Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 24: Shark

I sat across the table from Shark. I noticed that he watched everything. Nothing seemed to get past him. He looked over at Wolf. “We are being watched. I sense five men in the woods. There are three mixing with everyone.”

I stood up and walked to the table to get a bottle of water. As I got five feet from the table, I felt an arm go around my neck and I was pulled back against a man’s body. “Hello, Wolf. What a beautiful woman you have. But she is not your real mate, and we know it.”

I looked over at Shark who was leaning back in his chair glaring at the man. I knew I could not change. Too many humans were at the party. They could get hurt. I growled under my breath. “What do we have here, a she-wolf.”

I felt the knife slide across the side of my neck. I noticed that Shark and Wolf watched the blood flow down. Shark moved so fast I did not see it happen, but I was thrown into Joker’s arms. When I turned around the man that was standing behind the one holding me was dead.

The man that had the knife to my throat was still alive. I heard, Kathy screaming. “Don’t hurt my brother.”

I looked over at the whore grinning. “Why shouldn’t I hurt your brother whore? He cut my sister.”

“He was only doing what I asked him to do. To get rid of her. Wolf is my mate. Not hers.”

“Wolf was your mate, and I do not see his mark on you. I see it on her. That makes her Wolfs mate.”

“If she is not here, Wolf will take back his rejection.”

“No, he can’t. He rejected you forever. You do not have a chance in hell of mating with Wolf, let alone marking him. Or him marking you.”

“I see no reason why I should not kill him. He attacked an Alpha’s mate. Not to mention the one woman that kept me, and my buddies alive during the war. She means more to me than your brother or you do.”

“Mr., you made the biggest mistake of your life. Looking in my eyes, Shark cut the man’s throat and threw him on the ground.” This is to remind any other male not to touch, Julie. Or they will get the same thing he just got.”

Kathy ran over to her brother screaming and cursing, Shark. “Lady if you do not want any more of your family killed, I suggest you keep them away from your Luna, and second in command.”

Joker looked at his VP. “Shit, Shark. You just killed for her. You didn’t even blink an eye. That was cold man.”

“No, that is life. He should never have cut her with that knife. When I saw her blood, I saw read. I had to kill him. To make sure he never touched her again. And to spread the word. Never put your hands, on Wolf’s wife, or Shark will hunt you down and kill you.”

We all sat back and leaned against the trees. You do know who that VP is don’t you?”

“That is Shark. He hates everyone. Everyone but his buddies and Ace’s sister.”

“He just killed for her. He is sending a message. You saw him look this way. He is telling us. Do not touch her or you or dead. And he will hunt anyone down that hurts her. Let’s get out of here. I don’t need that whore’s money that much.” One of the men said.

“I sure as hell want to live and not have to look behind my shoulder to make sure that Shark is not standing there.”

I knew they got the message. Soon I no longer smelled their scents. I sat down not saying a word. I watched as two prospects dragged the whore’s brother away with her following. Fucking bitch, tried to get them to kill my sister. Not happening on my watch.

He made the mistake of cutting her with that knife. When I saw her blood run down her neck that was all it took. Now they all know I can move fast, very fast. And they will not see it coming. Ace is the same way.

I looked over to see her neck had healed already. That is how we are unless the wound is a bad one. Then it takes longer. I was angry as that knife was a hairs breath from her arteries. If he had cut that, I would have torn him limb from limb.

Ace was one of the men I could talk to about anything. I was the first one he shared, her letters to him with. I loved how she described her years at school and was angry about how she was treated when she came home.

I laughed at the silly things she did. Especially how she was running after her best friend, Sara, and tripped and fell into the Christmas tree. We loved hearing about her horses and learning to fight and handle different weapons.

I always thought of her as tall with long blonde hair but was shocked to see she was such a tiny thing when she sent a picture of herself standing next to one of her horses. Such a short, beautiful woman with long brown hair.

As I sat across from her looking at her, I could tell she has trust issues, but she does love, Wolf. I noticed that he was watching a woman that sat across a table facing us. He had sad eyes. As if he longed for her.

My wolf stirred in my head. “That woman is his real mate. She rejected him. She slept with his brother. His brother was, Julie’s mate. What the fuck, I said to my wolf. She has been hurt by a lot of men.”

“Her real mate rejected her. Then her second mate never claimed her, then she got Psycho. He mated her but refused to mark her, so Wolf mated and marked her. She belongs to none of them. They all hurt her, and Wolf will try not to.”

“We should let her know she can always come to us for help. We will do that. If she ever needs us.”

I felt Wolf, put his hand on my leg. I looked up at him. He smiled down at me. “Is something wrong babe?”

“No, nothing is wrong.” I am very good at hiding my feelings. I saw him looking at Kathy with sad eyes. I know he wonders what it would feel like to make love to his true mate. I wonder the same thing.

I am scared. Scared that he will have sex with her. I don’t want to think of him having sex with another woman. It would break me if he did. I gave him a chance. I can’t give another male wolf a chance.

“Human, he will try not to cheat on us. He knows what Psycho, put you through. He does not want to do the same thing.”

“I hope not Angel. I would break this time for sure.”

I lay my head against, Wolf’s shoulder. I was getting tired. Then I heard him tell everyone that we were going to our room and will see them all at breakfast. We stood up and he took my hand and we walked in the back door of the club.

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