Mated to a beast

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Emily is a 21 college werewolf who doesn't think much about the future aside from doing good in college and enjoying her friends. Samuel is a 100 year old lycan who is doing his normal duty when he visited a mundane pack. shock and surprise find them both when they realize they are mated. trying to navigate their new lives with also a crazed lycan on the lose will be challenge for them both. (part 1 of mated to a breast series)

Romance / Fantasy
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The Announcement

Emily Pov

The mole. It’s an interesting thing. It could look pretty like on Cindy Crawford or gross like on Professor Breadman who equivocally did not have a beard, just a disgusting mole, right on top of his upper lip. I swear it got bigger every time I saw him. I wonder if he should get it looked at. Suddenly people moved around me, and I realized the class was over. I literally space out throughout my whole class. Great, just great. It wasn’t my fault. It was the mole, the unforgiving mole.

I gathered my things to leave for the day,

“Emily, can you hold up a minute” I heard Professor Breadman say

“yes Professor,” I said walking up to him, trying my hardest not to stare at Captain Mole. He was a short man, balding head in his forty, his face always looked perturbed which was also weird. I realize he was looking at me with that look

“sorry professor, what were you saying?”

“you seem a little distracted in my class, was I boring you?”

“no professor, your lectures are always reverting,” I said giving my best smile.

“it’s okay Emily, I’m not upset. I notice things when I lecture, I notice people. I can usually tell who going to pass my course and with what grade”


“I am rarely wrong. When I first saw you the first week, I could have bet you were going to squeak by with a c.”

My eyebrows raised, I did not like where this was going, this was the last day before grades went out for the end of my junior year, and I needed this class to become a senior.

“you’re very distracted. like now” I held myself back from rolling my eyes. “you don’t seem to ask questions or try to listen to my lectures. But then you turned in your first paper and it was glowing so much, in fact, I could have sworn you bought it. Then you did it again and again. And passed exams again and again”

“Professor Breadman, I have to get going, can we speed this up”

“I am a tough grader Emily, only about two of the student make it with an A in this course, and usually by sweat and tears. You are one of those students”

“You mean with an A. that’s great,” I said feeling relieved.

“I realized the reason you looked bored, was because you were bored. You know this stuff, I suggest for next year you think of taking a course a bit more challenging”

I smiled “I will professor, thank you,” I said shaking his hand and walking out of the class giddy.

“geese who put whisky in your cheerios.” I saw Bryden come over, my best friend since I moved here 2 years ago

“I passed Professor Breadman class”

“how do you know that grades aren’t posted until tomorrow”

“he told me, I’m one of the few to pass with an A”

“Congrats, madam smarty pants,” he said bowing.

“you are stupid.”

“Do you want to get something from the café?”

“Yeah okay,” I agreed since that was my last class for today. We both had something to be happy for. This was the last day of our junior year, and with no summer classes on the horizon, we both could finally relax.

“so what are doing since this is the last day before freedom”

“live our best lives” I joked and he sucked his teeth as we got into the café. “I’m going to get a slice of pizza. I’ll see you in a minute” he said walking away while I headed to the grill for a burger.

I had written down my order for a cheeseburger at the front and paid, now waiting in the area next to the grill for it to be ready when I heard my name

“Emily” I turned and saw a tall Latina amazon coming towards me

“Hey Kandace, how are you,” I said smiling at her.

“hungry” she deadpanned

“I know right”

“any plans for the summer”

“just relaxing, working. Nothing special, you?”

“I have to take summer classes. I know I didn’t pass everything” she pouted

“you don’t know that”

“no I do, I just couldn’t keep up with all my classes”

“well it will be fine either way”

“I hope so, it just that…” I felt a buzz on my phone and glance at it and realized the name that flash across the screen.

“sorry Kandace, can you give me a sec”

“but your burger?” I looked down to see my phone read ‘every pack member, get here now’ uh oh “you can have it, call it a good luck burger. I actually have to go.” I said moving out of the café, seeing Bryden heading to the door as well

We both hopped into my car and drove to the pack border.

“What do you think this is?” he asked quietly

“I don’t know, The Alpha never requests everyone back so soon. Something is going on”

“oh yeah,” he agreed.

When we got there, all pack members were being directed to the lawn outside the Packhouse. We were a pretty big pack so I doubt all of us could have fit in the actual building. As I said, it was rare to call a full-pack meeting. Alpha John stood up in front of the crowd, I was in the back but I could see him a little. He was a tall man, built with muscles like most alpha. His face was always serious but now it looked solemn.

“It has come to my attention that a Lycan pack will be visiting our community” I heard a string of gasped, mine included. Why were they coming? “it is Lycan Samuel and his brother Lycan Carpice, they are overseers of this region. He has some matters to discuss with me. I need everyone on their best behaviors why they are here, I want no excuses for them to try to take over here. No matter what, I am your alpha. We stay focused and we stay safe, we will get through this as a pack. They are expected around noon tomorrow, I want all pack members here to greet them, that it all” he said leaving us all to wonder about our fates

Werewolves and Lycans are different, to say the least. We werewolves are stronger and faster than humans, but ultimately, we stay around human populations and age the same. In a way, I guess it helps us remember we are not the only species in the universe.

Suffice to say, lycans are different. Not much is known about them, they are stronger than any creature on this earth, they live for thousands of years, and they stick to their own, and for good reason, I hear. Just one of them can destroy an entire pack of wolves, and not break a sweat. The only way to kill one is chopping off its head or ripping out its throat, you try doing that to a killing machine and see how you fare.

Technically lycans are above us, and so they are the overseers of werewolf packs, but it is typically a name holder, they do not visit and they allow werewolves alphas to run their packs. The fact that these lycans are coming is not good, so very not good.

I walk past everyone in a daze, lost in thought. I walk right into Beta Jenkins. I smiled at him. The beta and I had a thing. As serious as werewolves could get, and that was not much since we all have mates. But we remained close even though we both decided not to do the whole relationship thing.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” he asked coming up to me

“as good as I could in this moment, and this day started so promisingly.”

“did it now”

“I just found out I passed a difficult class, and it the last day of school”

“you sound like a kid” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“you need a little distraction later” I volunteer, he laughed

“not tonight, babe. Alpha John is going to be on everyone ass, especially mine until they come tomorrow;”

“you think it going to be bad,” I asked nervously

“don’t worry, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you”

“you can’t stop a murderous lycan”

“I will try for you,” he said and we both laugh.

“There is going to be this dinner tomorrow night though, come as my date?”

“hell no,” I said defensively

“c’mon, please. It's already going to be stuffy in there, alpha has the luna, and even Gamma Rodriguez has his mate.”

“I’m not your mate”

“you’re better, you’re my distraction. It would help me keep a level head if I have some familiar comfort there and then” he said grabbing my hand “once the business is done, you can be my distraction elsewhere”

“you make me sound like a piece of meat “

“you know you more than that”

“I hate you but fine, I will accompany you” I declared finally.

“Beta Jenkins get your ass over here” I heard the alpha yell, my eye went down as I heard the beta leave.

“what do you think they look like?” “Are they coming to kill us?” “I can take a lycan” I heard people discuss as I passed them in the hall to my room.

“Where have you been young lady?” I heard Bryden say in a mock-serious voice

“my business, when it becomes yours I will let you know.”

“Was a certain beta your business?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“would you stop,” I said opening my bedroom door and plopping on the bed? It was a normal room in the Packhouse, roomie, nice and warm. I even had a small bathroom with a shower. It was nice especially when the cost was so cheap.

“he wants me to go to a dinner him and the alpha and the Lycans”

“you’re shitting me,” he said plopping on the end of my bed

“nope” I popped the p.

“are you going?”

“I said I would but now I’m thinking about changing my name and leaving packs,” I said seriously

“stop, everyone's worried, but they can’t be that bad, right? It will be fine. being there to help the beta keep a level head is an honor”

“What am I, Mulan?”

“No, you are Emily, who is awesome and can tell all us lowly people what an up-close Lycan is like”

“oh so this is purely for your selfish purposes”

“did you not get that” he laugh,

Suddenly there was a knock on my door and Anthony, an enforcer popped his head in.

“Hey babe, I’m finally done” I saw Bryden's face light up. If you haven’t guessed Anthony and Bryden are mates. Lovely Dovey loves birds. I think Bryden likes to distract himself with my problems to try not to think of Anthony getting hurt when he trolled the perimeter. Being an enforcer means fighting a lot, some people get killed. But I always admire how whenever he sees him it's like he’s seeing his sun after a dark night.

“Finally, you took longer than usual” Bryden said jumping out the bed.

They made an odd couple. Bryden was mid-height and lanky, twenty-four-year-old college goofball and Anthony was thirty, beefy, and very serious, around everyone but Bryden, stoic adult. Even Anthony's midnight skin was in contrast to Kevin's milky white skin but you couldn’t deny how in love they were when they were together.

“Does that mean you miss me?” Anthony asks giving one of his rare smiles and giving him a peck on the lips.

"Nope, I was just ready to go to bed and I can’t without my bed warmer” he smiled

“Okay mister and mister love birds, out, go warm up while I stay here and freeze” I pouted.

Bryden smiled and gave Anthony another kiss, just to rub it in. “Don’t worry babe, you will be warming up the beta bed tomorrow night” he said leaving the room, but Anthony stayed by the door.

I looked at him cautiously “what” I finally asked

“you are hanging out with the beta tomorrow?”

“He wants me to be there for the alpha dinner, is there a problem?”

“you know your mate will not like how serious you are with the beta.”

“We are not serious, it's a dinner, and I have no mate right now. Not to mention if I did find him, what’s he going to do? Thomas is a freakin beta and a normal wolf can't do anything to him”

“I’m just saying, you’re playing with fire”

“sometimes fire is fun, not everything goes up in a burst of flames” he nodded seriously before leaving to follow Bryden.

I laid back on my bed. I sometimes thought of what my mate would be, who he’d be, but not for long. I was only twenty-one, I had time. Honestly, I was looking more forward to finishing college and going to med school than to finding a mate. I was just enjoying my life; nothing is wrong with that.

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