Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 3: Reaper Causes His Mate Harm

Later that night we watched as Reaper dragged a whore down the hallway to her room. We all knew what was about to happen. And then we started to hear the screams from across the street. Outside several members looked across the street and they knew. They knew the girl was Reaper’s mate.

“How long is he going to fuck that whore, one member growled.”

“I don’t know but I wish to God he would stop.”

“He is killing his mate, and he doesn’t care, another member said.”

“I can’t stand her screams anymore, three other members said walking to their bikes.”

We all followed them and left the compound. Across the street, Peggy and her brothers were trying to help Julie work through the pain.

“We are going to go over there and rip him off the whore he is fucking, if this continues.” Her brothers told their mom.

Finally, around 3 in the morning it stopped. “Mom, we should all get some sleep now,” Stanley told her. Mom looked up at us.

“Look at her stomach, look at her thighs. The bruises are bad, boys.”

“Mom, I will never do this to my mate. I will never have sex with a woman and cause her this pain.”

“Boy’s I am sure you will do the right thing, now go to bed.”

We will look in on her after we wake up. And we will talk in the morning. Several hours later I slowly opened my eyes. I hurt so bad. How could my mate do this to me? How could he cause me such pain, knowing what it would do to me?

I slowly climbed out of bed and walked to my bathroom. As I showered the tears fell. Dear, Moon Goddesses, how could my mate do this to me? He is made for me, but he doesn’t want me. I can’t deal with this every day and night.

Please forgive me for what I am about to do. I need to have Aunt Shawn, use her magic to block our mate bond. I can’t take this pain. I can’t take that he hates me and doesn’t want me. I finished my shower, dried, and dressed.

I slowly walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. We looked up as Julie made her way over to the table and slowly sat down. Mom put a plate of eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, toast, and coffee in front of her.

“Mom, guys don’t hate me for what I am about to ask for.”

“Mom, call, Aunt Shawn and ask her to come and block the mate bond.”

“I can’t take this pain, not again.”

I looked at all of them. “You all know it is going to happen again, tonight.”

“We know,” Mom said. “We do not blame you. We understand.”

After eating I slowly stood up and walked outside to sit on the front porch. “William, take a cup of coffee and a blanket to your sister.”

The members working across the street heard the door shut across the street. They watched as the girl slowly walked over to the chair and slowly sat down. Then they looked over at Reaper, glaring at him.

“Kelly, look at her. She is in so much pain.” Said Sara.

“I can’t believe that Reaper would do that to his mate.”

“I turned and looked at my mate. She is so pale, and you could see she was in pain.”

“Human, you did that to our mate. I hate you right now. Silver hates me just as much as she does you.”

Two hours later I looked up from the bike I was working on. I saw the hate my brother had in his eyes.

“Go ahead, call me a bastard for hurting my mate.”

“Oh, you are that. But you are about to lose your second chance mate. That means you will never get another mate, never have a pup of your own.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“It looks like they have company over there. The witch, Shawn. She just carried a suitcase into the house.”

“I bet she plans on blocking the mate bond. And once it is blocked long enough, she won’t feel it anymore. You can fuck as many whores as you want. She won’t feel a thing.” Ghost told him.

“You are lying, Ghost.”

“Go look if you don’t believe me. They are all sitting on the front porch. You not only lost your first mate, the cheating bitch, but you are about to lose your second chance mate, the only one that would have given you a pup.”

“Listen to me Alpha Reaper. I am glad mother and father are not alive to see this one.”

I walked out of the garage and looked over toward my mate’s house. I did not want to believe it but, the witch was indeed sitting on the porch talking to them. I didn’t want it to come to this. I wanted her to get older. Not lose my mate.

“Human, you are so stupid. What did you think our mate would do after you fucked that whore all night, causing our mate to scream until you stopped and went back to our room?”

“Most of the members left the club last night. They couldn’t stand hearing the Luna’s screams. And they felt the pain just as much as she did.”

“Right now, they are all angry at you, she didn’t know how to close the link between the Pack members.”

“She is not the Luna yet.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“All I can say is that she is very good at getting her revenge.”

“You have it coming to you, Human. She is a mate without a mate. She may never let you mate and mark her after what you did.”

“And you can’t tell us she didn’t know that you were her mate.”

“And human. Remember the “were her mate.”

“She won’t accept you, and she won’t reject you.”

“You can never, mate and mark another she-wolf.”

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