Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 14: The Fun Begins

They dragged, Sandy out of the room with her begging for me to stop it. I sat down and pulled my mate onto my lap. I leaned down and kissed her. We heard a chair move out across from us. We both looked over to see, Scar sit down, very slowly. I looked over to see her brother, Ace, and his buddies laugh at him.

“My baby sister sure did a number on you, Scar.”

“Psycho, she is as crazy as you are.”

“She doesn’t like to be touched any more than I do. Unless it is someone she likes and is close to. Like her friends and siblings. Or, of course, me.”

“I don’t think you will make the same mistake twice. And, Scar. If you ever do or say anything to my mate like that again. Be warned. I will kill you.”

“That is a promise, not a threat,” Psycho told me.

Word got out by, video, as several wolves and humans had video, taped the fight It was all off Facebook. Of course, I could care less. I proved a point that men just can’t tell a woman to get on her knees just because they want their cock sucked. And they sure as hell can’t slap any woman they want.

Downstairs in the basement, the soldiers stripped their clothes and looked at Sandy. They hated the whore the minute they saw her trying to get, Psycho’s attention. Strip the bigger man said, looking at her. I looked down at their cocks already standing at attention.

“No, you won’t fit.”

“Fit where?”

“My pussy.”

“They will fit there, your mouth, and your ass.” He said.

“No, you can’t do that at the same time,” I screamed.

“Strip, or we will do it for you.”

I slowly stripped my clothes off. I stood there looking at them. I lay on the bed and told her to sit on my cock. Then her back was pushed down and Terry pushed his cock in her ass. She screamed as he jammed it inside her, filling her up to his balls.

“Open your mouth the third man told me. And don’t you bite me.”

I pushed my cock in her mouth and as my buddies fucked her pussy and ass, I fucked her mouth. God, it felt so good. Even though she was crying and in pain. I love to see women like her in pain. Teach them not to look at what does not belong to them.

I finished and slid out of her mouth. I dried off with her shirt and sat down, and watched as they fucked her hard. Terry held her hips firm so she could not jerk away from them. She continued to beg for them to stop.

Finally, Terry shot his load into her ass and pulled out of her. As he got off the bed, he walked to her bathroom to wash. Tim turned her off and lifted her legs over his shoulders and pounded in and out of her and soon he finished with her. He too walked to the bathroom and washed.

I walked over to the bed and made her get on her knees and shoved my cock into her ass. She was still tight and it felt good. We used the bitch for four hours before we showered and dressed. As we walked out the door we all told her we would see her maybe later tonight. If not then, we would differently see her tomorrow night.

“By the way, bitch. You should never put your hands on or look at what does not belong to you.”

We walked up the stairs and sat down. The other three that came with us stood up and walked down the stair. We knew which bedroom she was in, Julie told us. As we walked in she looked at us crying. “Please not again.”

“Carl told her to go take a shower and come back to the bed.:

Mike saw fresh sheets. He put them on the bed and threw the others in a corner. Then he sat down. “This bitch will learn to keep her hands off what does not belong to her. We six will make sure of it.

Once she walked back into the room Carl told her to get on her knees, he pushed his cock in her ass. I am not an ass man. Mike put his cock in her mouth and I sat and waited my turn. My cock is huge. I intend on fucking her with her legs over my should. More of my cock will hit the back of her cervix and I can make it feel good, or bad. Tonight she will scream in pain.

We spent several hours with her. I saw blood coming from her ass, as I got off her. They used her just as rough as we did. As we left she was crawling up in a ball crying. We walked up the stairs and sat down at the table.

“Psycho, that bitch should think twice about touching what does not belong to her. We will enjoy her again tomorrow.”

I cried as I made my way to the bathroom. I saw the blood running down my legs as I stepped into the shower. I knew that I needed to go and see the doctor. I put on underwear and a pad to stop the blood from flowing down my legs. I then grabbed a long dress and walked to the doctor’s office.

“Sandy what can I help you with, the doctor asked me.”

“They hurt me bad, doctor. I am bleeding from my ass.”

“Climb on the table and let me take a look.”

put some stitches in and packed her. I will let Psycho know they can’t fuck your ass for at least six weeks. They had to be pretty huge to do that damage.”

“You have no idea.”

“I hope that you learned to not touch Psycho again.”

“He did this as a punishment. He knows what they are all like.”

“I will stay as far away from Psycho as I can.”

“I hope so for your own good. He can make it much worse. He could call, Horse to come and use you. You won’t like that.”


“He hangs like a horse. Soft his cock hangs down his thigh. Imagine it hard?”

“No, thank you.”

“Go, rest. I will talk to Psycho.”

I watched as she limped out of my office. I then walked down the hall and into the bar. I walked over and looked at Psycho. I watched as he stood up and we walked down the hall. I told him about Sandy and that she can’t have anal sex for at least six weeks. But, she can give head and be fucked vaginally.

“I will tell Ace that the boys can’t have anal sex with Sandy until further notice.”

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