Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 11: The Chances

Psycho and I were up and dressed by 8:00 A.M, We ate breakfast before walking across the street. We told mom and dad we would see them later. We walked out the door and down the steps. As we walked into the clubhouse, Spirit walked over to Psycho.

“I am going to check on the progress to our bedroom.”

I walked down the hallway and heard some whore talking.

“I tried to get Psycho in bed. He told me if I ever tried to touch him again, he would break my wrist.”

“I am much prettier than you, and I have a better body. I am sure I can get him in my bed.” Another whore said.

“Sandy, you don’t want to touch, Psyco. They say he doesn’t like to be touched.”

“Amy, he was holding hands, with Reaper’s ex-mate.”

“Sandy, she is Psycho’s mate. He liked her touching him.”

“His wolf wants her touch. He doesn’t want another woman to touch him.”

“Besides, Psycho loved her. You saw what he did when Reaper hit her. He killed him for that.”

“He will kill anyone that hurts her, and he won’t hesitate to hurt a woman that touches him.”

“Be smart and stay away from him. Besides, you don’t know what his mate will do to you.”

“Let’s get this room done before she or Psycho shows up. None of you are going to get Psycho’s attention let alone get him in your beds. You can tell he loves his mate.”

I turned to see Psycho standing behind me. He was furious. I went to say something to him but, he put his finger to his lips. He took my hand and walked silently to the door. Then all hell broke loose.

“Listen and listen good. I heard everything that was said in this room. You are all whores. I would not put my dick in anyone of you. The only woman my dick will go in is Julie, my mate. All of you stink. You can smell the number of men that have had their dicks inside you.”

“Now get this room finished. I expect it done by the time we get back from shopping.” I watched as he glared at the whores.Then we turned and walked out of the room.

“I could tell he is trying to stay calm. But he stopped in the hallway and pushed me against the wall. I watched as he lowered his head and sniffed my neck. “God, you smell so good to me right now.” They all smelled rotten.

I watched him stand up and we walked out into the main club area. “Spirit, we will be back. We are going shopping for the bedroom.”

We walked out the door and over to his bike. He lifted me onto his bike and we drove out of the compound and into town to the furniture store. As he turned his bike off and he lifted me down, he held my hand as we walked into the store.

I love this man. He told those whores just what he thought and who he belonged to. He left them shaking in their boots. I wanted to laugh but I didn’t. We will see if he keeps his word. I looked up as a man walked over. I heard Psycho growl.

“Do not look at my wife like that,” Psycho told the man.

“Sorry. What can I help you with?”

" You can help us find two dressers, a bed that will fit my height, queen size, two end stands, lamps, a couch, and two years, two end tables, and a coffee table.”

“Julie, tell me what you like and we will get it.”

“We found everything we needed. The bed and mattress had to be ordered as Psycho is tall, very tall. He stands, 6 feet, 2 inches tall.”

We were now living in the club house. I was told that Psycho would be going to his father’s club house for a meeting. And his sister was home from the Army.

My brother, William and I decided to go to Shotgun’s club to meet her. He told me to come around 10pm. As we pulled into the compound, I saw a prospect look at my property cut. He turned and ran into the club.

“What was that about, Willam asked me?”

“I have no idea.”

We walked inside and I was standing behind my brother when he stopped dead in his tracks. I looked around him for Psycho. I saw a woman trying to sit on his lap, and the prospect telling him I was here.

“Did you say my mate is here?”

“I watched him sniff the air and then turn his head and look at me.”

I pushed Candy away and walked over to Julie. I was never so happy to see her as I was now. Candy has tried for years to tell me she was my mate. Of course, I knew she wasn’t. I hugged Julie and took her hand.

“Candy, this is my mate, Julie. Julie this is Candy and army buddy of my sisters.”

“And this is Kelly, my sister.”

“Nice to meet you, Kelly.”

“So, you really are my brother’s mate?”

“Yes, I am.”

“She can’t be your mate, Psycho. We are mates. You know we are.”

“Candy, you are not my mate. I have told you for years you aren’t. Besides, being human I never touched you. I never wanted to touch you.”

“The only woman besides my mother and sister I wanted to touch me is my mate. And Julie is my mate. Make no mistake about that.”

An hour later we all talked about how Psycho and I are now living at the clubhouse and we are going to have a BBQ in two months. I was sitting on Psycho’s lap and he kissed my neck. I leaned against his chest.

“I knew that Candy was angry. I also knew she wanted Psycho. But he didn’t want her.”

“Baby, I think we should head home.”

As we stood up he looked at his dad and sister.

“We are going home. It is getting late.”

“Nice to meet you both, I told Kelly, and Candy.” Then Psycho took my hand and we walked out of the door followed by William.

“You better watch that Candy, Psycho. She wants you bad.”

“I don’t want her. I never talked to her much even when Kelly brought her to the club on leave.”

“I always had to push her away from me. Like just when you walked in the door. She was always trying to sit on my lap. I told Kelly one day I was going to hurt Candy.”

“Kelly just told me that she didn’t care if I did. That Candy really is not her friend. She told us that Candy saw my picture and then put her hooks into her.”

“I am glad to hear that Kelly doesn’t really like her.”

In the club, Kelly told Candy to take a walk with her. Once they were outside Kelly looked at Candy,

“Candy, you know we are not friends. I was in the same unit as you. Now we are out of the service I was told to tell you that you need to go home. You are no longer welcome here. You will pack your things and leave in the morning.”

“Kelly, I want your brother and you will help me get him.”

“No, Candy, I won’t. What will happen is that Psycho will hurt you if you try to touch him.”

“And, Julie, she will just break your bones, maybe even kill you.”

“You know how strong we are.”

“I know she will reject him if I can get him in bed.”

“You do not understand mates. I have tried to tell you, but you won’t listen.”

“Wolf’s mate for life.”

“If one dies, or gets hurt, the other one knows about it.”

“And you know how Psycho is. He is dangerous. He will not hesitate to hurt you. He will break a bone, or scar you.”

“So, you will leave. I never liked you anyway. You are a slut.”

“I suggest when we go inside, you go to the room you are using and pack. I would even suggest that you leave tonight. After all, you do have a long drive ahead of you.”

I glared at Kelly, She would just throw me out now we are no longer in the military. She did not have to put up with me now. There is no one to order us to get along. I always knew she hated me. And now, I have nothing to hold over her head.

“Oh, and Candy. I would not talk about wolves if I were you. They will lock you up in the hospital. They will think you are crazy.”

I turned and walked into the clubhouse. I watched as she walked down the hallway to the bedroom she was using. I sat at the table and told mom and dad, Candy will be leaving and going to her own house.

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