Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 30: Manic

It is time that I went to visit, Savage and Luna. I looked over at Ace. “Manic, you are going to do something I don’t think you should be doing.”

“Ace, it is time that I visit my sister-in-law and her husband. It is time that we have a few words. After all, they did keep my mate and daughter from me.”

“And my mate, we need to have some words as well.”

“Oh, shit. This is not going to be good.”

I walked out and over to my bike as I sat down, I looked over and saw that Razor, Shark, and Ace were sitting on theirs. Did you think we would let you go there alone? Because that is not going to happen. We think that we should hear why they did all of this. And why, she kept my brother’s mate away from him as well.

We started our bikes and rode to Savage’s clubhouse. As we parked our bikes, we saw the whores looking all of us up and down. I laughed as Ace to them to go look somewhere else we are not interested.

We walked to the front door and opened it. I saw my Aunt Luna turn and look at Manic. She gasped. When I saw Manic standing in the doorway, I mined linked Savage. “Savage, you need to come downstairs now. Manic is here.”

I heard what Luna was telling me. Shit, he knows that we raised, Julie. He is here for revenge. I walked out of my office and downstairs. I watched as Manic turned his head and look at me. He was furious. We have kept his wife and daughter from him. He was not going to forgive us for that.

I looked over his shoulder to see Razor, Shark, and Ace standing behind him. They too were not very happy. We had kept Razor from his mate, and she had been used by wolves who swore they were her mate and cheated on her. Razor wanted to kill me.

“Manic, what brings you here to my packhouse?”

“I thought I would visit my mate’s family and find out how they have been doing, and if they found my mate and daughter.”

“I also wanted to find out just what made them think they could hide them from me and get away with it?”

“After all my daughter just happens to be like me. She was not going to let you lead her around like a fucking dog. She has a mind of her own, and she sure as hell would not be your puppet on a string, Savage.”

“Savage, what is Manic talking about, asked Luna?”

“This does not involve you, Luna.”

“Savage, you are telling me she doesn’t even know the truth?”

“Manic, what are you talking about?”

“Savage here knows how powerful; Julie will be when I die or retire. He wanted to control all that power.”

“But, for one thing, he didn’t realize that once my daughter became an adult and if she ever touched her true mate, everything he worked for would fall apart.”

“That is true, but Manic. Julie will never get the chance to find her true mate, let alone touch him.” Savage said laughing.

“Well, Uncle Savage you are wrong.” Said, Ace.

“What are you talking about, Ace?”

“Razor here is her mate. And, she has touched him.”

“No, that can’t be. Why should you have so much power, Manic? And we have to beg for anything?”

“Savage, I worked hard to be where I am today. I also hate being the head of all the Mafia. I want to ride my bike, be with my club members not sitting behind a desk in a fancy office.”

“Let me tell you the grass is not greener on the other side.”

“Now, where is my mate, Luna?”

“Standing right behind you, Manic. Why are you here after all these years?”

“And where is your new mate?”

“What the hell are you talking about, Shawn?”

“Don’t lie, Savage told me about the woman you were seeing and fucking when you went out of the country.”

I growled so loud all the windows in the packhouse broke. I turned and looked at Savage. “You are a lying son of a bitch. You lied to my mate. You made her think I was fucking another woman. You stole my mate and daughter.”

I turned into my wolf and swiped my huge paw hitting Savage and he flew against the wall. Shawn and Luna were screaming at me to stop. I did not listen. Savage turned into his wolf, and we rolled through the big glass windows out into the backyard.

I had my teeth in the back of Savage’s neck crushing his neck. I finally shook him snapping his head off his body. I spit it on the ground. As I turned back into human form, I was handed shorts.

Luna was crying and looked up at Manic. “You killed my mate.”

“He deserved it for lying to my mate, for taking my mate, and child and hiding them from me.”

“Shawn is my mate; Julie is my daughter. Not his or yours.”

“And if you had read his mind, you would have killed him as well. His plan was to set you aside and take my daughter, your niece as his chosen mate. He thought by doing that, he would be in charge and have all my power.”

“He was one sick mother fucker.”

“But what he didn’t know was, he could never have my daughter’s power, let alone mine.”

“Savage is a weak Alpha. And Luna. He had a witch put a spell on you. A spell to make you think he was your real mate. He isn’t.”

“As for you mate. I can’t believe you would think I would ever fuck another woman. It was all lies. I have never touched another woman. Not in all the 18 years. Not even now. But I am so angry that I just might go and fuck one.”

“I turned to walk away.”

“Manic, please just talk to me alone.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you right now, Shawn. I am too angry.”

I walked out of the packhouse followed, by Razor, Shark, and Ace. I rode back to Wolf’s clubhouse to talk to him, before going to my clubhouse in Piqua.

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