Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 12: Two Months Later

We had been in the clubhouse for two months now. Psycho was working with Ghost and Spirit on finding property for the new Packhouse which we are planning to build. The plan is to find at least 25,000 acres of forest land with enough to clear in the middle for a large 100 bedroom with private baths, a kitchen, living room, large hotel-style dining room, laundry room, game room, and theater.

Then have a large in-ground swimming pool, five garages, and several private homes for couples, along with training grounds, shops, beauty shops, malls, and other businesses. We want our own private town. Like wolves, we want no humans here that are not related to a wolf or mated to one. We want the freedom to change and run when we want to or feel the need to.

Of course, Alpha Psycho wants us to have our own private home. All of this needs to be close to the clubhouse. At least one or two miles away. He will have a witch put a spell around the territory so strangers just drive to the next town without seeing our little town.

The funny thing is that no one here knows that I have Alpha blood that was not already members before Psycho killed Ripper. I walked over to Psycho and looked up at him. Finally, he looked down at me.

“You want to talk to me, don’t you? In private. Let’s go to my office.”

I followed Psycho to his office, shut and locked the door. I walked over and sat on his desk facing him. I slowly opened my legs and watched as he slowly pushed my dress above my knees and then he smiled.

I watched as he moved his hands to my wet pussy. I noticed the dew on her pussy. She was wet, slick, and ready for me. I pulled her to the edge of my desk. I rubbed my fingers along her lips and clit.

Fuck, she is always eager for me. And who was I to tell my mate no? I continued to rub her clit and pushed three fingers inside her. I moved them in and out as she rode them. I heard her moan, I unzipped my jeans with my other hand. I stood up and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy removing my hand.

I wrapped my arms around Legs around Psycho and moved as he continued to push against the lips and clit of my pussy begging him to put his big cock inside me. “Not yet,” he told me. Soon he pushed inside me inching himself in slowly. His cock spit the fluid in me so that I could accept him.

Soon he was all the way in. “I need it hard, Psycho. Make me scream. Make me want more of you.” I gave her what she wanted. Soon she bit my shoulder making me pump in and out of her faster and faster. I moved faster and faster my pre-cum lubricating her intensifying the sensation of feeling her orgasm and then I felt the swelling of the knot locking my cock inside her as I shot my semen deep, deep inside her.

I loved when she comes to me for sex. Hell, I know she loves it when I knot inside her. She is so small and I always try not to hurt her. I am huge, so big she can’t wrap her small hand around my cock.

The pre-cum helps the numbing of my cock but also turns her on. It helps to slide inside her so it doesn’t hurt her. Mother nature is helpful at times and especially if our mate should be a human. But still helpful for our mates. I stood up and reached into the desk and pulled out the kleenex and cleaned my cock.

Then I grabbed more and cleaned her. I zipped my jeans and sat down before looking up at her. I grinned and shook my head. I knew she wanted more. I need to take her to the cabin for the weekend and spend my time, making love to her all day.

After all, we are what they call, newlyweds.

“Now, what was on your mind other than seducing your mate?”

“Psycho, I want to be the one that accepts any women into the club, or the Packhouse, especially if they are single. I want Spirits mate, to be the female Betta and as my second in command.”

“I want us to sit down and discuss the rules we need for the club and Packhouse.”

“I think that is a good idea. We should do that. I will talk to Ghost and Spirit. We set up a time and date for this meeting.”

“Now go and talk to Sara and Kelly.”

I kissed Psycho and walked out of his office. As I walked past the whores that had cleaned, Psycho and my bedroom I saw them sniff the air out of the side of my eye. Then as I walked past one of them named Sandy, said. “They just had sex. You can smell him on her.”

Tara looked at her. “So what, they are mates.”

I grinned as I walked to the bedroom to shower before finding Sara, and Kelly. As I walked out of the bedroom I saw the whore, Sandy leaning against the wall. I did not know that she had something up her sleeve. Not until she told me.

“You won’t be with Psycho too much longer. I know how to get him to reject you, without him knowing he did it.”

“Enjoy being the Queen bitch while you can.”

I didn’t think about what she had said. But I did tell, Psycho, Kelly, Sara, Spirit, and Ghost what Sandy told me. They were all angry of course. I asked Kelly, and Sara to come to my office with me.

Once inside we sat down after I grabbed three notebooks and pens before sitting at the table. I handed them both one of the notebooks and pens. I told them why we were meeting and when I told Sara she was second in command after me she gasped.

We threw ideas out at each other regarding what the rules should be here and at the Packhouse. we wrote every idea down. After an hour we put our names on the notebooks and put them on my desk.

“Kelly stated she thought we had made a good start. Maybe in another month, we will check off any of the rules we all three thought of. And write those on another sheet of paper.”

I shut the door behind me and locked it before we walked down the hallway and over to the table. I leaned back in my chair and drank my coffee. I started watching Psycho more than usual after what Sandy told me.

My, wolf had been quieter the past month than usual. I wonder if she knows something and doesn’t want to tell me. I heard my name called and looked over at Kelly.

“I have been calling your name for a few minutes. What is on your mind?”

“Nothing, why don’t we have a prospect bring us fresh coffee and go sit on the front porch?”

We didn’t turn the lights on we didn’t want to have bugs flying around us. We sat down in chairs where we could see inside the club without being seen outside. We talked about what Sandy said to me.

“You, don’t really think that Psycho would reject you, without knowing he did it, do you?”

“I don’t know. He is too intelligent to not know he rejected me.”

“We will wait and see.”

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