Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 27: Psycho's Plan's

I have planned to take back what belongs to me. The Moon Goddesses can’t give, Julie to me and then give her to my brother. I know if I can get, Kathy to get close to Wolf and touch him, and leave her scent close to him, his mate bond will kick back in. She is his real mate. I also know that Kathy wants her mate back.

She has told me she regrets the day that she rejected Wolf. She wants pups and only Wolf can give them to her. She plans on getting close to him when she goes into heat. Wolf will not be able to keep himself from taking her. His wolf won’t let him.

Just then my phone rang. I answered it to hear Kathy on the line. “I go into heat this weekend. You need to find a way to get Julie out of the club long enough for Wolf to be locked inside my bedroom. Once that is done, he won’t leave for a week.”

“Julie, will leave him and go back to Kings.”

“I won’t have to get her away from the club, Kathy. She is working remember. All she has to do is go home and find out you and Wolf are mating, and she will feel it.”

“That’s right. I forgot about that.”

“Kathy that is the time you need to mark him and get him to mark you. Her mark will disappear as you are his true mate.”

“Get smart, Kathy get him to do it while you are fucking.”

“Plan it out, after all, you are good at that aren’t you?”

“What about you, Psycho. You are just as underhanded as I am.”

“But, even if, Julie leaves. Don’t bet on her taking you back, Psycho. She is still angry at you, and she hates you for what you did. You knew by continuing to fuck that bitch she would feel the pains. And, after all, you almost killed her.”

“Shut up, Kathy. I still love her. Like you, I love to fuck other women. You love to fuck other men.”

“I have it planned, don’t worry about it. Good-bye, Psycho.”

In the meantime, Julie and Sara are at the building that Julie bought for the tattoo and massage shop. I looked around the shop and over to Sara. “This is perfect don’t you think?”

The shop doors are next to each other with a connecting door between the tattoo shop and the massage shop. We also have offices in both shops. “Julie, this is a great idea. A biker can get a tattoo and massage. We all know that after a spill, they need a massage to relax muscles.”

Back at Gene’s house, the doorbell rang. We looked up as the housekeeper opened the door and announced, William. We shook hands and then sat down. As William took the beer from the maid, he looked at both, me, and Shark.

“So, what is so important that you asked me to come here, Razor?”

I looked at Shark. “Show him the picture.”

I handed William the picture of Julie upside down. We both watched as William turned it over and looked at it. “I growled, where did you get this?”

I explained everything to him. “Is she your daughter, Willaim?”

“Yes, she is. She looks like her mother. And you say that her name is Julie?”

“Yes, she is Ace’s half-sister.”

“They never changed her name. That is quite surprising. Who has been raising her?”

“Alpha Eagle, and his Luna, Luna.”

“That is funny. She her sister, Luna has raised her as her own daughter, and she is a Luna.”

“Where is my mate? Where is, Shawn?”

“Shit, that is what threw me off. I forgot that your mate is a witch. Everyone calls for her to help rejected wolves to not feel the pain when their mates cheat.”

“Wolf told me that she put a spell on Julie, to forget that Psycho was her mate. It did not last as long as she had planned. It was supposed to last 100 years. It didn’t.”

“William, that his how she has been able to stay alive. She must have put a spell on herself to change her looks. And that is why Julie, calls her Aunt Shawn. Shawn is her mother.”

“It is time for my brother to take over for a few months. I am going back to my clubhouse. Manic is going home.”

“I need to see my mate and daughter.”

“I am doing the same thing. Razor is coming out to play as well. Your daughter is my real mate. I don’t know how they made Julie believe that those other me were her mates, but I am going after mine.”

“I don’t care that she is mated and marked by Wolf. His real mate lives in his clubhouse. Now he has mine living there as well. We all know that soon his real mate will go into heat. He will not be able to refuse her. That will leave my mate in so much pain. I need to be there. We need to take her to my clubhouse when Wolf mates his real mate.”

“Shark, have you seen Julie’s wolf?”

“No, I have not. I heard she is over 7 feet tall, even though her head comes just above my waist. She is all black. That is all I know.”

“We will see it happen. I can assure you of that, Willaim told us.”

“I will make sure that Wolf’s real mate, Kathy picks a fight with Julie. That will bring their wolves out. After all, Julie being an Alpha female will not let her get by with disrespecting her.”

Back at Wolf’s clubhouse, Julie and Wolf were lying in bed talking. “Wolf, I will go into heat in two weeks. So, we need to remain close. I will remain here and not go to the shop.”

“That would be a good idea. I can’t have the other single wolves around you.” Wolf told her.

Kathy lay in her bed, she was smiling. I will go into heat soon. My scent will attract my true mate to me. I will have, Wolf back soon. She did not realize that Julie would also go into heat at that same time.

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