Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 16: Psycho Loses Julie

I arrived at Sara’s house. Once inside she was in my arms before I could tell her about my mate. I was inside her as she bent over the back of her couch. I woke up screaming in pain. My bedroom door was kicked in and Ghost, and Spirit took one look at me and they knew.

I screamed for over two hours. Kelly and Sara tried to help me, but they could not. Not even the doctor could do a thing. The members growled. My brother and his soldiers were pacing the floor. Ace was threatening to kill, Psycho.

Three hours later the pain stopped. I looked up as Ace walked into the room. “Julie, dad is sending a van for your things. He is sending three prospects. One to drive your car to the packhouse and the second to ride your bike.

“He is even sending a van with a bed. And he has called Aunt, Shawn to meet us at the Packhouse.”

“Ace, get me out of here the minute they arrive. I don’t want to see him if he comes back early.”

“Don’t worry, baby sister. He won’t get anywhere near you.”

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I sat down and watched over her. I gritted my teeth when I saw the bruises on her back, stomach, and thighs. When a mate cheats, the other mate has bruises from it. Dad is not going to like this.

I looked up as the door opened and my VP looked from her to me. The van is here. Start loading all the boxes and her suitcase. When they are finished I will carry her to the van. Once all the boxes and suitcases were cleared from the bedroom, I bent overwrapping the sheet around her and lifted her.

As I carried her out of the club I saw the sad looks of the members. I lay her on the mattress before closing the door. I then hit the back and walked over to my bike. I and my soldiers started our bikes and followed the van out onto the road.

As we arrived back at dad’s Packhouse and I carried Julie to her bedroom, dad followed. I watched as he removed the sheet and looked at all the bruises. Then he covered her up and walked out of the room. I followed him straight to his office.

I watched him dial a number and heard him say. “Shotgun, this is Savage. My daughter has left his clubhouse. He fucked another woman. Tell him, he lost his mate. I have Shawn here. She is going to block the pain and make her forget that Psycho is her mate.”

“You also tell him, to stay away from my territory.”

I watched as he hung the phone up. “I never thought that Psycho would do this to her. How could I have been so wrong, about him?”

“If it makes you feel any better. I never thought he would either. But he did. She loves him, dad. But the Alpha in her, she will fight him, she will not reject him, but, she will ask, Aunt, Shawn to block the pains, and make her forget that he is her mate.”

“That is what, I am afraid of. But, maybe it is for the best.”

“Maybe a few hundred years of having no pup’s, or mate will make him realize his mistakes.”

“I think it will drive him crazy when she shows no emotions or feelings for him. And she continued to deny that she doesn’t know him will make him highly pissed off.”

“I for one will enjoy watching his pain of knowing she is his mate, but he can’t do a thing about it.”

We looked over as the door opened. “Savage, you sister-in-law is here.”

“Tell her we will be out in a minute. And get her a cup of coffee.”

“Dad, Aunt, Shawn is going to be very pissed off when she sees the condition, Julie is in. Make sure she doesn’t put a spell on him.”

“Good idea.”

“Well, we should go. Can’t keep her waiting.”

Dad and I walked out of his office. I leaned down and kissed, Aunt, Shawn’s cheek before sitting down. I saw her look over at dad. “How, bad is she, Savage?”


“I will look for myself.”

I stood up and walked to the hallway. As I got to her bedroom I slowly opened the door. I saw that she was asleep. But it won’t last for long. I know, Psycho. I walked over and lifted the sheet from her body. I gritted my teeth.”

I lowered the sheet and looked at the clock. I walked back out and sat down. Get ready for the screams to start again. I would say within the hour. After they are over I will work on the blocking spell.

“Then what?”

" I will ask her if she wants me to block her memory of being his mate.”

“If she does, I will ask her for how long? I hope she says at least 100 years.”

“After that, it will wear off.”

“Of course, she will stop aging. She will look like she is 25 years of age. For that 100 years.”

“Do it. He needs to suffer. He can’t mate and mark another she-wolf. It will not stay.”

“it serves him right.”

“As you wish.”

Just then her screams started. “Shit, her mate is cheating.”

“It went on for hours.”

“Finally it stopped.”

“Thank god, they said.”

“I have work to do. I will see you in an hour, and do not let anyone come into that room.”

“I walked back to Julie’s bedroom to work on the spell.”

An hour later, I was finished. I then completed the spell so she forgot that, Psycho was her mate.”

I left her bedroom, walked over to Savage, and sat down. “It’s done. She won’t remember she is, Psycho’s mate when she wakes up.”

“But, you need to have a good explanation as to how she got those bruises.”

“She fell off her horse when she was riding. A snake scared her horse.”

“That is a good enough explanation.”

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