behind her ear in a nervous habit of hers. She, necessary, wasn’t nervous, but always got anxious when the new ones walked through, hearing what house they got sorted into. All the hufflepuffs are always nice, which is a personality trait of theirs. She never really is good with meeting others though. Throughout her house, she is known to be the shyest and quietest. Everyone loved her for it.

“Look, we already got 3 new people,” wisphered Leah as she looked down the table.

Three new people were sitting there, looking around astonished by the magic of Hogwarts. Cedric, of course, was talking with them like he always did. Luna has had a crush on him since her first year. He is only a year older and a beast on the quidditch team always being the best keeper and captain. His chocolate fluffy hair slides perfectly through his hand as he does with his light brown eyes that look warmly at you while he talks. Everything he does just gives off such a great vibe and is very welcoming. He is the perfect image of hufflepuffs. The whole house ships Luna and him together, and have for years.

“Luna!” Cedric smiles from down the table.

Lifting her head with a light blush starting to form, she waves. “Hey, Cedric.”

After he gives one last award winning smile, Cedric gets back talking with the first years.

“Why haven’t y’all started dating?” Leah asks after taking a sip of her water.

Blushing, Luna looks down before answering. “He hasn’t asked.”

Laughs and knowing smirks broke out from the people around them.


However on the other hand, this day went by totally different for a slytherin boy named Caden Starling. He is a pureblood wizard with death eater parents. None of the less, they don’t care about their son one bit, just his reputation.

“Get your bags and let’s go, Caden!” Demanded my mother from down stairs.

Caden rolled his eyes grabbing his white owl’s cage, Moonlight, and heading down stairs to meet his mother. A tall skinny woman with an aurora of a haunted feeling that can’t escape you. Raven black slick laid down her back as pale skin looked almost white as if she had no blood running through her. Piercing blue eyes held judgment on anyone or anything that could be in her vision. Caden did take some resemblance of her by having the raven hair and piercing blue eyes, but his skin wasn’t as pale. Of course, he did take after his father but nothing major.

Stepping out of his home, with a sigh of relief, they headed off to the train station. No conversation was made, it was just silence between a supposed family. She didn’t get out of the car to send off her only son. This was normal for Caden, for she always just sits in the car and nods her head as he walks off. However, during school, she will send him letters reminding him what he is destined to do.

The wind started to pick up making him shiver tugging on his black long sleeve shirt. Pushing his raven hair, a chocolate brown haired girl rushed past him. She was a petite, tiny girl. Her hair had bright yellow tips. She must be in hufflepuff, she fits well. She was running looking back, sending the prettiest smile towards some people behind her trying to keep. Faintly, Caden could hear two people shouting at the girl. “Luna ...rush today…” was all he could make out through the crowd. She must be Luna. But little did he know that this would not be the last encounter with Luna Junior.

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