Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 22: Jasmine

I was being dragged out of Wolf’s clubhouse screaming at Raven that, Julie is lying. “Raven, you know that Wolf was at our clubhouse, you know she is lying about me. I was a virgin, Wolf got me pregnant. You have to make him marry me.”

“I don’t have to make Wolf do anything, Jasmine. And I will make sure he was there before I believe that he is the father of this child.”

“Everyone signs in when there is a meeting, Jasmine. You didn’t know that did you? And so, help me got, Jasmine if his name is not on that sign-in sheet, I will force you to marry the man of my choice.”

“NO, don’t make me do that,” Jasmine screamed.

I knew Wolf was not there the night I got pregnant. It was the VP of the “Red Devil” He would not accept me and I sure as hell know he would never willingly claim me. As he left, he told me that I was nothing but a slut and if I got pregnant, he would take the baby from me.

I also know that he would accept the offer from Burn to take me off his hands. Burn is not one that a woman should be forced to accept. He is evil. He likes to hurt women. That is the only way he can get off. I always stay away from him when he comes to the clubhouse.

Burn has always tried to get her brothers to let him claim her. I don’t want him. I surely hope they would not force me to accept his claim of all the men. I also know that Rage has asked permission to date me. I would rather date Rage.

I was furious. As we walked into the clubhouse I told, Jasmine to sit down and do not move. I saw Rage sitting at the table. I turned and walked to my office and pulled the file with the sign-in sheets out and opened it. Sure enough, Wolf had not been at my club, his dad and Psycho had attended the meeting.

I would bet Psycho is the one she had been in bed with, and he is the father. I walked out angry. Angry that I would have gone to war with Shotgun’s club for no reason. I sat down and opened the beer bottle that was just placed in front of me.

I looked from, Rage too, Jasmine. “Rage, you have always wanted to claim Jasmine. Are you still interested? You have to know that she is pregnant. She is trying to say that Wolf is the father, he is not. It is more like Psycho.”

I looked at my brother in anger. “Fine, I did have sex with Psycho. It is his kid. I want to marry Wolf.”

“Wolf is already married, his mate is, Julie.”

“I am still willing to claim, Jasmine on two conditions.”

" What are the conditions? Raven, asked?

“Psycho be notified he is going to be a father, that if he wants the child after it is born that he takes it immediately. The second is that she can never divorce me, no matter what.”

“No, I will refuse that,” Jasmine yelled.

“You will do what you are told or, I will give you to Burn.”

“I was not finished. The claim will be completed today.”

“Done, you will claim her right now.”

I walked up to the front of the bar. We are having a claim right now. Rage, Jasmine, stand up here and make your claim. You will accept, Jasmine or else.”

That was how I was claimed. I now belong to Rage. I looked at my brother with such hate. How could he do this to me? So, what, I lied about Wolf, I got pregnant. Big deal. But to make me accept the claim of a man I did not love. I love, Wolf. I have since I was 16 and saw him for the first time at my graduation party. But he never paid any attention to me.

Now, I will live at Rage’s clubhouse. He will be the one having sex with me. I am not saying he is not handsome. He is, but I feel nothing for him. I never once tried to get him in my bed. Not that he has not tried.

I also am not saying that I would not like having sex with him. I am told he is good, very good, and can make a woman scream his name. I also can never divorce him, thanks to my brother. And he said it in front of the whole clubhouse. It is binding. It can’t be broken. At least not until the day that Rage dies.

My face turned white when I heard, Raven take her to her room and make her your wife fully. He took my hand, dragged me to my room, and locked the door. Rage did make love to me. My body betrayed me. I was begging him to make love to me. And he did.

“Jasmine, I will order your property cut when we get back to my club. I know I am not the man you wanted. But someday you will fall in love with me.”

“On the day you tell me you love me; I will really show you what making love is. You will never want to leave me. And you know, I will not cheat. I do not believe in that. I was raised if you have a woman, that is the woman you make love to. You do not fuck another woman.”

“If I catch you fucking another man, I will punish you. I will beat your ass in front of the club. I will take the privilege of being second in command from you. I will make you stay home locked in our room, with guards at the door.”

“You will have your meals brought to you by a woman, not a man. You will be permitted out of your room only when I am at the clubhouse. I can do more, but I won’t unless you make me. Do you understand me?”

“I understand.”

“Good, don’t make me punish you, Jasmine.”

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