Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 17: Psycho Returns

A week later I rode into the compound. I noticed that Spirit, nor Ghost welcomed me home. I also noticed none of the members did either. I walked into the clubhouse and sat down at the table. I opened the beer and took a drink.

I looked over at the whores not one of them looked my way. I turned and looked at Kelly, and Sara. “Is Julie in her office?”

“No, she is not.”

“Where is she?”

“We do not know. We have not seen her since the day you left the club. Excuse, us we were just going to go out and set on the porch.”

I watched them stand up and walk away. What the hell is wrong with everyone? No one wants to talk to me. They all seem to hate me.”

I stood up and walked to my bedroom. The minute I opened the door, I noticed something off.

I saw that she had kept her word. She left. I sat down on the bed. I put my head in my hands. I stood up and walked out the door. I was met with a fist. “What the hell was that for, Ghost?”

“You fucked another woman. She screamed for hours. Her brother called their dad. She is gone, she is not coming back.”

I called Savage. “Where is my mate, Savage?”

“What mate?”

“Shawn put a spell on Julie. She won’t remember you are her mate for 100 years.”

“Funny, you have a mate but can’t reject her, nor can you mate and mark another she-wolf. The mating mark will not hold.”

“Julie doesn’t know you are her mate.”

“What about the mate mark?”

“It went into hiding.”

“You, however still wear her’s.”

“Now, isn’t that poetic justice?”

“Do not come into my territory, Psycho. You are not welcome here.”

I hung the phone upon him. God. Why did I not listen to her?”

“now her aunt put that spell on her. She won’t even know I am her mate. Not for 100 years.”

I walked back inside and sat down at the table. Everyone is pissed at me. “Human, I should stop changing. You took our mate away from us for 100 years. She will show no recognition of us. And you won’t get close enough to touch her for her to feel the sparks.”

I heard my name yelled. I looked over at Spirit. “What the hell do you want, Spirit.”

“Your dad just rode in.”

“He looks madder than hell.”

Just then the door was just kicked in and it flew off the hinges. I just sat there. I saw members moving away from him. I watched as he threw chairs and tables across the room as he walked towards me.

“You stupid son of a bitch.”

I saw my two older brothers standing behind him with their arms crossed. Just as angry as he was. “We just came from Savage’s clubhouse. We saw the bruises on Julie’s body. I told you what would happen to your mate if you fucked that bitch.”

“So, what?, I fucked her one last time.”

“You sure have. Bring her in boys.”

“I watched as two prospects dragged, Sara in by her head.”

“So, you think she is a good fuck?”

“Reaper, find out if she fucks good enough to lose a mate over. My dad said, looking at me.”

“No, I screamed.”

“Reaper has not found his mate yet. And if he did, he would not do what I did to my mate.”

I was held down by the prospects and made to watch as my brother raped, Sara.

“Please, don’t do this, she begged.”

“Reaper shoved his cock inside, Sara.”

When he finished he looked at me. “She is not worth losing a mate over.”

Dad looked at me. He never took his eyes off of me. “Anyone else wants to see if she is worth losing your mate over, have at her.”

They all lined up and had their fun with her. When they finished dad grabbed her by the hair and jerked her over and threw her on the floor at Psycho’s feet.” Have your whore back because that is what she is.”

“By the way, Bitch tell him who your boyfriend is. Tell him now.”

She looked up at me crying. “I can’t lie to you, they have proof. I am the girlfriend of the president of the Crow. Eagle is my boyfriend.”

“You, bitch.” I started laughing. He doesn’t want you, he wants my mate. Now, I don’t want you either. You will become a whore of my club. Let’s see if he will come for you. I bet he won’t.”

“Take this whore downstairs. Make her sign the contract. And make sure she understands the rules.”

“Keep her away from me.”

Then my brother Wolf looked at me smiling. “I think you had a beautiful mate, Psycho. I want her for myself.”

“Stay away from, Julie.”

“I don’t think so, brother. She is a very beautiful woman, not to mention an Alpha.”

“Me being a true, Alpha like you. We would have some strong pups. And, unlike you, I would never lie to her, or cheat on her as you did.”

“You see in a way, brother. You rejected her.”

“I would love for you to feel the pain she had gone through. I would also like you to suffer, and remember what you had and lost.”

“it won’t happen, brother.”

“Yes, it can, you have not marked her yet.”

“You, son of a bitch. I will tear you to pieces.”

“You can try, but remember who is the stronger brother here.”

“Remember, who will hold her in his arms. I have 100 years to get her to trust me and mate and mark her. And there is not a thing you can do about it.”

“She is so protected you can get nowhere near her. And the Alpha meetings, the King will put his personal guards around her. Even his oldest son wants her.”

“You, have a lot of competition out there now she is not under your protection.”

“You should have just called that bitch and told her you had a mate. This would not be happening.”

“Let’s go, boys.”

We all turned and followed our father out the door. As I got on my bike, my dad and brother were laughing. “That was a very interesting conversation you had in there, Wolf.”

“I meant every word I said. I do intend on trying to get close to her and earn her trust.”

We started our bikes and rode back to our clubhouse.

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