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Beautiful but rebellious, Aletheia Sokratés has a guilty skill and that's the master of pick-pocketing, When she decides to steal from a devilishly handsome Capo, Donovan Salieri, A fixation suddenly grows bringing animosity to Aletheia's life.

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© Copyright 2018

® All Rights Reserved

A story by, Antonia Sage.

I, Antonia Sage give nobody no else permission to use my story or distribute it elsewhere other then INKITT or WATTPAD

Aletheia Sokratés:

(A-Lee--Thy--Ah )( So-Klra-tees)

The crisp coldness in Chicago made my skin prickle as my friend, Leo, and I try to figure out if we wanna make a five-finger grab or not as we walk side by side in the city, or shall I say, in the upper-class side of the city.

We walk as a couple - side glancing at certain men or women carrying expensive bags as they text or are busy in a call. It was literally perfect.

"They are literally asking for it" I chuckle. Leo amusingly glances at me.

"Tell me about it... Alright let's do it, Whoever makes more the loser has to buy lunch with their earnings" He cocked a brow, and my eyes narrowed at him

"May the best pick-pocketer win" We shake hands as I gladly accept going our separate ways. Our usual bets take no more than ten minutes and meet at our usual spot.

I press my jacket closer needing some warmth placing my hands inside my pockets walking with the crowd than a woman caught my attention as she chats with another girl beside her, noticing a precious purse calling my name.

Yesss, I bit my lip swiftly glancing at the crowd around me. No perception from the people whatsoever. Fools. I made my move bumping my shoulders with hers, she faintly yelps darting her cold eyes at the perpetrator aka me.

"Sorry" I mumble creating a large gap between us then exit the crowd with a diamond wallet in my hand. I rush behind a corner seeing what I obtained...

"Whoa" My eyes widen finding 436 hundred dollars inside. I grin widely tucking the money away in my pocket. How can a women carry so much cash!? but I didn't care it's my lucky day and I tossed the wallet into the trash.

"I think you lost, Leo" I laughed as my eyes caught a fancy-looking restaurant grasping my attention. I see two nice cars parked in front so I jogged over-seeing I still got time for another pickup.

But who or when?

"Shit" I whisper holding my hips then started casually walking by until three men exited the building but one, in particular, stood out and in front looking very cold and held superiority especially handsome with tattoos all over.


Then I see he tucked something away in his right back pocket. His wallet perhaps? Come on! This man looks loaded, go on and hurry Aletheia! Deep down im actually nervous which I haven't felt when I was a beginner.

For some reason, he makes me hesitant

So I grasped the courage and made my move as I quickly and casually passed by him making sure to whisk my body against his as this man turns his head to stare at me which brought a frigid electric shock throughout my whole body,

Our eyes met, His held ruthlessness especially sharpness but that didn't stop me, I completed in slipping the object out from his pocket. Why am I scared so suddenly? I actually regret choosing him as my target.

"S-Sorry si-sir" My soft voice surprisingly wavered. Before he could see, I placed the object inside my pocket quickly getting away from that man once and for all suddenly I'd broken the most groundbreaking rule and decided to look back and when I did, My skin prickled, and my heart plummeted down to hades himself...

The man was coming right at me with the most hated glare ever.

© Copyright 2018

® All Rights Reserved

A story by, Antonia Sage.

I, Antonia Sage give nobody no else permission to use my story or distribute it elsewhere.

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