Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 2: Spirit

I am named Spirit, I am, Reaper’s VP. I am also his biological brother. I know what he is thinking. I know he is going to make the biggest mistake of his life. I looked down at my woman and sighed.

“Spirit what is wrong? And do not tell me nothing.”

“Since you all came back from the run, I have seen a change in Reaper.”

“The girl across the street. She is, Reaper’s second chance mate. He told Ghost and me that he can’t have a teenage girl as his mate. He is going to ignore her.”

“Sara, he will hurt her. I have a bad feeling that Reaper will live to regret it. That he is making a big mistake.”

“Won’t he go and introduce himself to her mother?”

“No, he thought they were human. But one of the prospects said he smelled her at Walmart when he was there. He stated that she was trying to cover her scent.”

“Why would she do that?”

“I don’t know, but she must have a reason.”

“Let’s go outside and sit on the porch. Maybe they will be outside.”

We looked across the street and soon saw three boys carrying a box out from the garage and start sitting up a swimming pool. It must have been 22 feet round, and five-foot deep. Soon one of them put a water hose in the pool.

We watched as a woman with long red hair walked out the door carrying a little boy. She walked over to where a girl sat, and she sat in a chair next to her. I watched as the little boy reached out to the girl.

“Spirit, you don’t thank that she is the mother of that baby, do you?”

“No, I think he is her little brother.”

We continued to watch them and heard the older woman say something. One of the boys made a phone call on his cell. About 40 minutes later we saw the pizza and pop being delivered. They all sat on the front porch and ate.

We looked over as Shotgun drove into the compound. He got off his bike and walked onto the porch and sat down in one of the chairs. I watched him as he looked over at the house.

“I think I am in love.” He said.

“I always had a thing for redheads.”

“So, has Reaper gone over and introduced himself yet?”

“No, and he doesn’t plan to,” Sara told him.

I looked over at her in shock. “What do you mean, he doesn’t plan to?”

“Just what, I said. He wants nothing to do with them. Especially with his mate.”

“Please tell me the redhead is not his mate.”

“Nope, the blonde.”

I looked at her in shock. “The blonde is Reapers, mate, and he doesn’t want her?”

“That’s about right.”

“Why the hell not?”

“He thinks she is too young for him.”

I started laughing. I fell out of my seat laughing.

“I think that is funny. He is lying, isn’t he?”

“Nope, he doesn’t want her.”

“But he won’t get a third mate. Is he crazy?”

“Look, Shotgun. I don’t understand it myself. I just know he is making a big mistake. He will lose her.”

“Are you all talking about me?” Reaper asked walking onto the porch.

“Just then he grabbed a whore and kissed her.”

I looked over at the house and watched as the blonde grabbed her chest. I never thought Reaper would hurt his mate on purpose. But I am watching him do it. I watched him kiss that whore in shock.

I stood up and looked at Reaper.

“Reaper, what the hell are you doing?”

“I am kissing a whore.”

“I can see that. I never thought my own nephew would hurt his mate on purpose. At least not until now.”

“I am going home. I won’t sit and watch you be a jerk.”

I walked off the porch to my bike. I glared at Reaper before driving out of his compound. I watched as one of her brothers lifted her in his arms and carried her into the house. I shoved the whore away.

“Get away from me.”

“But you kissed me.”

“I kissed you to hurt my mate. Now leave.”

Reaper did not see Ghost and Kelly standing behind him.

“Why, why would you hurt your mate on purpose, Reaper.” Asked, Kelly.

“Because she is too young for me, and I don’t want her.”

“Sara let’s go introduce ourselves,” Kelly said.

We watched as the girls walked off the porch and crossed the street. We walked up onto the porch and talked to the red head.

“Hello, my name is Kelly, I am the mate of the enforcer, my name is Sara, I am the mate of the VP.”

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Peggy. My daughter just went inside, her name Julie, she is 20 years old, and walking out the door is my son, William, he is 22, This is my son, Stanley, he is 21, and that is Bobbie. He is 23.”

“And this little man here is Johnny, he is one year.”

“Have a seat. Would you like something to drink?”

“No, thank you, we are fine.”

“We sat and talked to Peggy for about one hour.”

“With our wolf hearing, we could hear Julie crying.”

“We should go now. Sara said.”

“Come for coffee any time. I always have a pot on.”

“Thank you, we would like that.”

We watched as Kelly, and Sara walked across the street over to their club.

As we walked back onto the porch, we looked at the guys.

“Well, how old is she, and what is her name?”

" Her name is Julie, and she is 20 years old.”

“So, she is not a teenager.” Said, Spirit.

“That’s right, she is an adult.”

Soon, we heard a door slam across the street. We watched as Julie walked to the garage. Soon we heard a bike start and ride out onto the road. Ghost whistled.

“Reaper is going to be so jealous. His unwanted mate owns the very bike he wants.”

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