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Unexpected Love Story

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Chapter 2

“Just breathe,” Luna whispered to herself, which is something she always did right before her first day of classes.

This wasn’t her first time, of course, but the anxious feeling of who would be in her classes was always there in the pit of her stomach. Her uniform consisted of just her gray skirt that fell to her knees, a white button up with a black and yellow tie, and her black socks with black shoes tied the outfit well. Luna’s hair was slightly wavy from sleeping in wet hair the night before. Putting a single braid down the front, was the missing piece to pull the outfit together.

“Come on, Luna! Cedric is waiting for you so you two can walk to physics together!” Leah shouted from down stairs in the corridor.

Rushing down, Luna had almost knocked over a few first years. Calling back some sorrys, she pushed into the back of Cedric.

“Oh I am so,” Luna started to say when Cedric interrupted, “It’s fine. You are still just as crazy as always, Luna.”

Slightly blushing with a smile, she nodded too nervous to say anything.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked with a glint of happiness looking over at his best friend of many years and his two year long crush.

As they headed to Physics for Wizards, there was never a dull moment. It was filled with conversations, updating them on what happened over the summer, and laughs. Some students were already in the classroom as McGongall was standing up in the front watching waiting patiently.

“Sit where you would like but I will be adding a seating chart,” she announced as Luna and Cedric entered the room.

“She always does this,” Cedric laughed, patting Luna on the back.

Blushing, she smiles nodding in agreement. Hermoine was standing off in the distance talking with Harry about potions and what not as they made their way towards her.

“Luna!” She smiled as she pulled her into a tight hug. “Oh, how I am so happy to be in the same class with you. If it was just harry and me, then it would get pretty boring.” Harry scoffed. “I am not boring, Hermione.”

“Luna does make everything better,” Cedric flirted looking over at her.

She looks down smiling wondering why he hasn’t asked her out yet.

“Did I make it on time?” Came rushing in Ron, who was all sorts of a mess.

“Ron, you are on time for once!” Excitedly clapped Hermione as went over to hug him.

They started dating over the summer when she went to stay with the Weasleys. They have always liked each other and finally decided to do something about it when a kiss happened in the fields. Everyone giggled as the couple came walking back over.

“Alrighty, class please be seated, your names are engraved on the desk,” Professor McGongall announced as her wand flicked in the air and engraved all over the desk.

“Yes!” Clapped Harry and Ron as they sat down in the desk next to each other.

“Lucky,” Hermione and Luna scoffed.

Luna kept walking around the classroom looking for her name secretly hoping it was next to Cedric’s so maybe this year he would finally ask her out. Unfortunately, her name was next to someone she didn’t recognize. Caden Starling. All the way in the back sat a raven hair pale slytherin boy. His eyes followed Luna as she sat down next to him. Both look towards each other then away. Luna thought she had seen him around before hanging out with Draco in the Great Hall. Caden remembered her yellow tips in the light brown hair. He just rolled his eyes over her and back to the front of the class.

“These seats are unchangeable and this will be your partner for the rest of the year. I might have one expectation to you two,” She points to Ron and Harry as Ron points his finger up in the air and mocks, “These seats are unchangeable.”

The whole class erupted into laughter when Luna made a comment, “Of course, Weasly would do that.”

Caden just kept looking forward, tapping his fingers lightly on the desk hoping the time passed by.

“Class, please spend today talking amongst yourselves as in you and you partner to get to know each other. I have to go outside and talk with Madam Hooch who can’t control those hollogeens of first years,” Professor McGongall stated as she stormed out of the classroom.

Luna looks over at Caden who is still just doing the same thing.

“Well,” quietly strats off Luna. “My name is Luna Junior.”

“Caden Starling.” Is all he responded with.

“It’s very nice to meet you,” She smiles turning to him, sticking out her hand.

“Yeah,” is all he states, still tapping his fingers.

Still looking at him, she examines him looking at his slytherin robe. “So you are in slytherin.”

“You are in hufflepuff,” he retorts back.

“I am trying to get to know you,” sighs Luna as she knows she isn’t going to get anywhere.

“Ok. I am Caden Starling. Slytherin. I am a death eater or soon to be one. Friends with the Draco squad so now you know me,” Caden briefly introduces finally looking at her.

He stared into the most kind eyes of which he had never seen before. She stared into the most hollow and saden eyes she had ever seen and yet she just wanted to bring joy to them.

Finally letting go of eye contact, they both look forward. Caden back to tapping. Luna was shocked by what she just saw.

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