The unexpected

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Rebecca Hills is a 20 year old women she is a champ fighter at this underground ring. She goes to college and rarely goes to parties she is goody tissues type lady and is somewhat a normal girl besides her being a witch. What happens when she is expected to fight a champ from another state. He leaves her with 2 options either she wins or will she have to work for him. What happens when she has to adopt a young 13 year old girl to take care of her,train her. Bobby Richard is 24 and is the leader of “The Hell Raisers” and has close ties with the mafia. He is a party boy but what happens when he finds out who he is up against and won’t let them win. So he does the only thing and says giving a evil grin “Either you win or you come and work for me up to you “

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


I woke up to my alarm blaring through my room, as I think to myself (today is the day).
I groan as I get out of my comfy bed “must have overworked myself at the gym last night” I mumble as I slip into my fluffy slippers to do my daily routine. As I’m heading to my bathroom I see my roommate also my best friend Alice Park, when Alice takes one look at me she come running to give me a big hug i tell her “can’t breath”since she was hugging me to death,she said “it’s going to be alright but you look like shit sorry girl “.
Let me introduce myself for you my name is Rebecca Hills I’m 20 years old, I have ginger hair with green eyes, very pale and I’m not that tall, I’m a currently in college at UNLV studying psychology , also I’m the one and only champ at “bricks and stone “underground ring , they call me sniper because the first fight i had I took them out like I had a sniper “That is if you win this fight you will remain the one and only champ the little voice in my head said “. I fight and get earnings from all the bets that’s placed so that’s how I pay for my college funds and this house and all my other expenses. My best friend Alice is 19 and the total opposite from me she has brown hair, hazel eyes and is average height, we go to the same college she is studying to major in nursing and has been with me through it all, me and her have grown up together our parents were best friends,she was here when my parents died ,she was here when I had found out I’m a witch with a ancient blood line no one else knows besides her and me, she was here when I had my first fight in the ring, my first heart break etc… you know the usual best friend stuff but she is more like my sister.
I was brought back to reality when my best friend pinched my arm I yelped “argh”
“What was that for “I asked Alice with my eyebrows scrunched together.
“That was for not getting rest and relaxing how I told you to do Becca when I went out last night “Alice said with a sigh.
This was the thing with Alice she loves to live a little as she calls it but I call it live a lot she says I study to much and every time before a fight I never get rest well that happens when you never know when your title of the champ can be taken. Alice also is the type to show off her curves and is not ashamed to be seductive to get what she wants, but me I always hide my curves under my gym clothes this body is only for my future husband Alice says I’m going to be waiting a while then but I really don’t care if it takes a life time.
I just will always love to be in the ring or in the books I don’t go out in party unless dragged out by Alice much to my dismay, yes I may drink a cup or two of whine but that’s when I’m home and can relax.
“I did relax by going to the gym and killing that poor punching bag even though I’m paying for it right now with all the pain I’m in I think in going to have a glass of whine while I have a nice bubble bath and have Alexa play my morning playlist “ I say smiling thinking about relaxing .
“Alright Becca but I swear if I hear you complaining once tonight before the fight you will have to fight me “ she says while cringing thinking of how will she be able to fight me.
I sigh “ I know how you feel about me complaining before a fight Alice but I heard this guy I’m up against isn’t just some regular around the town he is coming from out of state and he is a champ there and you and me both know who will win out of a fight between the both of us “ I say while walking away towards my bathroom laughing ignoring her calls for me to come cook for breakfast before I relax both of us know I’m the only one who can cook.
I sigh when I finally get in the bathroom I head to my big round light grey bathtub turn on the water, I make it a little warmer than usual while waiting for it to fill I get my favorite vanilla cinnamon body wash and shampoo and a purple and pink bath bomb to throw in the tub , I head back to the tub and turn off the water I throw the bath bomb in and put my body wash and shampoo next to the tub. I head back to my kitchen to grab my wine glass and the wine from the cabinet, I head back to the bathroom with the wine glass and wine in tow. I get undressed and climb in the tub the water is just right . I grab the wine and my glass and pour me a nice amount of wine almost enough to fill the glass . I sigh and take a sip of wine and say “Alexa play my morning playlist “
I sit the glass down and begin to wash my body humming along to my favorite song .
I hear my ringtone and look at my phone and see who the caller is it’s my boss Tarry calling I take a big gulp of my wine and decide if I want to answer or not . I know he’s calling to tell me today is the day we win again the champ from out of state and the big earnings we will get blah blah blah . I decide to answer it
“Sup T I really hope your calling for something else than to just remind that today is the day “ I say with a sigh.
Tarry has been my trainer since I was 12 . I started fighting once my parents passed and I ended up at the ring one night with some friends and I decided to fight and won against the champ at the time “and have been winning ever since the little voice in my head said “ . Tarry said I had potential to be a champ and decided to ask if I wanted to fight and he would train me and me being me I went ahead and said yes cause I wanted to fight . Tarry was a champ once until he met his match and let me tell you he was huge I wasn’t there but I have seen the videos and to be honest I wouldn’t want to see this guy but Tarry went ahead and fought almost till his last breath where he had to tap out .
“Nope Becca just calling to see what’s your plans for today are you coming to the gym for a quick match in the ring before the fight to warm up .Tarry said “
I sigh and say “Sure I will head down there I have to go to the mall and grab outfit for the party at my place after the fight because win or lose Alice is having a party and I’m going to join I have studied already and this is going to be her birthday surprise since it is tomorrow. But after I leave the mall and come home to get my gym bag and stuff for the fight I will be there . “
“Alright Becca and don’t stress you got this and hopefully you can get some people that see your potential and want you to work for them. T says with a sigh knowing how I feel about working for other people when I just want to work in the crime unit “
I sigh and take a sip of the rest of my wine and say “ Got to go T see you later “ I don’t even give him a chance to tell me I should be thankful for people wanting to recruit me because I know they will just want me to be a full blooded killer and that’s not me or at least not me when I’m happy you can say that instead I just hang up and relax back in the tub. I let the water drain out the tub and turn on the shower and rinse my body off and start to wash my hair . I hear a song come on and I know Alice loves this song so I decided to be petty knowing I have Alexa playing the music all round the house and she is listening so I say “ Alexa shut the music off every where but in the bathroom”with a smile trying to hide my laughing .
I know I failed when Alice is banging on my bathroom doors saying “Becca come on you know that’s my favorite song. She says with a whining voice “ I decide to be nice and say
“Alexa turn music on every where in house “
I can hear Alice singing to the top of her lungs. I just start bursting out laughing because Alice can’t sing if it was to save her life.
I rinse my hair out and rinse my body once again and turn of the shower. I step out of the tub onto my fluffy purple rug, and grab towel and wrap it around my hair, I grab the other towel and begin to dry off.
Once I’m done drying off I wrap the towel around me and I head to my sink to grab my vanilla cinnamon body lotion, I throw the towel that’s wrapped around me near my clothes and start to to moisturize my body with my lotion. After I’m done using my lotion I put I back on my sink and grab my face moisturizer and put little dots of it all around my face and begin to rub it in. Once I’m satisfied and have done my morning routine I pick up the clothes and my towel and head to the door that goes into my bedroom and lock the door so no one accidentally comes in my room. I really hate it when someone comes in my room.
I head to my closet and throw the clothes and towel in my laundry basket, I go to my drawer and put on a black bra and some underwear to match, along with some white and black checker socks, I head to the back of my closet and I look for a outfit to wear for me to go to the mall.
“Might as well ask Alice to come to the mall with you the little voice in my head said “ I sigh and say “ No because she doesn’t know I’m going to attend the party she thinks I’m just going to stay in my room well she’s in for a big surprise “
I pick some black and white ripped checker skinny jeans with with a red and black cropped vintage t shirt that says “Choose wisely “ in white big letters, I pair it with a black leather coat and my black combat boots with red laces in them.
Once I’m done getting my outfit I lay it on my bed and head to my vanity so I can do my makeup and hair. I take the towel I had wrapped around my hair off, I plug in my curling iron and let it heat up while I go throw my towel in my laundry basket in my closet. I know it’s going to take a while to heat up so I grab my purple and white fluffy robe and put it on and head to the kitchen.
Once in the kitchen I see Alice trying to make some pancakes she doesn’t notice me yet I’m trying hard not to laugh.
She turns around and says with a innocent looking face “ What’s so funny Becca” and that’s when I burst out laughing I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts and I have tears coming down my face. Sometimes Alice can be hilarious and doesn’t even know it I swear she can be a comedian. I try to hold my laughter in and be serious, she’s just standing there with a quirked up eyebrow. I finally get ahold of my laugher and say “You and me both know you can’t cook so we are going to go get something to eat instead and after I have to go because I told T that I would go to the gym for a quick warm up match before the actual fight . So go get ready because I have to just do my makeup and hair and get dressed and then we can go so please don’t take forever Alice. “ I head to the fridge and get a fresh pressed juice and close the fridge .
“Okay I will be right back and I promise give me 20 minutes max and I will be done Alice says with a wide smile on her face and makes my cheeks hurt just by looking at her.”
I drink all my juice, throw the bottle in the recycling bin and head back to my room .
Once in my room I head back to my vanity and since I forgot to close my door I just look at my door and focus on closing it with my mind and after about 2 seconds of focusing my door closed. I sigh and say “ I’m so thankful for these powers I just wish I could do a little more with them .” I always wanted to be able to do more with my powers like save people or help them but since I don’t really know anyone like my I only learned from my grandma and I didn’t really believe her until my powers came in at 13 and after that I finally believed her but she had already passed before I can even ask questions right before my parents like i mean literally she passed 5 months before my parents from old age.
I see that my curling iron is done heating so I begin to curl the back of my long ginger colored hair once I’m done with the back I part it halfway down the middle and start curling. Once I’m done with my hair i turn off the curling iron and I start on my makeup I put on a little water resistant foundation so I don’t look so pale , some water resistant mascara and eyeliner I add a cat eye look then finally add dark red matte lipstick .
I take my robe off and go hang it back up and head to my bed to get dressed I put on my pants and shirt. Then I put on my jacket and my combat boots.I put my white Apple Watch on and I pair my outfit with a white gold Dior bracelet and the earrings to match . I grab my white and black Dior bag and put my wallet ,phone, and charger inside it. I head to my closet to get my perfume and spray it 4 times and put it back. Once I’m satisfied and ready to leave I head to my room door and I say “open” looking at my room door and by the time I make it I walk straight out. I would use my power to close the door but i never know when Alice has company so I just close my door behind me. I look at my Apple Watch and look at the time I see Alice has five more minutes before she has to be ready so we can leave. So I just start to walk down stairs and shut off all the lights and say “Alexa shut off all the music” . I head towards our backyard and open the sliding door and step out and look at the beach. Yea you heard me right beach , we live in a beach house it’s a 2 story house and has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a game room also a movie theater. It also has a big kitchen and a living room that can fit at least 100 people. So you can see why Alice loves throwing parties much to my dismay. I sigh at the thought of that .
I bought this house when I started earning big money from my fights the most I earned was $200,000 and that was just off of fighting 2 fights. So you can see another reason I would keep fighting is because I get paid well.
I sigh when I look at the time on my watch and it says 8:05 and Alice is still not down here I head back in and close the sliding door .
“Alice I swear if you don’t get the hell down here I’m leaving and you know I will and you hate having to drive your own car so HURRY !!!!! I say yelling the last part “
I hear heels
(click*clack*click *clack *click*clack)
not to many seconds later I see Alice coming with a tight lime green pencil skirt and a black blouse with a pair of lime green snake skin high heels and a black YSL purse . Her brown hair on the top of her head in a messy bun and her make up on point as usual.
I was brought back to reality with her saying
“Damn Becca you look good better than when you woke up but seriously you look good I like your outfit. she says while blowing a whistle “ sometimes I can’t with this women but I start laughing with her and say “well I can’t say the same about you because you look like hell with a mop on your head. I say while trying to look serious “
Alice pouts and says “Oh hush I know I look good and besides if you win this fight I’m inviting “Mr. Out of state champ” and I can tell you he will think I look good she says while emphasizing the word good .”
I sigh and say” whatever you do behave before the fight I don’t care what you do after, so let’s go I have to be at the gym with T at 5 but I have to make a stop in town before I go so let’s get something to eat then I can drop you off to where you need to go or I can drop you back off here and you can drive your car. “ she’s looking like she’s thinking of whether to get dropped of here to get her car or not .
“Okay I will behave and I need to to go get my nails done for tonight so I will just have you drop me back off here after we are done eating breakfast now come on so we can go eat.”
We head out to the garage and I look at what car I want to drive today I look at the dark purple matte Mercedes Benz AMG, I look at the red and black Doge Hellcat, and then I look at my dark shiny blue Jeep track hawk.
I head to my Jeep and get in, Alice climbs in the passenger seat. I sit my bag in the back seat behind me and so does Alice.
I put my seatbelt on and hook my phone via Bluetooth to the car I hand my phone to Alice to pick a song and she chooses to listen to some Ella mai. I click the garage opener , the garage opens and exit the garage, I click the garage opener again and wait so it can close the garage. Once the garage is closed we head down the driveway once we get there we see our guards Dev and Kev they are twins we hired them when I started getting real money from my fights. I’m really surprised they turned Alice down when she tried to come onto them because I haven’t really seen any man turn her down. They wave at us I honk the horn and then the gates open.
When I’m exiting the gate I make sure to drift and burn some rubber. That’s another thing about me is I love to drive fast and crazy. I know Alice likes it to but she can’t even handle going over 100 mph in her own car she like it but she can’t drive that fast without almost crashing. But that’s my best friend.
I roll my windows down and open the sunroof.
“Hey Al’s can you go in the glove box and get out my Dior shades. I say to Alex “
She looks at me and rolls her eyes and says “you could be nice and say please “
I roll my eyes and look at her with (you evil bitch) and say “please”
She goes in the glove box and gets my black Dior shades and hand them to me put them on and say “thanks Alice “
She smiles and is giving me the look she gives when she’s about to talk about something I don’t want to talk about and I know what it is it’s about her party tonight so I will just play along and then say no so I can still surprise her later .
“ Becca so you how my party is tonight and you never come down every time unless I drag you so can you please come It will mean a lot to me and I know you will be tired after the fight so can you come have at least a couple of shots with just me.she says while giving me her best puppy dog eyes “
I sigh and say “Al’s I know that you want me to come but I can’t I have to study for my exam coming up and believe me you and me both don’t want me to study while intoxicated because it’s not going to end well but I promise I will come to the next party you throw I pinky swear. I say while holding out my pinky finger for her to grab “
She sighs looking at my pinky and links it with her’s and says “Okay Becca only because you promised and I know how Important the exam is for the both of us. “
We pull in to our favorite restaurant for breakfast it’s a little diner and everyone her knows us. I park my car, Alice hands me my phone and I turn off the car. I take my seat belt off and we both get out and head to the back seat to retrieve our bags. I close the door and we head towards the diner. On our way there we are crossing when a yellow mustang almost hits us.
We look at who the driver is and it’s a man we have never seen before and we know almost everyone.
Alice whistles and says “you can hit me anytime.“
I mentally face palm myself I give the guy the angriest glare and say “what the hell asshole do you not know how to drive like “
He just looks at us then laughs and says “ do you think I would have this baby if I didn’t know how to drive and sorry but I’m not looking for a woman as of right now but I will take your number” he says all this while looking at me but talking to Alice. I just start walking towards the diner and I turn around and Alice is trying to seduce the poor man I mentally laugh the little voice in my head says” don’t know why your laughing at least she can show off what she got” I sigh and say “Yea well at least I’m going to get a husband that loves me and not just for my body not saying she can’t find a man it’s just she goes after the ones who is the not one women type and nothing is wrong with that .”
I smile thinking of my best friend being my maid of honor “Alice come on I told you I have to make a stop in town so hurry and give the man you name and number and hopefully he will get back to you right Mr. Can’t Drive. I say while looking at the man that almost hit us “
She gives the man her number and starts to walk towards me and the man just honks and she waves and he winks at the both of us. Ugh eww why does he have to have a high ego .
I hear the bell as we walk through the door
I head to our favorite window seat booth and
Alice sits across from me. We already know what we want so no need to look at the menu
I see Darcy the waiter walking towards us I smile
“Hey ladies how’s the day going and good luck today Becca I know you got this. Darcy says while grinning.”
“Hey Darc we are doing good and I told her the same thing this morning we all know she doesn’t want to hear it but she needs to. Alice says smiling genuinely”
I sigh and say “We are good and how’s your day it looks pretty busy. I say while looking at almost all the booths full.”
Darcy smiles and says “you know I love when it’s busy shows we are doing something right and it’s going good so far, what would you ladies like the usual “
“Yes the usual Darcy . We both say at the same time “
“Okay 2 orders of pancakes and a side of hash browns with a cappuccino coming right up. Darcy says smiling I swear she never stops smiling “
Me and Alice make small talk while waiting on our food. Once our food is placed in front of us I didn’t realize how hungry I was until my stomach made a unladylike sound and Alice started laughing she shut up when I gave her the death glare. I started to eat my food and we where talking when she said
“Becca when will you start to live a little “
“I will start when I have my dream job. I say while smiling thinking of my dream job”
“Okay I’m not going to try and convince you to put those books down and have a drink and get wild but this is college and you are supposed to have fun. she says while fist pumping the air to show what fun looks like “
I drink the rest of my cappuccino and dig in my bag for my wallet and pull three $20 bills out to pay for our food and leave a $20 tip while Alice pulls another $20 to leave as a tip for Darcy. We wipe our mouths and hands and stand up and wave Darcy over .
“Hey Darcy thanks for the food it was delicious and we left your tip right here. I say as I point to the tip and money for our food”
Alice smiles genuinely and says” Thanks Hot mama Darcy hope you spend your tip on a couple of shots at the bar .”
“ Thanks ladies have a good day and Alice you know I don’t drink like you do party girl . She says while smiling”
When I look at the time I see we sat here for a long time as it’s 1:40 and I have to still stop at the mall to get my outfit for tonight and head to the gym after. So we say our goodbyes to Darcy and head out. We get in the car and I hand Alice my phone so she can play some music and she plays some Mariah Carey, I roll the windows down and I put my bag in the back and she does the same. I put my seat belt on and press the push the start to start my car up, once it’s started I press the gas to roar it to life. We head out the parking lot onto the street and once again i drift and burn some rubber by know I guess you should know that I love doing that. We are at a stop light and I look to my right and I see the same yellow mustang from earlier and he is staring right at us so I roll my windows up and roar my engine 3 times and when the light goes green we speed off I look in my side mirror and see him trying to keep up, I head onto the highway doing about 95 mph and going in and out of lanes and between cars. Alice looks at me laughing shaking her head and she says “you sure know how to run from a man “ I laugh at her and say “I’m not running from a man I told you already I’m focusing on my job and plus he looks totally into you Al’s” I look in my mirror to see if I still see his car before exiting the freeway as we make our way home I think about my outfit and what do I want to wear I’m going to go a little out with my outfit for the little devil on my shoulder saying come on have fun. Once we get home i say “alright Al’s i have to go run into town really fast then I’m going to the gym and I will be back at like 7 to get ready for the fight , do I need to get anything on my way home after the fight.“ She looks at me smile beaming and says “ Okay and yes I need you to get 10 big bottles of Hennessy and I need you to get 5 bottles of wine and 10 cases of beer and a bunch of those already rolled sandwiches and a bunch of chips. Also the party starts at 12 and don’t be late because I know the fight starts at 10 and ends at 11 so be here at 12:30 the latest.” I laugh and say “Okay Al’s I will be here and get everything just make sure that the house is decorated because I’m not going to do that too. I say while cringing thinking of how Alice likes the decorations to be perfect” she smiles and tosses me my phone and gets out the car singing walking towards her hot pink corvette. I laugh because she really likes hot pink. I wait till she gets in the car and I pull off doing my usual drift. I turn my music back up and roll my windows down, as I’m driving to the mall I think about what it would be like to have a puppy because I was never allowed to have one, also I wonder who this champ is from out of state I can’t wait to crush them. Just like that jerk from earlier I wanted to crush him for almost hitting us, I’m also wondering who is he we never seen him and we know almost everyone he must be in from out of town who knows I don’t care still could have crushed him. I never use my powers in a fight because I don’t know what will happen if I do but what I do know is that I can’t get caught and no one can ever know. I had a meeting with the Elders and The whole council and they told me as long as I don’t use my powers for evil and don’t get caught I won’t be in trouble so I had to register as a witch and also have to be available if needed at anytime anywhere and I found that pretty fair so I accepted. I grin as soon as I pull into the mall, I park close to the mall and turn my car off grab my phone and I get out as I’m getting out I lift my shades to sit on top of my head and close my door and walk to the back to get my bag. I lock my car, walk towards the mall to start my little hunt . As I walk in I get the usual stares from people but I just continue walking I look at my watch and see I have about 2 hours before I have to head to the gym. First store I see is PacSun I smile because they have the best jeans. I walk in and head toward the jeans and I spot something leather as I’m looking so I head to see what it is, it’s a tight leather skirt that goes just above the knee and has gold zippers on the sides. I grab it so I can pair it with shirt , I head towards the shirts and look for a shirt and I don’t see one that looks like it will go with this skirt so I head to the register. Once I get there I see it’s no line so I walk to the counter and the cashier greets me I greet them back and they scan the skirt and it was only $60 so I reach in my bag and grab my wallet and give them a $100 bill and they put my skirt in a bag and gives me my change and receipt. I smile and say “keep the change have a nice day” her smile widened and she says “thanks no one ever gives me a tip and you have a good day “
I wave her off because I have to go and grab my bag off the counter and head to the next store to get a shirt. I walk into Dillards and head to the women’s section and as I’m looking I see a shiny gold triangle shirt that ties around the neck and back leaving my back a little exposed but I’m going to put a jacket on so I grab that and head towards the shoes, I get there and look for some comfy heels , I see some gold shiny no string slip on heels with a black fluffy fur on the top and I grab those. I head towards the register because I already have a jacket somewhere in my closet. Once I get to the register I look at the time and I have another hour left to get to the gym. I see I’m next and walk to the cashier I look at the lady and she has a scowl on her face that doesn’t make her look good. So I just let her ring me up and pay for my stuff. As I’m heading out I hear her say something like “rich people nowadays “ I scoff and head back towards her and say “what’s that supposed to mean I work for my money “ she just rolls her eyes and gets back to work I huff and turn around and walk out because I get it I look like a snobby rich kid who is spending mommy and daddy’s money but I have a right to spend what I earned without any trouble. As I’m heading out of the mall bump into someone and make them drop their phone. I sigh and say “Oh shit I’m really sorry I was in a hurry, is your phone okay “
I look up to see a man about my age and once again someone I don’t know I think ugh why do I see people I never seen today. I’m brought back to reality by the man coughing thinking I was checking him out.
He smiles and says”what you running from and my phone is okay thanks for asking.”
I smile and say “I’m not running just rushing and I have to go but I never seen you around here before are you new in town .”
He says smiling “Yea I just got here from New York and I really don’t know anyone besides running into you.”
“ New York sounds cool and if you want to get to know some people my best friend Alice is having her 20th birthday party tonight at 12 and a lot of people are going to be there and you can get to meet them. I say thinking about New York”
He turns red and says “ sure and my name is Phil and can we exchange numbers so I can call when I need the address “
I laugh and say “ My name is Becca and sure make sure to be careful I must warn you Alice is a wild one.”
We exchange numbers and say our goodbyes and once again I’m off to my car.
Once I reach my car I put my bags in the trunk and my purse in the back seat. I get in the car and take my shades of my head and put them back in the glove box. I look at the time and see I have about 30 mins before I have to be at the gym so I put my seat belt on and turn my car on and pull out the parking lot doing my signature drift and burnout and head to the gym. Once I get to the gym I park in the back in the lot only for the fighters and trainers and park next to Tarry’s All black Lamborghini. I grab my phone and get out of the car I leave my purse because no one is going to touch my car and head towards the gym. Once I get to the door I see our 2 security guards and if i didn’t know the big ass giants I would say they could crush me but I know they are as lovable as a teddy bear. We greet each other and they tell me good luck , I walk in the gym and I see T over there working this poor girl she looks about 14 with purple hair in a bun and her eyes are blue. I head towards them and say “ don’t let this old man work you show him what you got “ she looks at me smile beaming and says “Omg sniper it’s you I can’t believe it’s you I want to be as good as you one day.” I love when kids say they want to be as good as me because I still want to be better than myself right now and I know I can get better. T looks between her and me and smiles I know he see’s she has the potential like me and he says “how about you and Becca work together and don’t go easy Becca this one here has potential.”
She jumps up and down excited to work with me and I don’t mind because I just need a mini work out before the match so I say “ I don’t mind and I’m not going to go easy on her plus what’s your name kid.” She smiles and says”my name is Ashley but people call me Ash and I want to go by The Burner in the ring and I’m 13 .” I smile at her genuinely because she reminds me of myself when I was her age
“Okay let me just head to the locker room to my locker to change and I will be back be ready. I say trying to give her a mean look “
T starts laughing at me trying to be serious with her but he knows I can’t unless she messes up but he shuts up once I give him a glare that nobody wants. I head to the locker room and to my locker with my workout stuff in there. Once there I look at the time and see it’s 5:00 so I have 1 hour and 40 mins to work out because I have to be home by 7 to prep myself for the fight and let hope I make it home by 7 with how the traffic is ugh I hate traffic. I put a alarm on my watch and change into my workout clothes and take my bracelet and earrings off and put my hair in a braid. I close my locker and lock it , and start walking back into the gym, once I’m there I begin to workout with Ash and let me tell you she is good she tries to kick my ankles and I jump and punch her side and she loses balance but regained it quickly. She charges at me again and I move to the right and send a kick to her knee and she falls I take it as my chance and I just put her in arm bar and then a painful cradle. That causes her to tap out and after about 30 minutes later we are tired. I finally catch my breath and look at Ash and say “keep it up and one day you will be better then me and if you need anything I mean anything you can call me I promise I will help you.” She looks like she is about to cry after hearing that and she says “ thank you so much I needed to hear that.” I get up and help her up we say our goodbyes and I head to the locker room to retrieve my belongings and as I’m walking there I see T and I decided to go talk to him
“ Ashley is pretty good but I can tell she is going through something and if she wants to be better she has to put all that energy and feelings into how she fight.I say while smiling” T looks at me like I grown to heads and says “when have you became so wise, but the kid is going through something she has problems at home and at school so she comes here where she is welcomed she stay here most of the time and I told her the same thing but she doesn’t want to think about her problems she said. But I know once she gets out that house she will be better I guess her mom is always partying to care about her …. you know the type of moms that wants to still live like she is 20 but Ashley is a tuff girl I see some of you in her that’s why I help her.”
I feel sad for her I really do so I do the only thing I can to help “I will train her if you want and I want to help her and talk to her and see where she is at in the head or how I can help with her home situation I know how I can help with the school situation. I say while smiling genuinely knowing the kids at her school will be try and be nice to her”
T must get my idea as he starts shaking his head and says “ how will you help her at school Becca and yes you can train her I think she will love it.” I smile and think how can I really help her in school I know she doesn’t have all the new stuff or proper school supplies.” I will take her on a shopping spree she can keep the clothes here because I don’t want the mom to take them or for her to get into trouble and I will buy her a new phone and any other things she needs.” I look at my watch and my eyes bulged out of my head almost when I see the time it’s 7:15 I practically run to the locker room with T laughing at me. Once I get to my locker I get out my clothes I don’t bother changing and I put my bracelet and earrings back on. I close my locker and lock it and run out the locker room towards the back of the gym to the parking lot yelling bye to T. Once I get to my car I get in and throw my stuff in the passenger seat I put my seat belt on and push the start button and smile as my baby roar’s to life. I pull out the parking lot and drift as usual and start speeding home. Once I reach home I see that Alice is still not here so I get my stuff out the passenger seat and my purse out the back seat and head to my trunk to get my stuff I just got from the mall. I sigh when I see I made I home at 7:40 I head inside with my belongings in tow and head to my room since my hands are full I just use my eyes to open my door and walk in and close my door with my foot from behind. I put my clothes in the closet and head to the shower, once I’m done with my shower I look at my phone and see I have about a hour and 30 minutes before I have to leave so I head to my bed to take a nap, once my head hits the pillow I realized how tired I really was so I let myself drift into a nice sleep.

Bobby’s POV

I wake up with some blonde next to me I don’t even remember her name. I get up find my clothes and get dressed I write a note with my number on it and say I had a great time. I look for my keys and I can’t find them so I head downstairs and look for my jacket and my shoes. I find my jacket on the couch with my phone,wallet, and keys inside. I head to the front door and put my shoes on I look around and see if I left anything, once I’m done looking I open the door and head to my yellow mustang.
I get in my car and turn my phone on I see I have 20 missed calls from my trainer Sergio, I know he’s going to be pissed he’s been calling since 6 in the morning but I don’t care.
Let me introduce myself Im Bobby Richard I’m 24 and I run a gang called “The Hell Raisers“
that has close ties with the mafia. I have been running that gang ever since my older brother Nick passed 8 years ago. I’m from the United Kingdom I was born and raised there. I also have been fighting since I was 10 not because I want to but because I was going to be the leader of the gang one day my brother told me. So him and Sergio trained me all the time. I became the champ in the UK and since then haven’t been taken yet “that is if you win against this person. the little voice in my head said”
“I will win no matter what if not I will have someone place a bet on the fight from my gang. I say with a evil smile on my face”
I pull out of this lady drive way and onto the street. I drive crazy and I turn up my music which is some rock. I see my phone ringing and I see it’s Sergio I sigh because I know he is pissed I haven’t answered his call but hey I was out partying last night at the club, I mean what can he say I haven’t been out here before and let me tell you they have good food and some nice looking ladies.
I decided to answer him “Hello Serg. I say with a voice that sounds like I don’t want to be bothered I have a hangover .”
“Bob where the hell are you it’s 7:40 and you have to come to train for the fight later do you want to lose like the hell come on dude I bet you went to the club and got waisted. He says with a angry voice “
I sigh “I did get waisted and then some nice blonde let me come home with her, and I will come to train I have to head to my hotel to get ready then I will see you . I say to him while I’m speeding toward my hotel.”
I get to my hotel and see the elevators out of survive “shit I say “ and practically fly up the stairs to my room. I get there and open my door and close it and lock it , I head to turn on the shower. I go to my bar inside my room and pour me a nice glass of scotch and down it. I head to the closet and pull out my Hanes underwear and white v neck Gucci shirt and my black biker jeans with my white Gucci shoes ,socks and cologne. I take my clothes off throw them in the pile on the floor and head to the shower. I hurry and get in the shower and wash up with my cucumber soap and wash my hair.
Once I’m done I rinse my body off and rinse my hair. I turn off the water and step out of the shower, I get my towel and dry my body off, once I’m done I wrap the towel around my waist and head to the mirror. I get my hair gel out and put some gel in my hair to spike it up and run my fingers through it to give it a just woke up look. I take my lotion and put some on my body and rub it in. Once I’m done I head back to my room and get dressed. Once I’m done getting dressed I look at my phone and see that the time is 8:15 I hurry and put on my Rolex watch and grab my Gucci glasses, keys and wallet and put my phone in my pocket I spray my cologne on and head to the door. Once I lock my room door I head downstairs to leave the hotel. I look everywhere for my car and I don’t see it so I decided to ask the valet if he seen it I walk toward him and say “ what happened to the yellow mustang that was left right here . I say giving him a glare that could make anyone break “
“S-sir I parked it because it was in the no parking zone and I didn’t want it to get towed. He said looking scared like he could piss his pants “
I sigh and say “alright dude but can you bring it to me please.” I know that he was just doing his job.
He brings my car and I give him a $50 tip and it looks like I made his day the way he was smiling. I get in and put my music on and speed away. I am turning into the parking lot of where I’m supposed to go to the gym and meet Sergio and since I didn’t slow down when I turned in here I almost hit these two ladies one has ginger colored hair and the other has brown I break fast before I can hit them and the one with the brown hair says to me ”you can hit me any time.” I mentally laugh because I know I have that effect on ladies what can I say I’m a handsome man. While I’m looking at the ginger color haired one she is giving me a death glare I mean she does looks like she can kill but if I wasn’t who I was I probably would be scared right now with the way she’s looking and she says “ what the hell asshole do you not know how to drive like”
I look at her and she looks really pretty when she’s mad that causes me to laugh at her and say “do you think I would have this baby if I didn’t know how to drive and sorry but I’m not looking for a woman as of right now but I will take your number” I’m looking at the ginger color haired lady but she thinks I’m talking to the brown color haired lady, I find funny but I don’t laugh.
The ginger color haired lady just starts to walk toward this little diner. I like her style much to my dismay. The brown color haired lady is talking to me and is trying to seduce me with her body and she is biting on her nail she says she is having a party tonight at their house and I’m invited I said okay and I will see if I can make it, I know I can because it’s after the fight but I don’t let her know that. After about a few minutes of having this conversation I hear the ginger color haired lady say “Alice come on I told you I have to make a stop in town so hurry and give the man your name and number and hopefully he will get back to you right Mr. Can’t Drive.” She says it like she is asking if I’m going to call her friend who name is Alice which I just heard her say but I still want to know her name she has this type of bad ass vibe that just comes off of her.
Her friend Alice gives me her number and start walking toward the diner where the ginger color haired lady is and I honk and Alice waves while the ginger color haired one looks like she can care less about what’s going on and I just wink at the both of them and drive off towards the gym once I park my car I head to my trunk to get my gym bag with my work out clothes inside. I head to the gym doors and as soon as I walk in I’m hit with the smell of hard work and sweat . I see Sergio in the corner working out with some kid i really don’t care to much to go over there just yet so I head to the locker rooms and change into my workout clothes. Once I’m done I head back into the gym where I know see Sergio on the phone looking pissed and I know he is probably calling to see where I am at. I walk towards him and tackle him to the ground laughing and say “calling for me “
“Get off of me NOW !! Bob “ I stay right there cause I know he’s not serious and once he see’s I’m not moving he just starts laughing and that’s when I get off of him .
I sigh and say “ I’m here are we going to work out or not old man .”
He punches my arm and say “I’m not old and yea we are working out just so I can show you I’m not old .”
“Alright well who am I going against now because I have to head to the hotel again so can get ready for the match tonight.I say with the determination heard in my voice”
He smiles a evil grin and says “your with me today pal so be ready because I’m not going easy”
We head to the ring and I get in followed by Sergio. We circle each other and he throws a punch and I block he throw a kick and i block. I do a roundhouse kick to his side and he stumbles a bit and i see that as my chance I charge him and kick his ankles and he falls right on his ass. He looks at me surprised and says “ what the hell have you been drinking for you to move like a nascar dude.” I start laughing and say “I’m just ready to take this champs title.” We work out for a couple more hours and by the time I head to the locker room and get my gym bag and clothes I look at the time and it’s 1:40, I head back in the gym with my stuff and see Sergio on the phone he hangs up and walk towards me and says “ see you late Bob and make sure to relax you got this no worries needed and make sure to be at the fight before it starts at 10.
I sigh and say “alright Serg I got this but I will not be able to relax and you and me both know that.”
We both head toward the doors and make our way out the gym and say our goodbyes. I head towards my car and put my bag in the trunk. Once I’m done I get in my car and turn my music on and I see a nice dark blue Jeep track hawk speed out of the parking lot and drift and burn rubber I smile knowing I can finally race someone because no matter who I’m trying to race or what car they have they just don’t want to race. I speed to catch up to the Jeep thinking about the ginger color haired lady. As I’m approaching this stop light I turn to see who is in the car and boy let me tell you I’m surprised it’s the ginger color haired lady and that lady Alice but I’m also surprised because the ginger color haired lady drives crazy. I’m brought back to reality by her catching me staring and then she rolls up the windows, the next thing I know is I hear her rev the engine 3 times wanting to race. Well she has no idea what she’s in for or so I thought, because as soon as the light turns green she speeds right off and I do the same I’m trying to keep up with her as we get on the Highway I can see her driving fast and going in and out of lanes I laugh and say “I thought I was a good driver but I promise you we will race again ginger “ I get off the freeway and head to the hotel to take a nap before the match tonight, I can’t wait to see this dirtbag I get to beat on tonight. I pull in the hotel and see the same valet from earlier, I turn the car off and hop out of the car and go to get my back from the trunk and walk towards him and once I get there I say”take care of her “ and toss him the keys and dig in my pocket and give him another $50 tip.
He looks at me and smiles genuinely and say “ I will and thank you sir “
I just wave him off to tired to talk and head towards the hotel, once I get in I see that the elevators are back in service so I head towards them and push the up button. As I’m waiting I think about going to Alice’s party tonight and I know for sure ginger head is going to be there. I’m brought back to reality but my the elevators *ding *, I step into the elevator and press my floor number once I reach my floor the doors open and I head to my room. I get to room and I go straight to the shower once I’m done I get out the shower and I head to the closet and get a pair of underwear and a pair of Nike sweatpants to put on, then I head to bed before I’m about to fall asleep my phone rings and I see it’s one of my my fellow buddies from the gang that I brought out here just in case his name is Pablo he is the shooter that protects me because he is great with a sniper or any gun. I answer it
“What’s up dude you going to be here later or what some bimbo got you stuck in her room.I say smiling because he is such a sucker for the ladies”
He laughs then says “ nah man I’m coming and you know the ladies can’t resist me dude.” I start dying laughing and say “alright dude but I’m about to take a nap I will be up at 9 and I want you to be here because fight starts at 10 and the place it’s going to be held at is not far from here.”
“ Okay sleeping beauty rest up don’t want to get your ass kicked see you later bro.he says trying not to laugh knowing I hate to be called sleeping beauty”
I just hang up and start to drift off into the darkness.

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