Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 28: The Heat

I knew my heat was starting, the single wolves were sniffing the air. I walked down the hall to get Wolf. I was standing behind Kathy when he and the single wolves sniffed the air and looked toward us. I realized she was going into heat.

I turned my head and saw Julie standing behind, Kathy. I was not smelling her. I was smelling my mate. I stood up and walked across the room. Kathy smiled. Yes, finally he will be mine. But he walked past me.

What the hell. I turned and saw Julie standing there. I was in shock. That bitch is in heat. He ignored me and went to her. I watched in anger as they held hands and walked down the hallway toward their bedroom.

NO! he was supposed to want me, his true mate. I was grabbed from behind and one of the single wolves dragged me down to the basement to my bedroom. I want my mate. But he doesn’t want me.

A week later, I was sitting at the whores table steaming with anger. I saw her walk into the bar with Wolf. I jumped up and yelled. “I am your mate; I was in heat, but you left me standing there and took that bitch to your room.”

“You left me to the single wolves. How could you do that Wolf?”

“Because you are not my mate. Julie is my mate. Did you really think that your scent would have my wolf in your bed? That is a good one. I told you, Kathy. Your scent smell stinks to me. I do not want you I accept your rejection. It will remain that way.”

“You are no longer my mate. Best that you remember that. I will not help you thru your heat. I will always help my woman and mate thru her’s however.”

As we were walking through to the table the door opened. I looked over and saw that Ace, Shark, his brother, Razor and, Manic (William) walk in. I sat Julie next to me at the table and told a prospect to bring beers for everyone, and coffee for Julie.

As I watched the man with Shark and Ace sit down across from me my wolf told me to be shocked. Why should I be shocked, Angel? He is our real father. No, you have to be wrong. He can’t be.

I looked at my daughter and smiled. I mine linked my brother Shark and Razor. “She is my daughter.”

Ace had been told everything. He is not angry. He understood why Aunt Shawn hid her true identity. He knew that she was Manic’s mate and Julie’s mother. He is not Julie’s brother. He is her cousin.

“I looked over at my mate. She is beautiful. I then looked over at Wolf and growled. I want him to move away from her. She is mine, she belongs to me.”

I noticed her growl back at me. “Do not growl at my mate, or I will rip you to pieces.” She said looking at me. Just then, Manic laughed and looked over at me. “She will be a tough nut to crack, Razor.”

“Wolf, I need to speak to the both of you in your office. We will all meet with you.”

We all stood up, including Julie and followed, Wolf to his office. As we all entered, Ace shut the door behind him. We sat at the conference table. “What do you want, Manic, and why have you come out of retirement?”

“I have come for my mate and daughter.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Julie is my daughter, and Shawn is my mate and Julie’s mother.”

“The hell you are my father, and Shawn is my aunt.”

“No, she is your mother. Her sister raised you. Luna and Eagle are your aunt and uncle.”

I looked over at Ace. “Ace, please tell me that you are my brother.”

“I can’t, Julie. I am your cousin.”

“Do not turn into your wolf. Just listen to what he has to say. Manic can prove he is your father.”

“If you still do not believe him, DNA can be done.”

“Oh, and Razor here, he really is your true mate.”

I turned and glared at him. “He is not my mate. Wolf, is my mate.”

I saw both, Wolf and Razor glaring at each other. “You will not take my mate from me, Razor.”

I leaned back in my chair and looked at him. “Right now, I will wait. But should you cheat on her or die. I will take her.”

I was so angry I slapped Razor in the face. Suddenly I felt the tingles go through my body. I looked at him in shock. I turned and looked at Wolf and then everything went black. I suddenly felt myself being lifted into someone’s arms. I was carried over and laid on the couch. I heard Wolf yell for someone to bring the doctor to his office. Then nothing.

“What is going on here, Wolf?” We watched and listened as Manic told the doctor his story. “Well, hell. You men sure know how to put this woman through hell, don’t you?”

I walked over and checked Julie over. “She just had a shock and realized that Razor is her real mate. The mate, the Moon Goddess gave her.”

I turned and looked at Wolf and Razor. “She loves Wolf. She won’t leave him. Not even for you Razor. Not until the day Wolf dies. Or cheats on her. That is not going to happen. His true mate and Julie were in heat the same week. He took care of Julie not, Kathy.

“We all know that you can’t hide the real shocks and it was a shock for Julie to feel those shocks when she slapped you, Razor.”

“No matter how much she and her wolf, Angel wants to be with their true mate. She will not leave, Wolf, or cheat on him. Not even with you.”

“At least, not until the mate bond is broken, and that can only happen if Wolf, fucks, Kathy.”

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