Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 25: Three Months Later

I have been with Wolf for three months now. We have been happy. Shark and Ace come to visit often. Ace was coming today, and I knew that Shark would be with him. My best friend, Sara was coming to stay. We plan on opening a massage shop downtown, along with a tattoo shop.

Wolf is fine with this. He understands that I am a licensed massage therapist and that I will touch men and women. I prefer working with children. I do not work with teenagers. I work with disabled children. Some adults, men, and women.

I work with those with back injuries. I give Wolf a massage two to three times a month. He loves it. We looked up as Mark was helped into the club. He was taken to see the doctor. About 20 minutes later the doctor walked out and asked Wolf and me to come to his office, along with Kelly.

As we walked in the doctor looked at me. “Julie, massage therapy is not field. Mark has hurt his back and needs your help.”

I walked over and looked at Kelly. “You will feel this, Kelly.”

“Do what you have to do, help him relieve his pain, Julie”

“I rolled up my sleeves washed my hands and grabbed some oil. I then started to massage Mark’s back.”

“Soon he moaned as I massaged the tense muscles. Jesus, Julie. It feels like you are massaging my back. It feels so good. I would love a real message someday. I am feeling so relaxed I could go to sleep.”

I smiled at her and just massaged the tension and stiff muscles of Mark’s back. 30 minutes later I washed my hands and dried them. “How does your back feel now Mark?”

“Like I never hurt it. Thanks, Julie. I appreciate it. My back doesn’t hurt anymore. You should be good to go and will be just like new in an hour.”

“My back feels just as good as he does. I can tell you that I was in pain as soon as, Mark hurt his back.” Kelly said. “You will have them lining up for a massage from you. You know what you are doing.”

“Thank you, Kelly. I learned as much as a doctor does but a little more, isn’t that right doctor?”

“She is correct. And I can see that she is very good at what she has done.”

“She had to work very hard, I can tell you that.”

As we walked out the door I saw that Ace, Shark, and Sara were sitting at the table with Fist. I hugged my brother, Shark, and Sara. “I introduced Sara to everyone. I could see that Ace could not take his eyes off of Sara.”

“Sara looked at Ace. You might as well do it, she said”

“Do what?”

“Reject me. I know you want to.”

“Why would I reject the mate made for me, Sara?”

“You, don’t want to reject me?”

“No, I do not want to reject you. I am over here because I want to drag you to your room.”

“I grinned at the both of them. I think you two should go for a ride and get to know each other.”

Ace stood up and grabbed, Sara’s hand walking to the door. “We will be back in a few hours.” Ace said.

We sat and talked when Wolf looked over at Shark. “Shark, something is bothering you.”

We watched him lean forward setting his bottle of beer on the table. He looked down at the table and took a breath. “You should know that there is talk going around about Julie.”

“What kind of talk? and please do not lie to me.”

“I would not lie to any of you. But talk is that someone has offered one million dollars if Julie can be brought to him unharmed.”

I gasped. “Who the hell would offer that kind of money for a she-wolf?”

“We don’t know. Some say it is Psycho, some say the prince of Alpha’s, some say the king of the Rouges, and others say the king of the Vampires.”

“Then others say it could even be the head of the Mafia.”

“I would bet on that one. I found out something not too many people know about.”

“Julie, do you know much about your mother’s side of the family?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, your mother is the daughter of the head of the Mafia in Florida.”

“Your uncle is taking over in a few months. That is not all. I am the grandson of the second strongest leader of the Mafia.”

“My brother is your uncle’s best friend. I looked at her. Julie, you look just like a painting of the woman he said was his real mate.”

“That is not possible, Shark. I have lived here all my life. I am the next Alpha of my father’s pack.”

“Are you sure about that? Look how they treated you when you graduated. How they never wanted you to change into your wolf in front of everyone. Your mother had a sister, one year older than she is. She was killed and her pup stolen. That pup could be you.”

“If you are that kidnapped child, your father is the leader of all the Mafia. The big man himself.”

“Everyone will want to get their hand on you. And they say that his daughter has emerald eyes when she changes into her wolf. Exactly like her father’s. He has not stopped looking for his mate and his child.”

“My mother would not lie to me.”

“They would if it was to keep you and your mother safe. And if your mother is alive, I would bet she has kept an eye on you. She may not have been able to visit but she made a deal to keep you safe.”

“No, I do not believe this. It can’t be true. Why would my parents lie to me?”

“I told you why.”

“I want to see the man you think is my father, and a picture of my mother’s sister.”

“I can get them for you. I am going to visit my brother this weekend.”

“I will get the pictures.”

“You, do that. I don’t believe you.”

“I knew that you would say that. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

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