Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 21: Julie Moves to Wolf and Shotgun's Packhouse

It has been a week since Wolf mark and mated me. I have been living in the Packhouse and getting along with most of the pack members. Of course, there are some she-wolfs that try to make me feel small. They do not yet know that I am an Alpha Female and the next president of my father’s Packhouse.

I just smile at them and walk away. I know that they had hoped to be the ones to mate and mark, Wolf. I am happy that I trusted, Wolf and let him mark me. Psycho, hurt him as well. I had not been to the clubhouse yet. Wolf is taking me today. He wanted to wait until my property cut arrived. It came today.

I looked up as Wolf walked over carrying my jacket. He put it on me and took my hand. Let’s go to the clubhouse, he said walking to the door. He lifted me onto the back of his bike as we walked up to it.

As he sat down and started it, I wrapped my arms around him. I love riding behind, Wolf. Psycho never let me ride behind him much. Wolf is always taking me out for rides. I love him for that. He also refuses to attend meetings at other clubhouses without me. He said, no one is going to lie about him and when he stays the night, his wife and woman will sleep next to him.

I looked over as he started turning into a huge parking lot and saw the house. It was a three-story house. His clubhouse is huge. He warned me that it was really big. He stopped his bike and turned it off. I looked up to see about 25 men looking our way with their mouths open.

As Wolf, stood me on my feet I looked up at a man looking from Wolf to me. “Tell, me this is a joke, Wolf.” He spoke.

“This beautiful woman is not your woman.”

“Fist, meet my woman, wife, mate, and second in command, Julie.”

“Julie, pleased to meet you. But I don’t know how we will put up with two Alpha’s in the same clubhouse.”

“How did you know she was an Alpha, Fist?”

“I am best friends with her brother, Ace. We served together.”

“Ace would always show any new pictures of her when she sent them to him. And those cookies she makes. So, good. Julie, the whores will be so upset to find that Wolf is off the market as will the sisters of visiting MC’s.”

“Not that he showed anyone of them any attention.”

“And the men, my god, Wolf, you will be so jealous. She is worth looking at all day long.”

“We walked into the clubhouse, and it got really quiet. We heard gasps and someone dropped a beer bottle breaking it. “I am in love one of the members said.”

“Boy’s, this is, Julie, my mate, woman, wife, and second in command.”

“We looked up as a tall red-headed woman stood up yelling. “The hell she is your mate. I am your mate.”

I looked over at the woman and Wolf. I knew she was his mate, but she rejected him after she fucked Psycho thinking that Psycho would claim her. She tried to get Wolf to accept her back and he refused.

“Kathy, are you forgetting something? You rejected me thinking that Psycho would claim you. He refused. I am your rejected mate.”

“Your mark will not remain on her. It will fade,” she said.

“Do you mean this mark, I asked.”

“NO! that is not possible, it should not be there.”

“But it is because I am his mate now.”

“If you remember, Kathy. I accepted your rejection, forever. I also have not touched you since you fucked my brother. In fact, your scent stinks. It smells like someone who crawled out of their grave.”

“Not to mention that you smell like shit.”

I took Julie’s hand and walked over to the table and sat down. I pulled her onto my lap. I pulled her against my chest and kissed the side of her neck. I noticed several members looking at her with lust. I grinned knowing, she would never cheat. Unlike my previous mate.

I was talking to my VP, Fist when I turned my head to see my enforcer, Mark sit down and pull his mate, Sherry onto his lap. “Wolf, you should know that son of a bitch, Raven is on his way here with his VP, Eagle.”

“And why would they be coming here?”

“They are coming because Raven’s sister is pregnant, and she said it belongs to you.”

“That is a fucking lie. I have not been to his club in three months. But I know that Psycho was there.”

“You, all know that I have been at Savage’s club, with my woman.”

“Good thing you mated and marked each other.”

“Well, Psycho is the man who most likely got her pregnant.”

“We know that, but they also know that Psycho is not one to take responsibility for his mistakes. And, you know that.”

“He could care less if he got her pregnant. She is a human.”

“Well, that is a problem, Mark. Psycho, can’t get anyone pregnant.”

“What are you talking about, Wolf.”

“You see Julie here. She was his mate, be failed to mark her. So, I marked and mated her. We fell in love. Psycho, has continued to fuck any woman he got to put his cock in. Caused, Julie so much pain.”

“Julie had enough of him. Now she will get revenge.”

“Also, he is an Alpha, the only woman he can get pregnant with is his mate.”

“This is going to be very interesting. You know that she is not going to say that Psycho, fucked her. She has been after you for the past four years. It is you she wants. And intends on having.”

“Well, that is just too bad. I am not single.”

Just then we all heard bikes park in front of the club. I looked up to see Raven, Eagle, and Jasmine walk inside. I saw the hate in her eyes seeing me setting on Wolf’s lap and his arms around me.

“Well, if it isn’t the slut. I saw the bump and laughed. Jasmine, we know why you are here. Trying to tell Raven, and Eagle my mate got you pregnant. I know who you had sex with five months ago. It was Psycho, or could it have been Ace, my brother?”

“What the hell are you talking about, Julie? Raven asked. “Didn’t your precious sister tell you that she has sex with a lot of men, Raven? I caught your precious baby sister coming out of my brother, Aces bedroom the last night your members left King’s clubhouse.”

“You need to admit that Jasmine is an anybody. I even bet half the men in your club have had their cock shoved up her cunt.”

I also know for a fact that kid is not Wolf’s. Wolf has been at King’s clubhouse for the past 7 months along with Shotgun. Not to forget. He was with me. So, take your lying ass slut of a sister and go back to your clubhouse.”

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