Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 13: Back at Psycho's new clubhouse.

I watched as Julie walked in the door closing it behind her. I had just turned to talk to Ghost when the door flew off its hinges. What the hell I thought turning around to see the president of the Claw MC fly out the door.

I looked up to see an angry, very angry Julie standing there. Her eyes were a fiery red. Shit, what the hell did Scar do to make her that pissed off? I looked down at Scar and he looked at me.

“You need to put your whore straight, Psycho,” he told me.

“What the hell are you talking about, Scare?”

“I told that whore to get on her knees, when she refused I slapped her, and she threw me through the door.”

“That woman is not a whore, she is my mate, and she is also an Alpha.”

“You should know to never put your hands on an Alpha, Scar. Least of all a mated one.”

“Hell, I didn’t know.”

“And you didn’t take the time to notice her property cut either did you?”

“Julie, stop, don’t kill him,” Psycho told her.

“Kill him?, I am going to rip him apart.”

“Stop, Julie. I turned and looked at him laughing. Do you think you can use your Alpha voice on me? Have you forgotten who my father and mother are? Psycho?”

“And are you going to let that fucker slap me and get away with it? Answer me, Psycho?”

“I suggest that you answer that question very carefully.”

“I am not going to let you kill a president. Get that through your head, Julie.”

Ghost looked at me. “Be careful, Psycho. If you say the wrong thing she will leave.

“No, I am not going to let him get away with hitting you, or calling you a whore.”

“Scar, you may be my friend. However, I have to meet you in the ring. I need to teach you a lesson.”

“Come on, Psycho. I didn’t know she wasn’t a whore.”

“Either you meet me in the ring, or you meet my mate in the ring.”

“I can’t fight a woman. I would kill her.”

“She just might surprise you, Scar.”

“She is as crazy as, I am.”

“I will meet her in the ring. And I will try not to kill her, or hurt her too much.”

I looked over to see not only her laughing but half the bar. “Why the hell are they all laughing at me?”

“You think that Psycho is crazy, you have seen nothing yet.”

“We are so going to love watching you get your ass handed to you on a silver platter.”

“You, stuck your foot in your mouth, dude.”

Psycho and I turned and walked over to the table and sat down. I know that Scar is in for the surprise of his life. My beautiful mate has one hell of a temper. And she has now taken a dislike to Scar.

“What, you have something against men with scars on their face or are you just a b.”

“Stop right there or you will wear another scar,” Julie told him.

We looked over as the door slammed open and we heard a big booming voice yelling. Where is that sexy ass, the little sister of mine? I turned and looked over at my oldest brother, Ace walk in with a team of soldiers behind him.

I jumped up from the chair, ran over, and jumped into his arms, hugging him. Then we heard a loud growl. All of us turned and looked at Psycho. I saw Ace grin at him.

“Psycho, this is my big brother, Ace.”

“Ace come meet my mate.”

We walked across the room to the table. I watched as the soldiers pulled two more tables over and chairs. I watched as Ace glared at Psycho. They were both big, handsome, strong men.

“Do you want something? Ace asked Psycho.”

“Yes, and you know what it is I want. Hand my mate over.”

“Oh, is this your mate?”

“You know she is.”

“Fine, I kissed Julie and handed her to her mate.”

We all sat down and I noticed a few of my buddies looking at Julie with lust. “Eye’s in your fucking heads, boys.”

I then looked over at Scar and grinned. “So, Scar, gossip says my baby sister kicked your ass door and all outside.” I then growled at him.

“I also heard you called her a whore, told her to get on her knees and open her mouth. When she refused you put your hands on her.”

“I should kill you alone for that. But, laughing, I said. Instead, we all came here to watch her whip the floor with you.”

“Our dad’s Pack is coming to watch it. You really fucked up, Scar. You think I am crazy, you have not met crazy until you get in the ring with my baby sister.”

“And, Scar. Sniff the air.”

We all watched as he sniffed the air and then turned and looked at Julie. “Fuck, me. She is an Alpha.”

“That’s right. She is almost as large as I am.”

“Now, do you see why her mate is not worried about you getting into the ring with her?”

The fight is going to be in the gym as we knew a lot of people were coming to see this fight. One of the second badest Presidents against a small tiny woman. It is too laughable they are saying. I did not know but they are all betting on bad I will lose. They are all going to lose their money.

I went to my room to get into shorts and a tight half top. I walked out barefoot to whistles. I walked with Psycho, Spirit, Ghost, my brother, and his soldiers to the gym and up to the ring. They all sat down but, Psycho.

“You got this, baby. You know it.”

I kissed her before lifting her up onto the ring. I then turned around and sat in the seat in front of the ring. As Scar came out there were a lot of cheers but that didn’t bother, my mate. She looked over at me and winked.

Just as the fight started we saw the shock on Scar’s face. She moved so fast he didn’t see it coming. She jumped on him, wrapped her legs around his neck flipped him on his back, and punched him breaking a few rips.

I looked around the crowd and saw the shocked looks on their faces. They all knew they lost their money. Spirit and I started laughing. This is so funny. We turned in time to see Julie knock Scar out in the second round.

I lifted Julie down kissing her and we all walked out of the gym to the clubhouse. I watched as she walked to our room to take a shower. I just turned around and Sandy put her arms around me.

I suddenly felt the pain around my waist. Someone woman is hugging him. I continued to wash and get dressed. I didn’t know what was going on but I would soon.

“Get your fucking hands off me, bitch.” I growled.

I grabbed her hair in my fist and dragged her into the bar. I threw her to the floor in front of the bar and glared at her. I looked up to see my mate looking from her to me. Sandy, you broke a rule but I am going to give the punishment. I looked over at Ace and his soldiers.

“This whore is all of your soldiers for as long as you are here.”

I watched three of them stand up and walk overlooking down at her grinning. “NO!, she screamed.”

“Please, Psyco, I won’t do it again.”

“I know you won’t. Take her boys. Enjoy yourselves.”

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