Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 26; Sharks Brother

Like my brother, Gene, I hate wearing suits. He is also the president of his own clubhouse in Celina, Ohio. His road name is Razor. “Shark, welcome home.”

As I sat down, he handed me a whisky. “You look like you have something on your mind.”

I threw, Julie’s picture across the table. “What is this?”

“Look at it.”

I watched as he picked her picture up. “Where did you get this?”

“She is Ace’s sister. Or is she? I think she is William’s daughter. The daughter that belongs to you. But she is mated to Wolf.”

“She has been thru hell, Gene. She is also an Alpha. But I have not seen her wolf.”

“I think it is time that you went back to your clubhouse. Come to the festival and meet her yourself.”

“She won’t trust you; I will tell you that.”

“Her real mate, second mate, and third mate rejected her in their own ways. They all cheated on her. Not one of them marked her. Not until Wolf. His mate rejected him. Funny that she lives in his clubhouse.”

“A spell could have been put on her to make her think they were her mates,” Gene said.

“That is true. But, why?”

“I don’t know. To keep her there.”

“I need a picture of William. Can you get that for me?”

“I can, but why not let him see her for himself? He also has his own club. Where is Wolf’s club now?”

“Sidney, Ohio.”

“Williams is in Piqua.”

“I will call him. Have him meet at the house.”

“You do that. I will be there. I am headed there now. I could use a shower and get out of this fucking suit. I hate suits.”

I shook my head laughing at Shark as he walked out of my office door. I had just sat down at my desk when the door flew open, and Candy walked in.

“Just what do you think you are doing walking into my office unannounced, Candy?”

“I should not have to be announced. After all, we are seeing each other.”

“No, we are not seeing each other. I fuck you when I have an itch that needs to be scratched.”

“Which, by the way, will never happen again.” I picked up my phone and called security. I looked up as two men walked in. I want this bitch thrown out of this building. She is never to be let in again.”

“Candy, do not ever call me, or come to my home, or here again.”

I then picked up the phone and called William. “William, I need you to come to my house tonight.”

“What for?”

“I have a picture you need to look at. Shark brought it to me. It might be your daughter.”

“I will be there at 5: oo pm.”

“Sounds good. See you then.”

I leaned my head back against my chair and closed my eyes. God, I hope she is my Julie. My wolf screamed in my mind. “You, dumb fucker, she is our Julie. We need to get her to touch us. She will feel the real tingles and she will Know.”

“We can’t scare her, Lightening. Besides. Shark said she is marked and mated.”

“But if he cheats, she will leave him.”

“I don’t think he will.”

“He could change his mind; he could go back to his real mate.”

“He could, but I don’t think so. I wouldn’t if I had her.”

“She is beautiful. yes, she is. But I can’t see her living in the world we live in right now.”

“You could be right. But we will wait and see.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. I stood up and walked out of my office. I stopped at Linda’s desk.

“Linda, if Candy comes back in this building, she is not to get past my office doors. She is to be thrown out of this building on her ass.”

“I will make sure of it, boss.”

I walked out of the door and took the elevator down to the first floor. I then walked out to get in my waiting car and headed home. Shark and I will talk to William and decide what he wants to do about that woman.

I also will talk to my dad. I think I will have my brother, Ted take my place and I will go back to my club. I am more at home in the biker world. I miss riding my bike and can’t wait to get back on it.

I looked up as the car turned into the driveway. I opened the door as the driver stopped. Thanks’ Mike. Take the rest of the day off. I closed the door and walked up the steps to the porch. I opened the door to find my brother watching wrestling and drinking a beer.

As I walked in, I told him, William would be here in an hour. I headed toward the stairs and walked up to my bedroom. I took a shower and put on jeans, boots, and a tee-shirt. Now I feel much more comfortable. This was more like it. I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen getting my own beer.

I walked into the living room and sat down in a chair next to Shark. We decided to order some food after William leaves. Shark told me about the woman and how he is friends with her brother, Ace. That they served together.

Shark told me how her letters kept them all going and even made him laugh a time or two. “Shark, what is she like, I asked him.”

“Gene, she is beautiful, short. The top of her head comes above my waist. Julie is intelligent, strong, and a fighter. She is an Alpha. She loves her brother, Ace. And she hates her father and three biological brothers. That is if they are her brothers. She is next in line to become the Alpha of her father’s pack.”

“She has never cheated on any of the wolves that said she was their mate. And she is a very good massage therapist and a tattoo artist. She makes friends easily and she is a prankster, most of all, she is good at getting her revenge. They say she is not finished with Psycho yet.

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