Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 19: Savage, And Wolf Visit Psycho

I looked up from the car I was working in to see my dad, and brother, Wolf get off their bikes and walk over to me. Just as they got to me, the she-wolf walked out of the office door. They sniffed the air and smelled my scent on her.

Wolf leaned against the wall crossing his arms. She looked over at him and smiled. As she went to touch him, he grabbed her wrist bringing her to the ground. “Do not touch me, whore. I smell my brother all over you. And, he is killing his mate. Leave, my brother is about to receive the news he won’t want to hear.”

“What the hell are you doing here, Wolf. And, what news will I not want to hear?”

“You broke the spell. She felt the pain last night, and it was even worse. We talked to the Elders. I can mark and claim, your mate. If she agrees. Since I am, your brother.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Just what, I said. Psycho, ask your Elders. Tell them everything. I came to tell you, I will mate and mark, Julie. After all, you never marked her.”

“If you had done it, I could not mate and mark her. You did her a favor. Seems like you like to fuck the whores too much to not cheat.”

“She is my mate. Mine, Wolf. Do not touch her.”

“After last night. Nothing is going to stop me.”

I turned into my wolf and circled my, brother. “I will kill you before I lose my mate.”

I turned into my wolf, I am twice as big as Psycho. I glared at him. I am angry. ” I want her for myself. I will have her.”

“You brought this on yourself, Psycho. She is going to be mine. You will feel the pain she has felt. You will watch her grow with my pups, you will remember what it was like to hold her, kiss her, mate with her. You will know that you will never have that again.”

We started fighting and the more we fought, the more of his members watched. We were scratching each other, biting and as more and more blood flew around the compound, Dad yelled for us to stop.

We turned back to human form glaring at each other. Psycho, yelled he was going to get his mate. “No, you will not. Savage will go to war and we will fight with him. Stay away from, Julie. Continue to fuck your whores. She doesn’t want you anymore.”

“She will when, she remembers me.”

“She does remember you, Psycho. She doesn’t want you as her mate. Not since you left the club and fucked Sara. And the rest of your whores.”

“We are leaving now. Remember what we said.”

We rode away from his clubhouse and drove back to Savages’. As we parked our bikes, Ace told us that, Julie is in Savage’s office. He told us they had been in there for an hour. In the office, Savage talked about how he knows, that she is aware that Psycho is her mate.

“Dad, I don’t want him as my mate. He keeps hurting me. Aunt, Shawn’s spell is not working anymore. I can’t take the pain of him being with other women.”

“I understand that Wolf can claim me because he is Psyco’s brother. What if he does the same thing?”

“He won’t, Julie. And this might be the best thing for you, and him. He likes you, Julie. He told, Psycho that he would claim you, mate, and mark you.”

“Which, Psycho never did. Now, why didn’t he mark you is the question.”

“Dad, I will die if, Psycho keeps doing this to me.”

“I know that, baby girl. That is why I want you to accept, Wolf as your mate. He said he will mate and mark you, as well as claim you the same night.”

“What about his second chance mate?”

“She rejected him. She actually had sex with Psycho. She thought he would mate and mark her. He told her he just wanted to fuck her.”

“Psycho has lied to all of us. He lied about not wanting to be touched. How he kept it secret all this time, I don’t know.”

“Dad, I don’t want Wolf, to mate and mark me the night, he claims me.”

“I just want him to claim me first. Then, when I can learn to trust him, We can talk about the mating and marking.”

“I do not him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.”

“I understand what you are saying, Julie, just talk to Wolf about what he wants.”

“Explain your concerns and how you feel.”

“Be open with him with your concerns.”

“Fine, dad. I am scared. I don’t want to be used again.”

“Baby, I understand. Believe me. I do.”

“Come on, they are back. Let’s go out to the bar.”

Julie and I walked out of the office. As we entered the bar I noticed that my chair was empty, and they made sure that the only empty chair was between Ace and Wolf. I smiled as Julie looked at the chair and who she would sit between. I watched as she walked over and sat down.

I could tell something was bothering her. I didn’t say anything, I will wait for her to come to me. I do not want to push her. I heard her talking to Ace. My wolf then said; “Human, her wolf is talking to me.”

“Angel is hurt, confused, and courious.”

“About what?”

“How, we would want her when Psycho is your brother.”

“She said, her human is confused as to why you would want to mate and mark her right away. When she does not know us.”

“She is also confused that she can mate and let you mark her, eventually when she is Psycho’s mate.”

“She wonders why you would want to mate and mark her at all. Especially since her fast mate rejected her, and her second mate was killed. And then she had Psycho as a mate, but he never marked her.”

“Because we love her.”

“Don’t worry, we will talk to her about it. But we will let her have time to figure things out for herself.”

“I am willing to let her take any pups we have, as well as sign a contract that if I ever cheat on her, I can never mark another she-wolf. She will be my mate until I die. If that will put her at ease.”

“I think you should add in there, that she will always be the Luna, and second in command of the clubhouse.”

“I like your thinking.”

I turned and looked down at Julie. I know she has been through hell. I understand why she doesn’t trust men. They have all cheated on her. Hell, it happened to me as well. I know she doesn’t cheat. She just leaves. But her brother said that she also is revengeful. I wonder what she has in mind for Psycho.

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