Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 20: Julie's Revenge

I had been thinking about my revenge. Psycho is a liar and a cheater. He is never going to change. He deserves whatever, I do to him. I looked over at Ace and I saw his eyes getting wide. He knew I had made up my mind.

I then moved my leg against, Wolf’s. I felt her touching my leg. I looked over at her. “Take a walk with me, Wolf.”

We stood up and I followed her out the door of the clubhouse. I watched as she walked toward the barn. She stopped at the fence, looking up at me. After a few minutes, she asked. “Why, would you want to mate, mark me, and claim me?”

“If I told you the truth, you would not believe me.”

“Try me.”

“My wolf, and I love you. We fell in love with you the day your, dad called mine, cursing him out.”

“The day we came here, and he showed us what, Psycho was doing to you.”

“I understood what was happening to you, because Psycho fucked my mate.”

“He didn’t listen to our father when he told him not to go and see that whore.”

“Like you, my father knew that Psycho was going to fuck her. He didn’t believe dad when he told him you, being an Alpha would feel it no matter where you were.”

“I was shocked when my wolf said, you belonged to us and not Psycho.”

“Julie, I am willing to sign a contract if I have to. If I ever cheated, but I won’t. But if I did any pups we have you can take them with you. I will even sign a contract that I will never mate and mark another she-wolf, and that you will remain second in command of our clubhouse.”

“You know what that would mean, I am sure. It would mean even if I had a girlfriend or whore, you would still be in charge of them.”

“It would even mean that you could mate with another man, I would have no say about it.”

“Wolf, I will give you a chance, but I need you to mark me, I might not be able to mate with you at first.”

“I understand.”

“Do, you?”

“I do, Julie. You love Psycho.”

“I despise, Psycho. I will get my revenge on him. I know he has that bitch at the clubhouse, I also know he is still fucking her.”

“I won’t lie to you. She is there, and yes, he is fucking her.”

“Tell me something I don’t know. I feel the pain, it is his time to feel the pain.”

I reached up and pulled him toward me. I started kissing him. Soon I was in shock. This man could kiss. I didn’t think he would make me moan and get wet, but shit. I could not have been more wrong. Soon, my nipples were at attention, and he didn’t even touch them.

“Angel said in my mind. “They have to be wrong about Psycho being our mate. Wolf, has to be our mate.”

“Angel, I am thinking the same thing.”

“Unless, Wolf, is really, Psycho’s twin brother. And no one told us.”

I was sitting at the table when my head flew up and I growled. “What is it, Spirit asked?”

“Julie, she is making out with another male wolf.”

I threw my beer at the wall. I looked over at Kelly, and Sara laughing. “What the hell do you two think is so funny about that?”

“Well, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. You asked for this.”

“You continue to cheat, fuck that whore, and think it is ok, but when your mate kisses another man, you don’t like it.”

“She is going let another wolf mark her.”

“She can’t, only my mark will stay.”

“Remember that secret you and your family kept. Wolf is your twin brother. Whatever a twin feels the other feels.”

“Mother fucker. Why didn’t you remind me of that sooner?”

“Because we want Wolf to mate and mark, Julie for everything you have done to her. Not only that, but she is also coming out to play. Her revenge will be sweet.”

“What are you talking about?”

“As your twin brother, Wolf can mate and mark her, he can give her pups. She may leave with him and come back carrying his pup.”

“She will flaunt that in your face, knowing you will never have a pup of your own.”

“You men need to remember that you might cheat on us, but in the end, we women have more up our sleeves than you can ever think of. We learn all your little secrets, what will hurt you the most, and we will make you pay in the end.”

“Julie has watched, listened, and learned. She may have been quiet at parties, but she was always listening. Not only about what you had to say, but what others, like Alpha’s, and presidents had to say about you. She talked to the whores in other clubs about you. They would tell her everything. Now, she will use that against you.”

“The joke is on you, Psycho.”

“Pray, she doesn’t let another wolf mark her.”

“Back at Savage’s clubhouse, Wolf pulled back looking down at her. “Julie, if we don’t stop, I will drag you into that barn, and make love to you. I will mark you.”

I was so wet and wanted him, I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the barn. I climbed the ladder to the loft and threw a few blankets that were stacked on a box onto the hay. I then I turned and looked at Wolf.

I removed my shoes and then my shirt. I watched as Wolf looked at me with lust. I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zipper. I heard him growl. Then he had me on top of the blankets making out with me.

“Soon we were naked, I was rubbing against his thick cock. And he moaned. “In a husky voice, he said. “Julie, if we do this, you will belong to me, I will belong to you. You will be my woman, not my brothers.”

“Wolf, I don’t want to stop. I accept. I will be your mate, your Luna, your woman.”

“God, he knew what to do to make a woman scream in pleasure. Psycho was good. But not this good. I screamed Wolf’s name for hours. All I thought about was him. Nothing else.”

Back at Psycho’s club he stood up and ran to his room. Once he shut the bedroom door he doubled over in such pain. He screamed for hours. He knew Julie was being fucked by another male. The pain was so bad he was begging for death.

“Psycho screamed. You son of a bitch Wolf. She is mine. Mine and you have no right.” The worst pain hit; his neck was on fire. “No! Wolf she is my mate.”

“My wolf said, not anymore. We did not mark her. She is legally Wolf’s mate now. You would never mark her. Now she will wear, Wolf’s mark. We will never have pups; we will feel every time they mate.”

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